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A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
2,363 backers pledged €227,926 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Yann 2 days ago

      Hello, I wrote sometimes ago that I had a problem when I played the game distinguish the different types of elves, and you said you would update us with a solution, 2 updates passed and i see still no solution proposed concerning the elves, do you have any news on that?

    2. Chi-Hsuan Huang 2 days ago

      Thanks for the update!! :)

    3. Greg Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Leander: i'm currently translating it in english, so it will come tomorrow at the latest.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bulblub 4 days ago

      8 days ago it was supposed to be this week.

      I guess they are still waiting on some shipping prices

    5. Missing avatar

      Leander Barrie 4 days ago

      @greg: You have an idea when we will have a new update?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      4 days ago

      Ako, taga san ka? :p

    7. Greg Collaborator 5 days ago

      yes Ako, the website will also be used for our future projects. It took some time to built it but it was necessary. We'll keep you informed in our next update. Thanks for your patience!

    8. ako_ay_bisaya
      on November 10

      @Greg I do hope that this new website will be the standard for all future projects. I have been patient as have the majority of backers but I understand why others are worried.

    9. Emmerikku on November 7

      Cool, belles figouz ! on n'en veut plus !

    10. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on November 6

      Not professional?
      I post one news every month and I answer at all comments and privates messages.

      For the PM, it's not a simple website. It's an e-shop. Need a lot of security checks.
      So, I come back from Essen today let me the time to post my update for November this week.

      All in all, the PM is finish now but I'm waiting for a quotation from one of our partners of dispatch for some countries in ROW.
      I can't open the PM before we have the price for shipping fees for this countries and I work for reduce the cost for Backers.


    11. Missing avatar

      Andreas Schüßler on November 5

      When is the pledge Manager online? You are two month over. How long can it take to set up a simple Website?
      I would never contribute on an kickstarter from you. This is absolutly not professional.

    12. Emmerikku on November 2

      No update, no comment... On n'attends tous j'espère qu'on ne sera pas déçu !

    13. Vagelis prineas on October 31

      essen finished...........any news??

    14. Jean on October 24

      Hope we see Eldric w.i.p pic. his artwork looks so cool, i hope the sculpt is just as cool!

    15. Jean on October 9


    16. Greg Collaborator on October 9

      Hi guys,

      don't worry, everything is going well.
      We are just waiting for our new website to be ready in order to launch the pledge manager that is builted-in the site.

      It took a little bit longer than expected but we want to be sure that everything is allright before launching it.

      We post an update on the kickstarter page every month, so an update is coming for the month of october.

      Have a nice day

    17. denrenso on October 9

      Quote 1 : "The pledge manager will open in late august and should last until the end of September."
      Quote 2 : "Concerning the Pledge Manager" ... "it's almost done but we're waiting for the dispatch negociations to be finalized to publish it" ... "I won't give you an exact date right now, in case something goes wrong this month, but be sure that everything is progressing well."
      being late on schedule is no biggie but some infos / update / new PM ETA would be nice :)

    18. Donfito on October 9

      I'm starting to think something is going wrong, no updates in a long time X_X

    19. Cø37 on October 8

      Il est bien long à venir ce PM ...

    20. Joshua Ross
      on October 8

      Any news?

    21. Joshua Ross
      on October 8

      Any news?

    22. coRxx on October 6

      Would be nice

    23. Thorsten Schleer on October 5

      A good time for an update ;)

    24. Lea Ann Alonso on October 3

      When will you be sending out the Pledge Manager?

    25. Jean on October 2

      Got some WIP pictures? Always love watching the creative process.

    26. Vagelis prineas on October 1

      the september has gone................the PM will come???? :-p :-p

    27. Missing avatar

      Leander Barrie on September 28

      If you back a game with nice minis like this you don't bother about the colours. They deserve to be painted:) looking out for more updates, keep up the good work!!

    28. Greg Collaborator on September 28

      @jamuraa : yes

    29. Missing avatar

      Jamuraa on September 28

      I can't find the info at the moment, but if I remember it correctly I will be able to add funds during the PM? Like to get some dice and expansions.

    30. Holotuerie on September 23

      Il y aura une info. Les dates de manager sont presque toujours repoussées à la dernière minute. C'est mieux pour tout le monde (plus de temps pour approvisionner des fonds pour les backers, plus de temps pour terminer le projet pour les développeurs, plus de temps de réflexion pour tous)

    31. Missing avatar

      Dussably Yoann on September 22

      Bonjour dsl de relancer ca mais comme c est mon premier kick starter je sais pas si c est souvant comme ca. Le plege devait arrivé début septembre et je n ai rien vu passer. Ai je raté un truc ou bien le plege va être plutôt en octobre? Merci encore pour ce jeux qui promet des parties epique

    32. Greg Collaborator on September 22

      clan minis are colored, heroes are grey (as they can be hired by any clan)

    33. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      on September 19

      Heroes are different and are neutral since we hire them. They were not talking about the clan minis.

    34. coRxx on September 18

      The campaign page shows different colors for each race. I would be angry if they would have the same colors

    35. Holotuerie on September 18

      If i remember well, they have all different colors

    36. Missing avatar

      Kyle W. on September 18

      Will the clan mini's be colored to match each clan? like Rising Sun, or will they all be standard grey colored?

    37. Greg Collaborator on September 13

      @andreas : i can't tell you exactly the exact tone of grey, the samples we add were quite light.
      @vangelis : it's almost ready, please be patient, we're doing our best but we want to be sure everything is ok before launching the PM.

    38. Vagelis prineas on September 12

      any news from the PM??

    39. Missing avatar

      Andy on September 11

      @Greg : what will the colour of the heros be like?
      I like the very light grey tone as in the pics of the renders (campaign page) instead of draker neutral
      grey .

    40. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on September 8

      Je mettrai un lien dans la prochaine news vers des images plus grande (ce sera plus simple que le faire lors du PM pour nous).

    41. Missing avatar

      baret diane on September 6


      Ça serait possible lors du PM lors de la sélection de voir plus grands les dessins sur les box sleeve (pour voir plus les détails) avant de choisir ?

    42. coRxx on September 5

      Depends on the pledge manager. And the pm hasnt opened yet

    43. Missing avatar

      Andy on September 5

      are there any news regarding the final stretch goal?
      as far as I remember release depended on the retail backers.

    44. Jean on September 2

      Cool, hope you guys have good luck on the manager, this is the important part.

    45. Greg Collaborator on August 31

      Hello, the team is back from vacation, the pledge manager will occur in september

    46. Cisco Jimenez
      on August 28

      May we have an update? Thanks!

    47. Cø37 on August 27

      "Late august, early september for the pledge manager (see previous update)"

    48. David Kekejian on August 26

      It is awfully silent here!!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Vincent on August 24

      So it late august, anyone get that pledge manager?

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