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L8 connects via bluetooth to your smartphone to displays by light codes everything that happens through the internet and in your life.
L8 connects via bluetooth to your smartphone to displays by light codes everything that happens through the internet and in your life.
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L8 Progress

Dear Backers,

After our last update, we received the first final enclosure units(about 100 of each) for us to give final approval and finalize production. We did give approval for final production and when injecting all units, the transparent mold got some damage the manufacturing engineers are fixing right now. We were truly in shock, but we could not give an update until the engineers were able to perform a complete damage analysis. Due to the Holidays, that assessment took 2-3 more days than usual, but they have just communicated us that the mold damage is really minor and the mold will be completely fixed this coming week to finalize injection.

During this setback time we have NOT relaxed at all and we have continued working on the App and software development to support all devices(mobile , PC and tablet ) and operating systems.

For iOS devices , we have integrated the L8 SmartLight with the Apple Notification Service Center so that all notifications coming to your phone can be displayed on your L8 automatically without using the App. Here are among other, some of the supported notifications : Emails ,Facebook ,Twitter , Instagram ... and device native Apps such as : incoming calls, text message ,and calendar.

For Android devices, we've also integrated the notification system and added a menu to our app so that you can select those events you want to be notified of.

 On top of that, we have also developed a new App for Windows that will allow you control your L8 via USB or via Bluetooth from your computer.

In addition, we have integrated new functionalities to the mobile App, more specifically, illumination modes, and we have improved significantly the sensors calibration.

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Long story short, everything is ready on the hardware side except for the molding piece that got damaged and it is currently being fixed, and we keep improving the App and software as you can tell every day.

We take this opportunity to wish you a happy 2014 full of light and color and thank you again so much for your patience and support.

:: L8 Team :

L8 Development


Dear Backers,

As mentioned in our last update, we have been working in parallel with the final enclosure piece and the L8 App, and so, it is time now to finally share with you a video with the latest improvements!

One of the major improvements of the L8 development has been the integration with the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) included in the new iOS7 operating system. This provides a way for the L8 to access many kinds of notifications generated on an iDevice through a Bluetooth Low-Energy link without the interaction of an app. The L8 receives notifications directly from the iOS7 device and reacts accordingly depending on how it's been previously configured.

The following video shows how the L8 alerts you of any notification you might receive on your phone: Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Calls, Text Messages…

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Regarding the case, we received the latest molding injection test last week, and the results were really good :) Today, Monday December 16th, we are going to be injecting about 100 pieces with minor tweaks to try to achieve perfection, and if so, we could be sending the first units by the end of this week!!!

We truly appreciate your time, support, patient, trust, and criticism over this journey. Thanks to all of you, we have been able to grow as a company on a professional and personal level, and as a result, we have created a much better product than we originally devised.

We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.. and this light us a smart one!!


:: L8 Team ::

Final Injection Test and a Preview of the App


Dear backers , 

We have finally received the last injection test, and although at first sight the results are quite good, there are some small details to improve. 

The base sidewalls are not yet 100% aligned. The deviation is minimal but when inserting the electronics components, they must be perfectly aligned to hold them properly. Luckily, the modification is relatively simple and we hope to have it ready by next week.

We have also added a Teflon coating to the slider in order to minimize the friction during the extraction step. The result has been great. You can appreciate the color change of this coating in this image below:

Also, we textured the mold to achieve a better finish.

As you can see, except for tiny details, the enclosure is almost ready for final production, and once we fix those details, the finish will be perfect.

As for the App goes, we have made much progress. Here is a sneak peek of some of the functionality the App will initially include: lighting control, L8ties management , social notifications and use of sensors. Find below a few screenshots of the App running in both iOS and Android devices.

Thank you very much for your support and patience. We have overcome all the problems , and we are closer than ever to finalize production.


:: L8 Team ::

Halloween Update

Dear Backers,  

We hope you enjoyed Halloween and had a terrifying night. In this special date we also want to make a special update.

As many of you have asked for, we want to show some of the features included in the first version of the Light OS. Here is a video showing some running modes that we call Apps:

All these Apps run autonomously in the L8 software and are launched from the mobile app. We'll develop more new Apps and release them in coming software updates, but some of the them are already included in the current Light OS version:

* Proximity activated Lamp: just hover your hand over the proximity sensor and turn on/off the L8 in the color you want.

* Ambient light activated Lamp: The L8 will turn on automatically when ambient light is low in the color you want.

* Dice: just for fun, who needs analogue dices anymore? Two dice types: 1-6 and poker dice in every color.

* Party Lighting: Let the L8 colour your room with the rhythm of the music.

* Ambient lights: four ambient light modes: Rainbow, Aurora, Galaxy and Tropical. All of them in different speeds so you can have a more active or a much smoother lighting.

All these modes can be suspended temporarily if a notification arrives. You'll see your notification and after a few seconds the app will run again.

We also have some updates about the development of the enclosures.

Here are some pictures, where you can see the latest samples received from the factory. We've made some changes in the interior of the biggest part to simplify the injection process. Also, many details have been refined so the three parts fit together very tightly and we've got the surface finish we expected. The result is very positive.

Now, if all goes as we expect the mass injection process will start soon and we'll show you the final parts in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all of you!!!

:: L8 Team :

Firmware Update


Dear Backers,

Here is the L8 Firmware update tool!

The L8 has two working modes, the User Mode and Recovery Mode.

The User Mode will be the default mode that will allow the user to connect the devices via Bluetooth and control all L8's functionalities.

The Recovery Mode, however, will only need to be used for the device software updates or to recover the device software itself in case this one fails.

The Firmware tool will detect the L8 working on either Mode, allowing to switch among the two.

L8 SmartLight Software is a real time Operating System, that we have baptized as "Light OS". All current L8 devices will have by default Light OS v1.

As we will be updating the Light OS version overtime, you will only need to connect your L8 device to your computer via USB and activate the Recovery Mode. By doing this, the tool will automatically connect to our servers to download and install the most recent Light OS version.

Please watch the following demo on how to update the L8's Light OS:

As you can see, the Firmware Update tool is now available for Windows, but we are working on the development for other platforms and OS.

On top of that, we have received the first injection tooling test on the transparent piece and the result was highly positive. They were able to fully align and refine both sides allowing the piece to fit like a globe on the main enclosure piece!

We will be receiving more updates on the final touches and modifications in the next few days before starting production. We promise to keep you posted on that as well!

In the image below you can appreciate how the new piece fits on the old main enclosure piece. As you can tell, the quality difference with the previous transparent piece is amazing.

As soon as we receive the other pieces corrected samples, we will be able to closely show you how the final L8 will look like.

Thank you much for your support and patient. We are so close!

:: L8 Team ::