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A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
2,363 backers pledged €227,926 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Greg Collaborator 3 days ago

      @yann: a quick question, i guess we can buy multiple copies after the pledge manager is out?
      > yes

      does, each copy I buy, contain stretch goal?
      > of course yes

      @françois: Pourrez-vous le moment venu nous conseiller sur les pots de peintures à choisir pour peindre les figurines du jeu ?
      > la marque prince august est très bien, ou alors la gamme citadel. L'important est surtout d'avoir de bons pinceaux et de diluer suffisamment. Pour les pinceaux je conseille vivement la marque "Raphaël" série 8424 (un n°2 pour peindre et un n°0 pour les petits détails).

    2. Vagelis prineas 6 days ago

      Any news about the PM??

    3. coRxx 7 days ago

      1800 yay :)

    4. Francois Zilliox on August 13

      Bonjour à toute l'équipe,

      Pourrez-vous le moment venu nous conseiller sur les pots de peintures à choisir pour peindre les figurines du jeu ?
      Un peu à la manière de Zombicide :-) ... voir une idée de commercialisation d'un kit pourquoi pas ;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      David Boussin on August 12

      @Devin : Yes, you'll be able to add money during the pledge manager, so the add ons will be yours :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Devin Catellier on August 12

      This was the first game I've backed on kickstarter, and I didn't see anything about adding money to pledge to get the add-ons. I'd just like to make sure that is something I'll be able to do during the pledge manager?

    7. Francois Zilliox on August 12

      Bonjour à tous,
      Je profite de l'accalmie de lété pour vous poser une question / lancer une proposition.
      Je souhaiterais faire peindre le jeu une fois reçu. Ayant fait de la peinture de modelisme dans ma jeunesse, je n'ai néanmoins jamais tenté l'expérience des figurines. Ayant vu des vidéos je vois bien qu'il existe pleins de tutos mais que les techniques ont l'air longue à maitriser et je ne voudrais pas foiré la peinture à cause de mon inexpérience. Connaissez-vous où l'un d'entre vous serait assez super gentil et aimable pour me dire s'il compte peindre son KS et s'il accepterait de peindre un second KS pour moi ? Si j'ai bien compté il y a plus de 100 figurines à peindre, de différentes tailles et donc cela va représenté un travail conséquent...
      Je suis sur la région parisienne donc avis aux amateur si vous souhaitez

    8. Yann on August 11

      @conrad @Roland, he did an update 2 days ago, pledge manager will be available end of the moment, early september.
      there is no update to do : half of the team is in holidays. (which is normal in France, it is actually the law which makes employees and employers to take/give 2 consecutive weeks of vacation in either july either august)

      so just be patient and wait for update that will come in September I'm sure.

    9. Missing avatar

      Conrad Hillman on August 10

      Agree some updates would be nice.

    10. Roland on August 10

      update time?

    11. Yann on August 10

      a quick question, i guess we can buy multiple copies after the pledge manager is out?
      does, each copy I buy, contain stretch goal? or is only the base game if i buy 2 copies? (pretty new to kick starter not sure how this thing works :D, this is my first project )

    12. Greg Collaborator on August 10

      Late august, early september for the pledge manager (see previous update)

    13. eric cook on August 8

      @ Rob Judging by Greg's comment maybe at the end of the month? Big maybe.

    14. Rob on August 8

      Pledge manager?

    15. tfkimmortal on August 8

      How about that pledge manager?

    16. Greg Collaborator on August 8

      hello everybody,
      no specific news to add, the project is on course.
      A part of the team is on holiday now but an update will probably come before the end of the month.

    17. coRxx on August 8

      So quiet here :/

    18. David Kekejian on August 4

      @Greg: we need an update!

    19. Missing avatar

      Geo Gsjn on August 4

      J'espère que le peu de news données se fait au profit d'un travail encore plus acharné.
      J'ai en hâte d'en avoir à nouveau en tous cas.

    20. coRxx on August 3

      Heeelllooooo :)

    21. Joshua Ross
      on August 1

      @Vagelis prineas If you look a few comments down, they say they cannot.

    22. Vagelis prineas on August 1

      is there any chance to see the outlive kickstarter as an add-on?

    23. Joshua Ross
      on July 31

      Hey @lbdj, how did everything go in July? Can you send out an update letting us know if you were able to "finalize the French texts and layout of the core box," and if "[y]our American partners [have begun] to work on the translation," please?

      I'm sure you still have a lot of stress due to the problems Nift has caused with the Outlive campaign, but am very much looking forward to Clash of Rage, and am eager to hear any news you have for us. Thanks!

      P.S. Obviously you won't be using Nift, but have you settled on any delivery partners?

    24. Jean on July 30

      update? It's been a minute.

    25. eric cook on July 27

      @ Ron you'll be able to add to your pledge once the manger is sent out.

    26. Greg Collaborator on July 25

      @Wiriyawatp : we can't mix shippings

    27. Greg Collaborator on July 25

      @yann : we'll find a solution to better differentiate the elfes tokens

    28. The Schwartz on July 25

      Good point @Yann that could be a problem :-)

      By the most confusing of token presentations! ;-)

    29. Yann on July 25

      I played the game in Cannes festival few months ago, I know we won't have elf minis, but can we have 3 different colors to really differentiate the 3 classes? As we had problems identifying what elf were present in the tile. Maybe difference size of the tokens? Especially now that the crystal are tokens and can be disassociated from elf tokens.

    30. Wiriyawatp, In the Mainstream Boardgame
      on July 24

      @Benjamin laboitedejeu ; I send message about Outlive, can I order and combine shipping with Clash of Rage?
      Thank you

    31. Ron Burroughs Jr on July 21

      Thank you Luke. Had alot going on. And was just going over my backings and it looked like I might have done the math wrong. But if I can fix it with pledge manager that's awesome. And thanx again.

    32. Luke Raymond
      on July 21

      If you need to pay more you'll pay whatever the difference is when you go to finalize or confirm the pledge.

    33. Luke Raymond
      on July 21

      I don't believe the pledge manager has been sent out yet. That is expected towards the end of August. The amount you pledged here will be carried over to the pledge manager where you specify what you want with the amount you already paid.

    34. Ron Burroughs Jr on July 21

      I did my adding wrong on my pledge manager. I ment to add enough to be able to get the add-ons bundle. I'm not really sure if I did or not. Is there a way to double check and fix if I did do it wrong?

    35. Cø37 on July 17

      No fresh News about pledge manager ?

    36. coRxx on July 12

      Some news? :)

    37. Greg Collaborator on July 6

      no, there might be really little stock left to buy when we'll open the website in late august, but nothing sure at all

    38. Mo Hoffman
      on July 3

      @Greg: thanks for the response, would there be any other way to get the double sided XL board then? being hopeful.

    39. Chi-Hsuan Huang on July 3

      Great! Thank you, Greg!

    40. Greg Collaborator on July 3

      @Mo: no, we don't mix games in our pledge managers.

      @everybody: an update is coming this week for Clash of Rage

    41. Jean on July 3

      I might just throw together Reaper Bones miniatures for Elf kingdom if I really end up wanting it.

    42. Mo Hoffman
      on July 2

      @Greg: Hi, I was a backer of Outlive and I missed out on the XL board for the game, would it be possible, if you have any supplies left, to order it though this campaign pledge-master? Please say OUI :) Thanks

    43. eric cook on June 29

      Maybe if the game does well in the open market they will have a elf kit? But it might not be do bad just having the cardboard bits so the board isn't overwhelmed with mins.

    44. Holotuerie on June 29

      There is 40 elfes, so it's impossible to have them as minis.

    45. Missing avatar

      Christopher Sivertsson on June 29

      Did we get elf-minis?

    46. Jan Franco
      on June 27

      Will there be a PM?

    47. DHS on June 26

      That is cool. Thanks Florian.

    48. Missing avatar

      Florian Mth on June 26

      Yes it will be given ;) (they said they will take into account the money of the PM, it's equivalent to say that we get it)

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