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A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
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As far as one can remember, Elves always dominated the world. They are condescending and quite full of themselves. But their time is drawing to an end as decline looms over their kind. From the Bohorg tribe to the Steamfield Barony, along with the Godleif clan and the Army of the Tomb, every clan is secretly arming itself to conquer the elven cities and the precious crystals they hold to forge the powerful legendary equipment and take the Emerald Empire back!





Download the Clash of Rage wallpapers on

Each pledge containing at least one copy of the game will include all unlocked stretch goals and any additional copies purchased will also be entitled to stretch goal content.

There are 3 types of stretch goal:

  • Box upgrade: also included in the retail version 
  • LBDJ exclusive: only sold on our website (prices being higher than on Kickstarter) 
  • KS exclusive: for Kickstarter backers only* 

*All leftover copies of KS exclusive content after the dispatch may be sold via our partners or on our websites, at events or appear in contests run by La Boite de Jeu. This material will not be available in retail-stores.




Designed by Frédéric Guérard (Titanium Wars, Ilôs, …), illustrated by Djib (Titan race, Sabordage,…), and published by La boite de jeu (10’ to kill, Outlive,…) Clash of Rage is a conquest and skirmish game with miniatures in which different clans will fight for victory. Every army is unique, with its own units and characteristics. Players will equip each unit as they see fit, buying weapons and armors so that every game will be different! Overcoming the Elves will be the first necessary step to victory, but the showdown with the other clans is bound to happen!

After 2 Years of development and hundreds of playtests, this is what Clash of Rage brings to the table:

  • High replay value and endless customization of your armies with equipment and heroes.
  • Short term in-game strategy combined with long range campaign planning giving you bonuses from one scenario to the other (a skirmish mode and a scenario mode). 
  • An innovative combat system that rewards your armies’ complementarity over the number of units. 
  • A turn order mechanism depending on the tactical cards you’ll play (that also define the reinforcements and income you’ll get).
  •  An easy-to-learn game system, yet offering countless strategic possibilities mainly related to your tactical cards, equipment and actions choices.

We showcased the game in lots of conventions so be sure that Clash of Rage is ready to roll out! We truly believe in this game and think you’ll have a ton of fun with it. The Elves are in for a challenge! 




Goal of the game: To win the game a player must have four victory points during his second action of a turn. A player will get 1 point for each city under his control, and also 1 point for any legendary equipment he forges.

1 - Improving the Elves. Players draw cards from the equipment deck in order to equip the Elves. These filthy creatures become tougher and tougher with every passing turn.

2 - Playing a Tactics card (simultaneously). Every player simultaneously choose one of the three Tactics card he have in hand and place it face down in front of him. This card defines the turn order, the reinforcement units and the gold income for the current turn.

3 - Playing the First Action (following the turn order). The player can either move his army OR equip his army.

4 - Activating the Reinforcement Stones (simultaneously). Every controlled Stone immediately grants one backup unit to its owner.

5 - Playing the Second Action (following the turn order). The player can either move his army OR equip his army.

Moving your army: You can move all or some of your units within the limits of their movement capacity. A unit moves from one territory to a nearby one at the cost of 1 movement point. A unit cannot cross Rocky Ranges and must end its movement when entering a region controlled by enemy Units (Elven or another clan). Once you have completed all of your moves, you must engage battles in every territory where your units are among enemies. You choose the order in which the battles will occur.

Equipping your army: The Black Market is here for you to spend your hard-earned gold and crystals! This is everything you can do with your equipping action, in any order you want: 

  • Buy as many equipment card as you want by spending gold 
  • Forge one (and only one) Legendary Equipment by spending crystals 
  • Recruiting one (and only one) Hero by spending gold and crystals 
  • Reorganize all the equipment of your clan card

But you won’t be the only one to be armed to the teeth! During the first phase of each turn, the Elves will also gain new equipment cards and will keep the more powerful ones. So don’t sleep on’em if you don’t want to be overwhelmed!

For a better insight on the Elves mechanisms, feel free to check this article:

Let’s begin with the combat system explanation. A fight is triggered when you send troops on a territory occupied by an opponent. The first thing to do is identifying what kind of unit is present in the fight to see the bonuses granted to your army. Indeed, unlike other games, in Clash of Rage a high number of units of the same kind don’t multiply your bonuses

You get all the bonuses granted by a type of unit as long as you have at least one of them still alive in the fight. So, when counting your hits, having the same troop 5 times, or only one, always gives you the same bonuses added to your total. Yet, having many units of the same type serves as a guarantee to use its bonuses for a longer time. When you lose one kind of unit during a battle, you lose all its bonuses!

So let us explain the battle system:

Calculation example of initiative and automatic hits according to the involved units in the fight between the Elves and the equipped Bohorgs.


We also went deeper on the combat system and equipment strategies in this article:




generously translated by a backer
generously translated by a backer


Please note: The rulebook and its contents are not final (the gameplay is definitive but the rules’ writing and layout aren’t). There are still some imprecisions in the translation but the rulebook will be professionally translated after the campaign. However, if you do spot any errors, please feel free to send us a message about it. Thanks for your help!

In addition to the classic Skirmish mode, Clash of rage also brings an exciting campaign mode that will run through 6 scenarios. Players will randomly draw 5 scenario cards among the 10 available ones. The outcome of each game will launch the players through the various campaign’s branchings. The campaign’s last game will bring the players (and all the powers and equipment collected during the campaign) face to face with the mighty Vasconis, Emperor of the Elves!

Will be available in french too after the campaign
Will be available in french too after the campaign

Every scenario brings its share of new rules and victory conditions, but also an unique special ability granted to the winner. The losers will earn grudge points in order to take their revenge in the following scenarios. Players will also be able to keep some pieces of equipment from one game to another in order to build their strategy in the long run. This campaign mode will be wrapped in a separate campaign book with all the special rules and background settings of the 10 scenarios for you to discover.

Scenario example:




Undead Viking:

Barry Doublet:


Player reviews:

  • Skkrohmagnon > 10/10 : "Great and nearvous game."
  • Koyl > 9/10 "nice game, fun, quick, with a campaign mode, and amazing miniatures"
  • Mr Zombi > 9/10 "A lot of fighting and strategy during the game, the mechanics are really cool"
  • Imar > 9/10 "A very good ameritrash boardgame, the unit equipment system is simple but very tactical."

Lotus Noir review:




 The Bohorgs are living in the Great Quagmire’s swampy jungle. Despite their clumsy appearance, they are quick, swift, and used to move in muddy and rugged terrain. The Bohorgs are aggressive plunderers, having many fast-mover reinforcement units. They usually act first during the game. They carry out ambushes to catch their opponents by surprise and often have the fights’ initiative. Yet, they are quite frail and rough, with low complementarity between their units. The Great Quagmire’s swamp is also a poor source of income.

The Godleif Clan has been living in the Forfedre’s northern region for thousand years. They have two types of fighters: firstly, the young and hot-headed duo of Berserkers and Valkyries for fast and devastating raids, and secondly the wise and old Huscarls who, despite his slowness, protect the clan with his raw strength and incredible sturdiness. The Godleif Clan can win great battles by combining its warriors’ skills, but their reinforcements are scarce due to the lengthy and harsh initiatory rite employed. The Godleif Clan wisely makes its decisions and adapts itself to the enemies’ moves, usually playing last during a game’s turn.

The Steamfield Barony is the heir of an old and powerful human realm. They inherited its military and commerce skills that guarantee them a really great gold income. On the battlefield, the Barony’s troops are specialized and complementary: The Harquebusier is a really good support-and- defend unit, the Man-at-arms protect his allies by absorbing the hits, while the Hussar combines strength and speed resulting in devastating raids. Hence, the Barony’s units can be used together or separately which allows a great tactical flexibility. On the other hand, their military training is so lengthy and difficult that the reinforcements are a rare commodity that must be well protected in order to win.

The Army of the Tomb comes from the Dead Lands to make the mortals shiver with fear. Their troops are very slow but are coming in great quantity: The Carcass, whose efficiency is related to their number, the Necroman, a powerful support mage that mustn’t be left alone, and the Morlord, a tough and deadly former knight. The biggest weakness of The Army of the Tomb is her slowness. She must succeed in approaching the enemies’ lines close enough to summon her reinforcement swarm that will overwhelm them.


The cover's final art
The cover's final art

The Cover's "making of" article (in french though) :

Clash of Rage has been illustrated by a famous french artist, Djib, well known in the board game market. His dynamic and detailed concepts were perfect materials for the 3D sculptors: Michael Jenkins (USA) and Grégory Clavilier (France). We worked hard together to get highly detailed and true to the concepts miniatures. Every sculpt has been subject to annotations and sharp comments from Djib during the sculpting process.


After that we ordered High Definition 3D print of the minis. We were then able to modify and approve the designs straight on real physic models. This step is key to obtain a true to our expectations’ plastic injection.

Real 3D print Master 70mm for Berhin - Sculptor Gregory Clavilier
Real 3D print Master 70mm for Berhin - Sculptor Gregory Clavilier


Real 3D print Master 45mm - Sculptor Gregory Clavilier
Real 3D print Master 45mm - Sculptor Gregory Clavilier

The whole team had her heart set on making the details and personality of each miniature really shine. Every one of them is made from different molds to have the best details level possible. That’s what is called “assembled multipart miniatures”. You won’t notice that upon receipt, but almost every miniature will be made from different parts in order to have the best detailed finish we can. We benefit from our experience acquired with the Outlive’s miniatures where the finish was already a priority for us, even if the miniatures were not at the heart of the game.

Equipment cards From beginning to end, the artistic director, designer and illustrator worked to make every element of the game coherent with the universe created. Thus, every equipment has been carefully considered to bring a true immersion to the game.


We ship games in bulk to fulfillment centers around the world to reduce customs fees & VAT and to keep shipping prices low. Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends, via the pledge manager. Unfortunately, we can not send the game to countries that are not on the above list.

Shipping fees mentioned here are not definitives. The price can slightly vary, we’re indicating a price range to avoid any unpleasant surprise. We’ll get the exact price just before the production, when the definitive box’s weight will be known (with all the SG you gonna crush). Yet, be sure that will do our best to keep the shipping fees as low as possible!

For all countries outside of the US and EU, it is possible that customs charges may applied to your package. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to reduce these charges to the strict minimum. Please note that customs charges are dictated by each country’s administration and not by La Boite de Jeu. However, depending on backer’s number from different regions, other zones may become shipping friendly during the campaign.

Please Take Note!

Based on past experience, we will be charging shipping after the Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends. This is so we can be fair to all our backers as shipping is rarely one size fits all, and also give you more stretch goodies and possibly a choice of carrier options.

Following is a list of rough estimates for shipping a standard game package (4kg volumetric weight). Keep in mind these are just estimates, and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals and any optional buys you choose.

    *french backers will be able to collect their games via Partner retail-shops (see informations below)

We will update this section as soon as we know the prices for these countries. Contact us if you have any questions.

*For Backers from France :  Pour la France, nous proposons une liste de boutiques partenaires* qui serviront de point de retrait pour les backers (comme lors de la campagne d'Outlive). Lors du Pledge Manager vous serez invité à choisir votre boutique de retrait ou à payer des frais de ports pour recevoir le jeu chez vous suivant le choix que vous faites. Si vous retirez en boutique partenaire, vous aurez 1 mois après réception des jeux par la boutique pour aller le chercher** et il ne vous sera demandé aucun frais de port, ni aucun frais supplémentaire.

Liste des boutiques partenaires :
20000 Jeux sous les livres (Artigues près deBordeaux), Agartha (Belfort), ArchiChouette (Lyon), BD West (St Brieuc), Bella Ciao (Orleans), Chez Yoda (Saint Jean en Royans), Croc Jeux (Brest), Démon du jeu (Le Havre), Dés pions et merveilles (Clermont Fd), Descartes (Lyon), Destination terre de jeu (Roanne), Esprit Jeu (Maromme), Excalibur (Poitiers), Fairplay (Mulhouse), Fantasy Sphere (Toulouse), Jeux Barjo (Bordeaux), Jeux Bouquine (Laval), Jeux de Mains (Angoulême), Jeux Dredi (Hyeres), Jeux du monde (Grenoble), Jocade (Dijon), JSST (Nice), Juman Jeux (Lyon), King Jouet Bayeux (Bayeux), King Jouet City Parthenay (Parthenay), La Boite à jeux (Le Mans), La bulle à jeux (Nice), La Casa Jeux (Alès), La caverne du gobelin-Metz (Metz), La caverne du gobelin-Nancy (Nancy), La Caverne du jeu (Calais), La crypte du jeu (Marseille), La Diagonale du fou (Valence), La Grosse Boite (La Rochelle), La guilde des joueurs (Angers), La guilde des joueurs (Le Mans), La malle d'Apolline (Reims), La perle rare (Aix en provence), La Règle du jeu (Tours), La taverne du gobelin farci (Saint Etienne ), Labyrinthe (Clermont Fd), L'aliane (Colmar), Laludikavern (Pau), L'Amusoir (Montelimar), L'antre des jeux (Chambery), L'antre du Blup (Chartres), L'antre du dragon (Lievin), L'antre du jouet (St Martin Boulogne), Le chemin des fées (Chalon en Champagne), Le comptoir de la BD (Les Sables d'Olonne), Le comptoir des jeux (Chantilly), Le damier de l'opéra (Paris), Le Délire (Compiègne), Le farfadet joueur (Valenciennes), Le labo de Merlin (Poitiers), Le Pion magique (Caen), Le Point Jeux (Aubenas), Le temple du jeu (Nantes), Le temps d'un jeu (Langueux), Le troll à 2 têtes (St Ouen l'Aumone), Le Warp (Rouen), L'echoppe médieval (Narbonne), L'enjeu (Chalon/Saône), Les contrées du jeu (Grenoble), Les couleurs du jeu (Bourges), Les Dés Joueurs (Vicq/Nahon), Les dés Maskés (Dunkerque), Les hauts de Valmeinier (Valmeinier), Les jeux de la Comté (Besançon), Les jouets d'Emma (Noisy le Grand), Les pages du donjon (Bourges), Librairie Martelle (Amiens), Librairie Totem (Schiltigheim), Ludifolie (Vincennes), Ludik (Villefranche/Saône), Ludik Addict (Brest), Ludimars (Marseille), Ludiworld (Bussy St Georges), Lud'm (Montpellier), Lutin Ludique (Dinan), Magic Bazar (Paris), Magic Bazar (Annecy), Maison de la presse Haguenau (Haguenau), Maison de la presse Saverne (Saverne), Meisia (Paris), Occitroll (Montauban), Oren Guez (Vitrolles), Oyoo (Moissy Cramayel), Passion du jeu (Cholet), Philibert (Strasbourg), Pinocchio et Cie (Alençon), Pirouette Pessac (Pessac), Pirouettes Bordeaux (Bordeaux), Power Nine (Clermont Fd), R de jeux (Pontoise), Robin des jeux (Paris), Rocambole (Lille), Sortilèges Angers (Angers), Sortilèges (La Réunion St Denis),  Sortilèges (La Roche /Yon), Sortilèges (La Rochelle), Sortilèges (Limoges), Sortilèges (Nantes), Sortilèges (Niort), Sortilèges (Perpignan), Sortilèges (Rouen), Sortilèges (St Malo), Sortilèges (Tours), Sortilèges (Vannes), Spoutlink (Romans /Isere), Starjouet Chazelles (Chazelles /Lyon), Temps Libre (Piriac /Mer), Tempus Ludi (Sens), Terre Happy (Thiers), Terres de jeux (Rennes), Totem Expo Jeux (Enghien), Village du jeu (Bailleul)*

*La liste des boutiques partenaires sera actualisée en cours de campagne et après la campagne. Pour Outlive, nous avons eut 90 boutiques partenaires à travers toute la France.

**Les récupérations sont à faire en personne et pas par un tier par soucis de facilité pour les boutiques partenaires. Elles ne peuvent pas être groupées avec un envoi quel qu'il soit.

La boite de jeu was born in late 2013. Benoit, Benjamin and Timothée have been friends since high school, but have since worked in different fields. Brought together by their common love for board games, each one of them brings their own set of skills to the company. This teamwork allows them to take a project from a great idea to a great product. 

Starring Benoit as the fearsome taskmaster

Founder of La boite de jeu, Benoit is the core member of the company. He's also a game author (Invazions, 10' to kill) and uses his knowledge to interact with authors, choose artists and to select the games-to-be. He's also a fairly average Magic player but he has his eyes set on the pro-tour one day!

Starring Benjamin as our bearded mascot

Benjamin studied Advertising in France and takes care of the communication side of the business. From website creation to graphic design, he uses his skills to allow each game to tell its own story. He told us that he once opened his fridge using the Force, but we still have our doubts...

Starring Mathieu as "The guy with red shorts"

Mathieu is the new guy. He's in charge of game development with Benoit. He also handles international relations. With his help, La boite de jeu can offer the best games, worldwide. One day, maybe with the help of some liquor (but we are not sure, the day in question remains very blurry), he told us that he will write a book, or a comic book or maybe he was just talking about his wishlist to santa-claus.

Starring Greg as the “Killer crossover” Community manager 

Gregory Oliver is Outlive's designer. As a child he decided to be a veterinary surgeon, then realized how many years of study were necessary. When he was a teenager he opted to be a pro basketball player, then realized that he was barely 5'7'' tall. Finally, as an adult, he challenged himself to create something out of the blue. 4 Years later Outlive is live and Greg is relieved that he didn't disappoint the child he once was.

Rodolphe and the "Rodolphade"

I am Origames's project manager. For 10 years i'm also the publication director of various games magazines. I am very grateful that Benoit gave me the exact definition of what is a "Rodolphade", in short it's an heroic action which outcome can be either spectacular or catastrophic. Win or lose, but do it with panache...

Starring Frédéric as "The guy craving for 'badass' weapons"

Frédéric is Clash of Rage's designer. He creates games since the age of 6. His closets are full of various prototypes, dice and pawns. Clash of Rage's design started 4 years ago after the visit of Prague's medieval weaponry museum. Amazed by these huge axes, armors and crossbows, Fred wanted to offer players the joy of rumbling with such badass weapons  in a fantasy board game.

Starring Djib as "Djib Scissorhands"

Djib is the main illustrator of Clash of Rage. For more than 10 years, alone in his abandoned mansion, he sharpened his concept artist skills by working mainly in the board game industry. He likes to bring life to his creations, see them move, go beyond their scope and slice everything with rage and an enormous weapon in hands. His heart is yet pure and innocent, as the falling snow when winter comes...

Starring Igor as the "man with the finger on the nose"

Igor Polouchine is the project's Artistic Director. He was in charge of the art direction of Dobble, King of Tokyo, Outlive, Risk napoleon and many other games. We wanted a cartoon badass' style for Clash of Rage and asked Djib to work on this game. The typography, the logo, the cards' layout, the board, tokens and rules are all contribuiting to this badass' style.

Olivier Deroueteau made the boards. His strong experience from video games and the boards of Heroes of Normandie allow to have marvelous imersive maps.




Risks and challenges

We are quite used to Kickstarter. Our first campaign was a success, and has been funded up to 875%, reaching not less than 19 stretch goals. The game has been produced and delivered successfully. The campaign ended in June 2015, and the delivery was done in October 2015.
Our second campaign (Outlive) has been produced and the delivery is currently occurring.
The campaign ended in late June 2016, and the backers are now receiving their game (May 2017).

We try our best to stay close to our community through Kickstarter comments, private messages and through our Facebook page. We really do take your feedback into account, and love interacting with our community.

Clash of Rage has already been fully designed and playtested.
Most of the graphics elements are done. We already began the molds’ manufacturing process (which is often a long task) in order to get a head start and meet our delivery’s deadline.

We estimate a June 2018 delivery date. This corresponds to the necessary time to prepare the game for manufacturing, produce it and ship it to you. It also includes a safety margin, in case we come across any unforeseen circumstances. It is in our best interest to get the game to our backers as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to ensure that there are no delays.
If, for any reason, we are unable to produce the game we will provide a full refund to every backer.

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