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Neta-Tanka is a competitive strategy game with subtle and clever twists offering a refreshing worker placement game.
Neta-Tanka is a competitive strategy game with subtle and clever twists offering a refreshing worker placement game.
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SG #12 - Boys in the wood

Posted by laboitedejeu (Creator)

Finally, this visiting Nomad was nowhere near dangerous. Quite the contrary i should say as he taught us new ways of working that we never thought of. You will be able to coordinate your clan more efficiently from now on.

The basic visiting Nomad meeple will be replaced by a custom shaped one

And that will immediately be of great help since your tents are showing signs of wear. The storm made irreversible damages. Your next trial will be to gather more wood and improve the sturdiness of all your tents.

20 wooden cone-shaped tents to place on your personal board when building tents.


Tout compte fait, ce visiteur Nomade n’était pas du tout belliqueux, au contraire il nous a appris des méthodes de travail auxquelles nous n’aurions jamais pensé. Vous allez pouvoir coordonner votre clan de manière plus efficace à partir de maintenant.

Le meeple Nomade visiteur de base est remplacé par un meeple personnalisé.

Et cela va immédiatement vous servir car vos tentes montrent de forts signes d’usure. La tempête a provoqué d’irrémédiables dégâts. Votre prochaine épreuve sera de récolter suffisamment de bois pour améliorer la solidité de toutes vos tentes.

20 tentes en bois en forme de cône à placer sur votre plateau personnel lorsque vous fabriquez des tentes.

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    1. elDamahj

      This beautiful design gets better and better.

    2. Greg Collaborator on

      thanks for your enthusiasm!

    3. Chip Everdale on

      The 3D/reduced-marker aspect of the game is very refreshing and enjoyable. I agree with the comment on double-checking the manipulation ease of the tents. Will have to revisit the rules for tent movement to see if it creates a barrier.

      And +1 on providing the reports in the form of story that matches the theme of the game. (Note to self: duplicate the depth of immersion that La boite de jeu delivers)

    4. pagoda79

      I love the tents! Can’t wait to see the animal skin upgrade!

    5. Telpereon

      And I would like to say I live the way you are presenting the SG. :)

    6. Dabiglulu on

      Hope the tents are not too slippery, 'conic' tokens tend to be a bit difficult to manipulateur. Just my two cents.

    7. PICARD Sébastien on

      Ca c'est propre!!!!