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pledged of $55,903 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $55,903 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Greg Collaborator 2 minutes ago

      good morning guys, let's crush this 120k SG today!

    2. David Kekejian about 2 hours ago

      +1 to John's suggestion!!!

    3. Louis-Andre Pelletier
      about 2 hours ago

      Maybe as an expansion in the future: minis + rule set. For now, I'd rather have the designers focus on feedback to nail down what they've already planned, the little stuff that makes the game go from good to great. Elves stuff sounds like Big changes.

    4. John di Battista
      about 2 hours ago

      I think playable elves could work. You'd need to rule them differently from other factions and give them different win conditions, but I could definitely see them as a sort of attrition faction. Start strong, weaken as game goes on.
      I could see a hypothetical rule set like this:
      Start in the cities, have large starting army. Low/nonexistent reinforcement stat, low income, slow move. Give them a leash mechanic where hey just stay within or adjacent to the cities because they're lazy and balance. Gain one crystal per round automatically. Instead of having VPs they're on a victory timer. If they still hold at least 1 city after X turns they win.
      A rough concept, but this is how I would imagine them.

    5. Missing avatar

      Holotuerie about 6 hours ago

      Because if you look well at Bohork, you'll see they are pacifist. This is why the king army of the tomb will never engage them and fight vs them. And Goodleif are too inteligent to wast theire time and energie to fight something else than elves.
      And i'm sure that the Heirs of KKran prefer to read a good book instead of fighting theire friend, the human.

    6. David Kekejian about 6 hours ago

      I know it does not add a new thing to the gameplay but I prefer If there were miniatures too! Also I don't see why the elves have to be the bad guys all the time? Another clan can substitute the elves! just my two cents here!

    7. Louis-Andre Pelletier
      about 6 hours ago

      Having elves as a playable faction breaks the game thematic IMHO. It's a competition about whose hordes will bring destruction to both neutral and the other players, not a 1-to-many game.

      Having elves minis for the sake of having elves minis does not bring anything to the game either.

    8. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound! about 6 hours ago

      Woohoo just got an EB and perfect timing... Outlive just arrived today, perfect condition, amazing quality, super impressed with the detailing for such tiny minis in it, lovely resources and all punchcard came out perfectly (it's amazing how some games you battle not to tear them, no issues at all here). With far bigger minis here, I have faith they will be very detailed.

      Ive not played yet, but with the quality being so high, so much attention paid to the game components and how it's all packaged up, I'm in full-hog and already added for the 5th player :D

    9. David Kekejian about 6 hours ago

      I just don't see any reason why we can't have elves as a playable faction?

    10. Missing avatar

      KerenRhys about 7 hours ago

      However, that does not mean I don't want any other playable factions! ^_^
      Bring on the factions for all those intriguing regions: The Ardent Kingdoms, the Habited Abyss, the Archipelago of Novagoi, the Underground Kingdom, the High-World, etc... I'm sure the team will have awesome races to go with them!

    11. Caleb O'Brien about 7 hours ago

      @KerenRhys I agree 100%. Leave the elves as they are.

    12. Greg Collaborator about 7 hours ago

      The Elfes token will be reworked in the final version to better distinguish it

    13. Missing avatar

      Cousu Victor about 9 hours ago

      More tric trac video, that's all we ask for. No way for the elf..... Maybe dark one ? ^^ What about the new look of the elf's tokens ? A great one and we forgate the minis

    14. Missing avatar

      KerenRhys about 9 hours ago

      I don't really understand the appeal of the Elves as a playable faction. Between the 6 races we currently know, I feel it's by far the less interesting visually and theme-wise. I find the Elves a bit bland, which is fine for a punching ball but not really for a playable faction. If I had to choose between the elves and a new faction, I'd go with the new faction.

    15. Ukko Kaarto about 9 hours ago

      +1 to Elves as playable faction. That way we'd also get miniatures for them. Yay!

    16. Greg Collaborator about 9 hours ago

      The reviews are mainly there to show you how the game works and have a quick overview of gameplay

    17. Birne about 9 hours ago

      @DevGuy ... japp, also no fan of paid reviews ... always look to find some of independent playtesters.

    18. DevGuy about 10 hours ago

      Wish you'd gone with an impartial reviewer.

      Undead Viking gets paid to say this stuff and always tells backers "this game is great" -- even if they are real stinkers!

    19. Missing avatar

      Calachoups about 10 hours ago

      How the reinforcements of the Elves will work in a solo game ?

    20. Greg Collaborator about 10 hours ago

      no VC, the sleeves are only for the base clans

    21. Missing avatar

      VC about 10 hours ago

      Will there be an Exclusive Box Sleeve for the New Faction? How about one with all the Factions in it?

    22. Greg Collaborator about 10 hours ago

      I agree with you, but the team doesn't tell me everything, they know i'm a real chatterbox :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Jesse Black
      about 11 hours ago

      @Greg I'd love to see some more region tiles and different types if terrain to interactive with! Anything to add to replayability and complexity is great :)

    24. David Kekejian about 12 hours ago

      @Greg: we really need to have Elves as a playable faction! I know they are overpowered but that could be balanced by making them very slow (1 movement) or tweaking their reinforcement cards!
      as for the villain AI, another tribe can substitute the Elves!

    25. Missing avatar

      KerenRhys about 12 hours ago

      The color for the Heirs of Kkran on the update is not the final one AFAIK. Since for all the other clans, the figs are in the color of their emblem backgroud, I guess the Heirs will be in a kind of dark blue.

    26. Louis-Andre Pelletier
      about 12 hours ago

      They look dark-grey on the image, different from the Army of the Tomb whose minis are brownish.

    27. Jeffrey Tlusty
      about 12 hours ago

      What color will the add-on mini's be? Purple is already taken and it looks like thats the primary color based on the graphics.

    28. Greg Collaborator about 12 hours ago

      Solo mode guys! check the news...

    29. Missing avatar

      KerenRhys about 13 hours ago

      No, they will come in colored plastic as shown on the campaign page.

    30. Missing avatar

      Wassim Saati about 14 hours ago

      hi there, I tried to check if sum1 posted this question before but I couldn't find it anywhere, are the minis and figures come painted all of them? your reply is appreciated guys :D

    31. Greg Collaborator about 14 hours ago

      High detailed assembled multipart PVC minis

    32. David Kekejian about 14 hours ago

      @Greg: What type of plastic are the minis being made of?

    33. Greg Collaborator about 15 hours ago

      Will be you in PeL of 2017 to test the game?
      > yes on Origame's booth

      And do you have a date for the PM?
      > around early july and it will last about 30 days

      Seeing that Outlive is currently being delivered and the 1st feedback on quality are very good; I wanted to know if the same "printer company" will be used for this game?
      > the same factory, but the minis will be more detailed and more rigid in Clash of Rage

    34. Gov about 16 hours ago

      @greg: Serez vous à PeL de 2017 pour tester le jeu ?
      Et avez vous une date pour le PM ?

      Will be you in PeL of 2017 to test the game?
      And do you have a date for the PM?

    35. eDs
      about 16 hours ago

      Petite question au niveau des figs: j'ai malheureusement manqué la campagne Outlive, mais je vois que les premières boîtes sont arrivées chez leur heureux acquéreurs. Les retours paraissent excellent au niveau de la qualité des figurines. Est-ce le même "imprimeurs" pour ce jeux ?

      Seeing that Outlive is currently being delivered and the 1st feedback on quality are very good; I wanted to know if the same "printer company" will be used for this game?

    36. Missing avatar

      Fredoc33 about 16 hours ago

      S'il y a d'autres add-ons à venir, et que mon budget est limité, il me fera donc attendre la difusion des pochains add-ons ;)

      There are other add-ons to come, and that my budget is limited, so it will make me wait for the diffusion of the add-ons;)

    37. Greg Collaborator about 17 hours ago

      Take a beer in the fridge

    38. Pitpipo
      about 17 hours ago

      Aloha, toujours content d'être ici :)

    39. Greg Collaborator about 21 hours ago

      yes, the news for the solo mode will come before the end of the week

    40. Vincent Montero about 21 hours ago

      Il y a une version solo ?

    41. Greg Collaborator about 23 hours ago

      How long would an average game take if we added a 5th player?
      > 20 min more

    42. Greg Collaborator about 23 hours ago

      That's it

    43. Missing avatar

      黃崎軒 1 day ago

      @Greg, I see, thanks for explaining! I found some information about PM and shipping before, but still couldn't be sure how it works.
      So I live in Taiwan and the fee could be €18 to 28, I have to add it in PM after the campaign end.

    44. maxdl 1 day ago

      Superbe travail. Vous avez bcp joué à heroes of might and magic sur pc non :) ?

    45. Greg Collaborator 1 day ago

      You must add the shipping After the campaign, during the pledge manager.

    46. Missing avatar

      黃崎軒 1 day ago

      Sorry, I know it's stupid, but I just join KS for a few days, I have a question: I read the chapter about shipping, it said the fee would be charged via the pledge manager, so I need to add the fee before the campaign end or I could change the money during the pledge manager? I have no experience in using the pledge manager and my English is not very good.

    47. Gov 1 day ago

      Bakers ! Today mission... Unlocked the SG !!! Go go go !!!

    48. David Kekejian 1 day ago

      @drfunk: both work but pledging now helps unlocking SG!

    49. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      How does the add-on work? Do we pledge the money now or can we purchase it during the pledge manager? Thanks!

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