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Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
Shift is the collectable card game where you only need to collect one card! Let your spirit burn as you shift gears towards victory!
855 backers pledged $21,802 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. RayLancer

      I'd love to see this game revisited. It's not a perfect game but I feel like a few tweaks would make it a great contender.

    2. Aaron White on

      Season 2 please. :)

    3. Thomas Woolsey on

      Ayy, so...

      Season 2?

    4. Missing avatar

      Aljo Martinez on

      Just got the promo card! Looks like Sharfton will be fun to play as!

    5. Aaron White on

      The iOS app is great, but I was looking at the holographic styling on the cards and thought it would be fantastic to get these as real cards.

      Maybe some food for thought when Shift Season 2 rolls around?

    6. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Thanks Aaron! : D

    7. Aaron White on

      Just wanted to comment what a great game Shift is, have been having a blast with it. Cannot wait for the app. :)

    8. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      We've done some restructuring of how we're working. Expect lots of news coming up this month. Answers to all questions forthcoming!!!

    9. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Matthew: Posting a big update soon with more info.

    10. Matthew Sutorius on

      It's been quite a while, any news on the app?

    11. Aaron White on

      Hi, just wondering about the 4 player rules and app? Very excited for both.

    12. Hours Left on

      Got my cards in Canada last week. Thank you very much. :)

    13. Aaron White on

      Just wanted to share that I have received my copy of Shift in Australia. The cards look very nice and the die and playmat are well made. The characters all look very interesting to play, thank you Laboratory for a great game.

    14. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      FYI - The url forwarding service we've been using for files is down. If you've tried to access the rules in the last couple days, you've probably noticed! That's also why images in updates are missing. Hopefully it will return to service soon.

      That said, we've updated the file links to work again on the website!

    15. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Everyone: If you're having any issues with receiving your rewards, *please* just message us. It's much easier to track the back and forth as a thread. That also keeps the comments here more focused on questions people have about the game itself. Thanks! : D

      Jacob: Messaged!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jacob King on

      I hate to be a bother, but I'm in the same boat as a couple of people here. I haven't gotten my copy yet :( I got a message a few weeks ago from you guys saying that mine had been returned to you (something about 3% and the post office being irritating), but I still haven't gotten anything. Any help you guys could give would be awesome! Thanks!

    17. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Ossian: Sent you a message!

    18. Missing avatar

      Smorks on

      Just got mine in the UK but unfortunately no Pennies to go with the penny gems.

    19. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Kevly: Sent you a message!

    20. Kevly Ciesca on

      Hey guys, what's up?

      I wanted to know if everything is ok with my copy of Shift and if you guys have any news of it. It's been a while and I still didn't receive it, and everyone else is getting yours so... IDK, just give me a heads up, all right? Thanks, guys!

    21. Paul Howie on

      No worries really, I know these things happen. It's the handling fee that the carrier charges for dealing with customs on your behalf that really causes the problem - I have no issues with paying VAT on my purchases. When you're backing a project for $500 the handling fee becomes less of an annoyance because it's proportionally less of what you're paying. Still uncalled for, but what can you do?

      As for avoiding it on future shipments, the absolute best way is to ship everything together to an European distribution partner. Not the easiest thing to arrange necessarily, but paying just the VAT component and a small fulfilment surcharge rather than £8 - £12 per backer (depending on courier) makes a lot more sense.

      That said, for smaller scale projects like shift you can avoid even the VAT component legally. Just remember that we're paying you a donation of sorts to get your project running, the reward is a gift. I recently backed a fund raiser for a Canadian company that included a $60 T-Shirt. They didn't declare it at $60 though (thankfully!) because obviously most of that money was going to the fund raiser, not the T-Shirt purchase.

      I did look for this info on the HMRC website a while back and couldn't find a clear answer there, but many kickstarters have contacted customs themselves and received confirmation. Here's a recent card game I backed that did just that:

      Maybe you could reach out to those guys for more info?

    22. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Thomas: Impressions have been positive all around, which we're quite happy with. The challenge is building awareness! We're not committing yet, but obviously we're interested in Season 2 being a thing. ;)

    23. Thomas Woolsey on

      So I'd just like to say that I've shown this to a bunch of my friends, and they all absolutely love it, girls and guys alike.

      I mentioned that you guys mentioned the prospect of a season two, and they all seemed interested, one even said they would definitely get it, without a doubt. Just thought I'd say that.

      (pssst do a second season)

      (not necessarily immediately I mean I get that you guys have other games you wanna do but /eventually/ you should make a second season)

    24. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Paul Howie: I'd be interested in reading more about that, if you have any official type links.

      Scott: Hope you enjoy! : D

    25. Scott on

      Just received mine today in Melbourne, Aus.
      Looks great, going to be playing it this weekend with my mates.
      Cheers Laboratory!

    26. Chris Wilkes

      @Paul Howie
      Ouch. I got mine listed as $10 game and $25 game accessories. Go through with no customs charge. Must have felt sorry for me after I've already paid them £100s in fees on other games!

    27. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Thomas: We're juggling cats over here. hehehe... It's planned out, but we need to organize a playtest with some specific people. The app is taking priority at the moment, but we haven't forgotten about it. :)

    28. Thomas Woolsey on

      How's the four-player version coming?

    29. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      If you were wondering why we were awol, Laboratory was at PAX Prime getting the word out about Shift and The Strongest!

      Nancy, the +/- section is to help players keep track of adjustments to their power and guard. If you need help remembering how your stats were modified, this part of the mat is super useful (especially for cards like Flex Flounder). We use more coins for it. Put a coin on + or - to show if it is a negative or positive change to your power or guard, and then place pennies on the 100's and 1000's spaces to show by how much.

      Zach: By all means make that analysis, just try not to give away all of the stats per gear and mod. If you could keep your analysis down to which moves are good when, and not necessarily a mathematical stat breakdown, we'd really appreciate it! Also, yes Zach, you can shift from gear 3 to 2, or from gear 2 to 1. And sometimes that's the right decision to make! Also, when you play with Reginald or Akira, their turn order modifications only effect them on their turn (that's why it uses the possessive form Akira's or Reginald's). We're putting together an in-depth rules section for the app that breaks down each mod and ability on every card! Both of their abilities have a detailed description.

      Thanks for putting up with our absence, PAX was a blast, and we're glad to be back.
      -Sam @ Laboratory

    30. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Hi Thomas, You can shift in any direction, so yes, you can from gear 3 to gear 2.

      Andrew, please message us on KS - send us your current mailing address and we'll double check that it was sent to the right place.

    31. Thomas Woolsey on

      So, just to be clear (Zach Abramson asked this before), one can or cannot shift from gear 3 to gear 2?

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      $15(+$5) backer in Australia. Still waiting on cards :)
      Just saying :)

    33. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Hey Thomas. Pants is meant to be a punisher. If your opponent deals you damage, and they downshift back to first gear, they have a 50% chance that their defense is 200 than normal. With Pant's first gear mods, he's usually able to return the favor. Very eye for an eye. With that in mind, you can get ahead by focusing on his duo crits, either on his omega (which is pretty cheap), or his second gear beta.

      Paul, thank you for the info, this is our first time working internationally. We really appreciate how nicely you're breaking the news to us (because my heart is breaking). Sorry about all of that, but we've learned! Thanks for the help! :D

      Sam @ Laboratory

    34. Paul Howie on

      Just got mine in the UK. Glad to have them, but got a slightly unpleasant surprise. For future reference, you can (and should) set the customs declaration to the manufacturing cost for Kickstarter fulfilment (at least into the EU).

      I got $25 of pledge declared at $25, which translated into a payment of £3.25 VAT and £8 handling fee. So total fees of approximately $17 on my $25 pledge. If the declared value had been $20 or less this would have been waived.

      Something to be mindful of for any future kickstarters, especially if you can't arrange an EU shipping partner.

    35. Thomas Woolsey on

      Open question:

      How do you play Pants-Penguin? I can't seem to figure out any underlying strategies regarding play style. Probably just me overlooking it, but I can never with with Pants. And I really like Pantsy.

    36. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      We'll get to the questions after PAX. ;)

      Lee: You've been messaged.

    37. Lee Langston on

      Ok. I have not gotten my P&P version or the physical copies in the mail yet...what is withshping?

    38. Zach Abramson on

      Sorry to double post, but I really wanted to say that I ALSO intend to do a thorough ALL Match-ups ANALYSIS (Any card versus any other card, so no mirror matches) in the coming months. In the details will be approximated chance of beating a given card with a given card (Assuming neither player makes "Inefficient moves"). I don't know if making a guide like this would be breaching some kind of trust, provided I would quite possibly be suggest-leaking many of the values of the cards in doing this analysis, so I really wanted to run it by you. If I am not to do such an analysis, I'll only write it for my own records, but not publish it anywhere.

      Thanks again for reading, and thanks moreover for making such a fine game!

    39. Zach Abramson on

      If Akira is up against Reginald, do the first 3 of 7 subphases go: "Mod Activation, Attack Declaration, and then Defense Declaration" OR "Mod Activation, Defense Declaration, and then Attack Declaration." ???

      Also, I was playing Shift with a very analytical buddy the other day and he brought up this good question during a play through with Akira as part of the match (though the question isn't specifically tied to Akira): "Can a player 'strategically' shift from Gear Level 3 to 2?" I figured 'No,' so we played as if it wasn't possible. However when "Strategically" reading the Rulebook, I noticed that the Explanation for what you do with your card when you Shift SERIOUSLY makes me think you, in fact, CAN (?) Shift LEFT OR RIGHT regardless of Gear Level being at 1 (to go to either lvl 2) OR NOT being at 1 (Such as being at Gear level 3 and STRATEGICALLY downshifting to one of the gear level 2s, [say, one with a higher defense than attack.] ).

      Thank you for reading these questions.

      I was going to ask the second question during some real life tournament to throw everybody off but I'd rather ask now for everyone's benefit, not just for mine!

    40. Missing avatar

      Al on

      I'm a backer from England ($25 or more tier) and received my cards today. So thanks Laboratory.

    41. Thomas Woolsey on

      Got my copy after a painful wait due to mail forwarding. Love it! Especially the Inverted Die of Destiny and Impromptu Hero Pants-Penguin.

      Thanks for a great game, guys!

    42. Nancy Hutchins

      It was mentioned on the rule card that the Omega mod is the character's signature move - heck it's a killer, literally. Some of those Omega Mods are crazy powerful :-)

    43. Nancy Hutchins

      Could you guys explain how to use the +/- section of the player mat?I think I know how I would use it, but what is your thinking on its use? I need to be able to explain this to my tournament people.

    44. Nancy Hutchins

      Sam & Clay, Great game! Love the cards. Thank you for answering everyone's questions to clarify game play. I had all these same questions. Sam, you are right I missed the line on page 12 regarding length of mods. On the original rules card it had it predominately displayed at the bottom of the Attacking section. While it does belong in the Start section of the rule book, a reminder in 4) Mod Resolution wouldn't be a bad idea.

    45. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      Hi Andrew,
      First off, you can find what you're looking for on page 12 of the rules.
      But to save you time, I'll tell you here! :D

      Mods wear off on your start phase. I have been making small updates to the rules, and I do believe this tidbit should probably be in a more obvious space - seeing as it's super important.

      Sam @ Laboratory

    46. Andrew Fallows on

      I skimmed recent comments and scanned the rulebook and I couldn't find a clarifying piece of information that I think is pretty critical:

      How long does a mod last? Is it just for my turn? My turn and the opponent's next turn? Until I shift?

      I ask because Raptor's right-hand alpha mod has a -200 to guard, but if I understand the rules correctly I'll downshift him to 1 after I attack, and I can only activate the mod during an attack phase. What's missing here?

    47. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      David Levesque: Glad they're made it! We hope you enjoy it! :)

    48. David Levesque

      My 2 packs made it to Montreal this morning! Happy to see all the cards for the first time, can't wait to play it :) Thanks for a well run Kickstarter!

    49. Laboratory 10-time creator on

      David: Whenever you activate a mod or autocrit, you use all of the critical badges during the critical resolution phase.

    50. Missing avatar

      David Krehbiel on

      Played last night for the first time, and we really enjoyed it! I couldn't find rules for two crits on a mod, like Leo's omega which lists both a Damage Crit and a Shift Crit. Do you use both, or one or the other?

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