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A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
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    1. Cisco Jimenez
      about 3 hours ago

      May we please have a general update? How is production going? When can we expect to receive the game? Are there any photos or videos to share of the awesome content of this game? Thanks!

    2. coRxx 2 days ago

      one month since last update. and how is it going?

    3. Yann 6 days ago

      Are you going to be in the festival de Cannes also this year? (Maybe with figurines this time?) I'd love to have a sneak peak of the what I will receive

    4. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on January 16

      I'm away from office since monday, I'll answer at all comment next week. Sorry :)

    5. coRxx on January 15

      Look at the campaign page. The factions units differ in movement speed, strengh and the clocks, which show who deals damage first.
      U can see these informatiina on the faction tableaus.

    6. Taky Do on January 13

      Hello, you said earlier to check the update for difference between faction.
      All I see in the update about the mechanical cohort is fluff about them.
      I was looking for diference between faction gameplay wise, can you do a quick summary of the different way all factions play?

    7. Missing avatar

      on January 12

      If we purchased the game and all add-ons, what is the final card count? Also, what size are the cards? I am looking to purchase sleeves. Thank you

    8. Scott D
      on January 12

      That could have been because I had my VPN activated. Oh well good to know in case it happens again.

    9. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on January 11

      The team has found the issue. Stripe cancel your payment due to suspect fraud because of your IP (don't ask me why, I don't know ^^)

    10. Scott D
      on January 11

      @ Laboitedejeu.
      Apparently the issue has resolved itself. I just tried again and expected to get the error message so that I could screenshot it and send it to you but it went through fine this time. So my order is now complete. Not sure what the issue was but glad it is fixed.

    11. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on January 11

      @Scott and Jake
      Don't worry, we'll find a solution for your issue. Can you send a screenshot of the issue at

      I'm sorry but we can't find your e-mails, can you contact us by Private message on KS?

    12. Scott D
      on January 10

      I'm having the same issue right now with finalizing my order as Jake. Order is cancelled and card error. have contacted my bank and its nothing on their end. maybe an issue with stripe. unfortunately I don't have multiple cards, so I cant try with another. already tried 5 times to pay for my order.

    13. Jake Waltier
      on January 10

      I tried again with another card and it went through.

    14. Jake Waltier
      on January 10

      I emailed the publisher twice but haven't heard back. When I try to pay with Stripe, it appears successful but then says that my order is cancelled. I've done it multiple times and it keeps happening. Has anyone else seen this?

    15. Missing avatar

      Julien LE DALL
      on January 9

      Mon problème est résolu, merci.

    16. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on January 9

      If you have sent an email to the team, they will come back to you to fix this issues :)

      No the game is English or French depend what you choose on the PM :)

    17. Ken Washington
      on January 8

      Just sent an email to your contact address. Went to close out the pledgemanager and it's only giving me credit for 80 pounds vice the 125 I paid.

      request a fix so I can close out my order.

    18. Missing avatar

      on January 8


      The game is in English as well, just. Confirm in your pledge manager that you've selected the English version of the game / add-ons.

      The email I got was also in all French though.

    19. Derek Putney
      on January 8

      So is this game only in French confused on the email I got

    20. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on January 8

      Tu n'as pas eut de réponse ? C'est bizarre car nous avons traité tous les mails arrivés avant vendredi.
      Peux tu me renvoyer ton mail à ?

      As for the rest of Europ, between july to october.

    21. Yann on January 8

      @julien si je me souviens bien ça diffère du prix de la boîte de base, car il considère que tu va la prendre, et dynamiquement il ajuste ce qu'il te reste, fini ta commande et tu verras c'est normal

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Clarke on January 6

      Do you have an estimated delivery date for the UK yet ?

    23. Missing avatar

      Julien LE DALL
      on January 5

      Pour information, j’attends toujours une réponse par rapport à mon mail à destination du support sur la divergence importante entre la somme versée sur kickstarter et celle disponible dans le pledge manager.

    24. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on January 5

      @Boardgame elite
      I'm sorry what's your question?

      On the KS page you have a summary about the 4th clans of the base game.
      For the mechanical cohorte :
      For the Heirs of Kkran :

    25. Boardgame elite
      on January 4

      please response my message that I reply for my request of the item

    26. Taky Do on January 4

      Could someone summarize to me the difference in gameplay between all factions, core game and expansions ?
      Thank you!

    27. Missing avatar

      Julien LE DALL
      on January 4

      Error between the amount on kickstarter and the amount in the pledge manager. Email sent to the contact support in the pledge manager.

    28. Greg Collaborator on January 4

      Tu peux acheter seulement les dés elfes.
      L'autre jeu de dés permet aux joueurs d'avoir chacun plus de dés pour éviter de devoir se les passer autour de la table.

    29. Anthony Wiersch on January 3

      Hello,Tout d'abord meilleurs voeux pour 2018.
      Dites moi, je suis en train de m'occuper de mon pledge manager, j'aurais voulu savoir si je peux me contenter de n'acheter comme dés que ceux des elfes ou si je dois acheter les 2 jeux.

    30. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on January 2

      C'était les congés, peut être :)
      Pouvez vous m'écrire à, je m'en occupe d'ici demain.

    31. Alex PLASMA on December 26

      Toujours pas reçu de mail pour le Pledge malgré mes relances par mail, donc je tente par commentaire :)

    32. David on December 23

      I have sent them an email with screenshots. I hope this can be resolved.

    33. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on December 20

      Sorry for the delay.
      Can you send an email to

    34. coRxx on December 17

      Yay. � ;)

    35. War Wolf
      on December 17

      I have found it guys all done thanks

    36. War Wolf
      on December 16

      I am still waiting for the pledge manager email l have sent a PM but still no response

    37. David on December 16

      I added 25€ during the campaign to my 80€ early bird to get the Heirs of Kkran add on, for a total of 105€. The pledge manager only has 80€ in it and now wants me to pay 44€. Why is this? I want this resolved as I followed the instructions provided in update 10 and will not be paying an extra 25€.

    38. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on December 15

      The best is send an email at the team will answer you after the week-end

      Same as Martyn :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Martyn Leggett on December 15

      Hello, I would like to add some additional items to my pledge despite the fact I have already completed the Pledge Manager. Can somebody please advise as to how I may do this? Thanks

    40. Joshua Rios
      on December 15

      I have been having trouble with my pm but I don't believe I received a survey email

    41. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on December 15

      15th January now :)

    42. Melhilion
      on December 14

      how long will PM still be open? 15th of January is correct? i once read 15 of december anywhere...

    43. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on December 14

      @Adam, I missed it, sorry. I sent you an email back.

    44. Adam
      on December 13

      I sent you guys an email 9 days ago about my pledge manager issue but not had a reply yet.

    45. David Kekejian on December 13

      It would be a shame if we don’t unlock the last sg in the pledge manager!!!

    46. coRxx on December 11

      have we unlocked the last stretch goal during pledge manager?

    47. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      on December 10

      I hope the inserts will fit premium sleeves cards. I would like to sleeve the cards of expensive games. :)

    48. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on December 7

      Je ne sleeve jamais rien, j'aurais bien du mal à vous répondre :)
      Les cartes sont au format 63x88mm (sauf les héros qui sont à un format particulier mais qui ne sont pas manipulés). Il y en a 94 dans le jeu de base et 35 dans les SG. Il y a aussi 7 cartes par add-on de clan.
      Pour savoir à quel point les cartes sont manipulées, je vous invite à regarder la vidéo de la partie ce sera la meilleure façon de vous faire une idée :)

    49. Holotuerie on December 6

      Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à me rendre compte de l'importance du sleevage des cartes sur Clash of Rage. Pouvez-vous nous faire une revue complète à ce sujet en update?
      Il serait bon de dire les tailles des cartes, le nombre et quelle importance on aura à protéger les cartes. Certaines sont utilisées en tirage aveugle il me semble. Les garder en bon état est donc indispensable. Idem si des cartes sont beaucoup manipulées.
      Au passage j'en profite pour donner le liens vers un KS vraiment intéressant pour les protèges cartes :…
      Merci par avance pour vos réponses.

    50. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on December 4

      You can try but it will be chaotic and little bit long. I'm not sure it will be fun at 6 players.

      Can you send a PM I'll check :)

      It depend where you live. If you have any questions about that send an email to

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