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Neta-Tanka is a competitive strategy game with subtle and clever twists offering a refreshing worker placement game.
Neta-Tanka is a competitive strategy game with subtle and clever twists offering a refreshing worker placement game.
5,584 backers pledged €333,628 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jenwei Yu
      2 days ago

      Still have not receive shipping notice, just wondering when should I expect my copy to arrive?

    2. Michael Cyr 6 days ago

      Wouldn't your KS receipt count as proof of purchase?

    3. Missing avatar

      James Peterson 7 days ago

      Hello my Neta-Tanka package was stolen off my step on Monday May 13th. I have the person captured on my doorbell camera. Could you possibly provide me a proof of purchase? This is so I can try to claim this on my Visa purchase protection. Thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Gabor Gyore on

      Hi! Meanwhile I just received my package so please disregard my previous message. Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gabor Gyore on

      Hi! I'm still waiting for my shipment and based on my tracking number there is problem with my shipping address. I see the following message on the tracking page: "We are looking for additional information to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel. Please contact our customer service to provide the necessary additional information." Could you please double check what's the problem.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jenwei Yu

      Starting to see people receiving their games, I haven’t gotten shipping notice yet, when can I expect to see it?

    7. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      @elDamahj: there were some delays, the dispatch will start on monday and everything will be sent on wednesday

    8. Francois Zilliox on

      Merci encore pour tout La Boîte de Jeu pour ce superbe jeu et cette gestion sans faille 😉

    9. elDamahj

      Nothing yet from Aetherworks in Australia. Was that a hopeful 'should be sent out next week', or was it what they told you?

    10. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      it's allright then

    11. Missing avatar

      av on

      Address confirmation email sent by

    12. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      where did you change your address? on our website? or by responding to the address confirmation email of the dispatcher?

    13. Missing avatar

      av on

      I updated my address 8 days ago, but never received a confirmation that my address was successfully changed. Is there a way to confirm my change?

    14. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      sometimes you may receive the game before the tracking number, it's a matter of days now

    15. Joey B on

      Are US backs supposed to receive tracking numbers after the address confirmation email?

    16. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      Concernant les boutiques partenaires, elles auront reçu tous les jeux au 29 avril. Il n'est pas nécessaire de nous contacter pour cela, vous êtes sûr qu'au 29 avril votre jeu sera présent dans votre boutique partenaire. Si vous souhaitez vous pouvez téléphoner à votre boutique pour savoir si elle à déjà reçu votre jeu.

    17. perrichot on

      Qualité parfaite, merci pour ce KS exemplaire :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Pierre G. on

      Concernant les retraits en boutiques partenaires, sommes-nous également censés recevoir le mail de confirmation ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Great news, can't wait!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Tobias Andersson on

      Awesome News!! Really looking forward to playing this. Hopefully the game Will arrive soon and in good quality.

    21. ICantAffordThisS***

      I looked in my deleted you probably shouldn't send a French email with English further down the email a lot of English speaking are not going to open it and just think it is spam. Maybe just put Neta Tanka to start with?

    22. Shelby on

      Address confirmation emails were sent out more than a week ago in the US. Is there an estimate yet for shipping/delivery dates?

    23. Missing avatar

      James R Waddell

      Sqeeeeeeee! (but in a masculine tone, obviously) 😜