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Neta-Tanka is a competitive strategy game with subtle and clever twists offering a refreshing worker placement game.
Neta-Tanka is a competitive strategy game with subtle and clever twists offering a refreshing worker placement game.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan West on

      Great rulebook. I've sent you a few nit-pick comments. I also thought about the logic of the buffalo standing or lying - but then I thought the buffalo is caught, not killed (yet). It would be better to have two parts of the board, one "the wild" and the other an area where the buffalo is held for slaughter.

    2. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      @NingaubleOTSE : 15x4mm

    3. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      @quintard: we'll be able to give you a more precise shipping planning after the Chinese New Year.
      @gildas: thanks

    4. Gildas Billard on

      Hi ! I sent yesterday and today two emails to benjamin concerning some corrections in the french rules (global and KS), feel free to contact me for more details if it is not clear... I'm french ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Quintard on

      Good evening, thank you for your attention to those little details that make the difference between a good game and a very good game. However, with respect to the delivery of the game, when is it for the new estimated period?

    6. NingaubleOTSE

      Thank you for confirming the size upgrade on deluxe components as well.

      Other wood discs are 4mm x 14mm? Or 4mm x 15mm?

    7. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      you can still play with this rule, even if during our playtests few people were using it

    8. Missing avatar

      Damien on

      When I tried the game at PEL (Paris est Ludique) last summer, there was a rule saying that you could gain 1 generosity token if you give a resource of your choice to an opponent (up to once each turn, including the last turn). Did you remove this rule? I didn't find it in the rulebook.

    9. Kaktusbert on

      Thank you very much for the Update and for your effort keeping the game on a high qualitylevel!:)
      Just one question wouldn't it be more logik to lay the buffalo down when he's caught and stand him up while he's free?

    10. J A on

      Looks great! One mistake I've noticed: English rules, page 6. Under "Flow of the Game, Phase III" reads "Fin du tour" and should be translated to the title of page 14: "End of the Round."

    11. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      @Sviatoslav: please ask the file by email at: contact(at)

    12. laboitedejeu 5-time creator on

      yes even the skulls, mushrooms and meat will be thicker

    13. Missing avatar

      Sviatoslav on

      Great news! I would like to translate this e-rules to Ukrainian. Is it possible to receive .doc version of the file?

    14. Moritz on

      looks good! looking forward to putting it on the table :)

    15. NingaubleOTSE

      Regarding wooden resources:

      Does the increase in thickness apply to the Deluxe skull, mushroom, and meat components as well?

    16. Missing avatar

      Carlos Acevedo

      Really good job and choice.

    17. pagoda79

      Better quality components? Sigh, I guess.

      Just kidding, a good decision of course.

    18. Randy Bieri on

      I am thankful for your decision!
      The thicker pieces do look better in the picture.