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A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
A 1-4 players (5 with add-on) confrontation game with more than 70 minis, playable in campaign or skirmish mode.
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    1. laboitedejeu 3-time creator about 15 hours ago

      All the molds are on production now. I hope I can show you final product of all the sculps for the end of June :)

    2. Jean 3 days ago

      Any more of those cool sculpts coming out soon?

    3. Scott D
      on April 19

      Woot woot. I'm the Australian Ambassador for Neta-Tanka. How cool is that. I've just started moving home and I've now got a swanky boardgames room. Wahoo. Anybody in South Australia who wants to play test the prototype and can get to Whyalla for a game or three let me know.

      Anyhow, happy to be on board.

    4. Monsters & Mazes on April 19

      THANK YOU for giving us KS backers the weapons names on the cards! Very excited to play and paint the game:)

    5. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on April 18

      You can connect to your pledge manager. You're able to change your address by your own. If you have some issues contact

    6. David Kekejian on April 17

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    7. Gunnerpool on April 16

      How do I change my delivery address?

    8. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on April 16

      The "KS-News" of this month will be probably a little bit late (maybe start of May) because I want to show you the new rulebook and the translator is in holiday until the end of April.
      Best regards,

    9. David Kekejian on April 10

      Thanks for listening to our comments

    10. Missing avatar

      Andy on April 10

      @Benoit: thank you!

    11. ako_ay_bisaya
      on April 10

      Oh wow didn't realize we had a huge issue. I'm glad they were able to fix it. Thanks Benoit

    12. Thorsten Schleer on April 9

      Thanks Benoit!
      Glad you keep listening to backer feedback ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      Yanarthus on April 9

      Great news! Thanks a lot Benoit. Good to see you're listening to your backers feedback. Can't sait to play the game😋

    14. coRxx on April 9

      very nice!
      thx a lot!

    15. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on April 9

      Ok don't worry, I heard yours feedbacks. For the KS version (I'll check for the retail), all cards will be in 2 copies : one in english, on in french.
      All with name on it.

      Best regards,

    16. Duo Maxwell
      on April 8

      Please DONT remove the names of the cards. Try to look for other options as printing them in two different languages but do not Make them double language and remove the names. PLEASEEE!! Thanks in advance.

    17. Monsters & Mazes on April 8

      “The only thing we had to remove from the cards was the weapons names so as to get a text less version fitting the two languages.”
      This is a big deal!

    18. Monsters & Mazes on April 8

      Requiring a reference sheet for cards would suck and slow down play

    19. Monsters & Mazes on April 8

      Please don’t remove names on equipment cards! Just print separate language decks like other KS campaigns

    20. Thorsten Schleer on April 8

      Just wanted to add my voice to beg you "Please don't remove the equipment names!" This would remove so much flavour :(

    21. coRxx on April 6

      I think printing all cards 2 times would be cheaper than this ;)

    22. AtomicFenix
      on April 6

      Maybe some sticker sheet with names in both languages? Of course, there should e a guide with instructions like wich name goes with wich card.
      Anyway I don't know if this souliton would be more expensive than getting cards printed in both languages.

    23. David Kekejian on April 5

      Please don’t remove the names of the equipments from the equipment cards!

    24. La Goteze on April 5

      Salut LBDJ.
      Merci pour l'update, c'est super important de maintenir un bon niveau de communication, même si c'est pour dire que tout se passe comme prévu et qu'il n'y a pas grand chose à signaler. Au moins on sait que le projet est toujours dans les clous et ça rassure de savoir qu'il n'y aura pas de délai supplémentaire. Ayant backé d'autres projets qui prennent bcp de retard et pour lesquels, il n'y a pas beaucoup de coms, mon sentiment est qu'il est très important de continuer à communiquer régulièrement.
      Pour ce qui est des cartes équipement, je trouve également dommage de perdre les noms. A titre perso, je préférerais avoir les noms en anglais que pas de noms du tout (je sais que je vais faire hurler les anglophobes et je peux comprendre).
      Voilà c'était ma petite pierre à l'édifice.
      En tout cas super boulot. Continuez et faites nous un jeu à la hauteur d'outlive pour faire de nous des joueurs comblés. Vivement la livraison !!!

    25. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on April 5

      Clan sheet keep the text because they will be double sided (French/english)
      All the part of SG are in double french and english so they keep their text.

      For the equipments I heard your feedbacks, I'll try to ask the factory for a "solution", I'll keep you update asap :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Yanarthus on April 4

      And what about the clan sheets? No text?
      I also think it's too bad, cause the names are excellent. But if you have to choose between the 2 langages, I suggest you choose French;-)

    27. Missing avatar

      Gedeon34 on April 4

      Est-ce que les cartes héros seront aussi sans textes ??

    28. Missing avatar

      Bulblub on April 4

      I really don't like the idea to have both languages on each card. That was never mentioned before. And the card design suffers now as there needs to be enough space for double the text. How can such a major design decision be made at the very end?

      Can you please show us pictures of the new card design with both languages on them?

    29. Missing avatar

      Andy on April 3

      After taking another look onto the cards in the campaign page. There should be enough space to have the names in Englisch and French ! I don't understand why this is not taken into consideration, instead a last minute decision without asking for the backers opinion.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andy on April 3

      Hi, for those, who don't read updates : the creators have just announced that the names on the equipment cards will be removed !
      Please comment if you also think this is no good news!

    31. flo on April 3

      @Greg je viens de voir l'update, vous allez retirer tous les textes des equipements armes boucliers etc. Je trouves ça dommage, j'aimais bien les noms. Sinon mettre tous les noms en anglais n'est pas une solution?

    32. Greg Collaborator on March 23

      @Monsters & Mazes :
      as announced in a previous update, the delivery date will be september/october

    33. Monsters & Mazes on March 22

      Still on track to deliver the game by June 2018? If not, then please update the campaign page. thanks Looking forward to playing and painting this one:)

    34. Greg Collaborator on March 20

      hi, no update planned this week 'cause the team is out of the office these coming days.
      But everything goes well with the project.

    35. coRxx on March 19

      Would be nice

    36. Yann on March 2

      Thanks I must have missed it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave Colon on February 28

      @Yann it's in update 37 from Nov 16th but it doesn't specifically say delivery in Sept 2018 just that there may be a delay of 0 to 3 months

    38. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on February 28

      Oui c'est pour nous récupérer les retardataires :)

      As we announce in a previous update (in December I think), the delivery date is around September/October.

      Send an email at :)

    39. ako_ay_bisaya
      on February 27

      I finalized my order a while back but realized I do want the extra clans. How can I do this? Still possible?

    40. Yann on February 26

      This weekend Discussing with some people in Cannes from your stand they told me that the game would be shipped in September 2018, does this mean that you are late (the planned date was June 2018)? Or did I understood wrongly? What is the current target date to receive the game ?

    41. Khaall on February 23

      Le PM est encore ouvert apparemment?

    42. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on February 20

      The Spears are bent in order to look like the Chara-design of the riders. It's stylised to make it is moving. So, this normal and I think the rider is pretty cool with this kind of spear. I love it :)

    43. PK
      on February 19

      Apologies- meant to post that in the most recent update (darn page refresh)

    44. PK
      on February 19

      Those spears on the orange riders look pretty bent out of shape, or do they just use curved wood for the shafts? ;-)

      And with all the delicate looking pointy bits and such on a number of these minis, *please* make sure to adequately package them in the games boxes using molded trays or foam cutouts. Else I can envision a ton of damaged component replacement requests.

    45. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on February 16

      You can change the delivery address by our own on the PM.
      Best regards

    46. Missing avatar

      Vincent Femia on February 14

      Is it too late to change my delivery address? I'm moving in two weeks and am unsure if I'll have access to my old address. I'm US based if that matters.

    47. laboitedejeu 3-time creator on February 12

      I don't know exactly now, we are still discussing for that with the factory.

      I prepare a news about something cool but I give you a preview ;)…

    48. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      on February 5

      Do you have the size of the special size? I just need em to get paladin sleeves.thank you

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