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Ever wished you were cuter and more portable? Foldable.Me lets you create little cardboard sidekicks to look like you or your friends.
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Kejia Zhu

919 backers pledged $25,355 to help bring this project to life.

The Latest Improvements We're Making

Over the past few weeks we have been rolling out codes to our first backers. During this early stage we have been gathering as much of your feedback as we can.

Overall, you’ve been extremely positive. However, it has highlighted some areas we needed to improve. Our main aim has always been to ensure Foldables are of a high enough standard for the masses and are hesitant to compromise on that.

Here are some areas we’ve been working on recently:

- Making the Creation Tool faster to load and simpler to use.
- Adding more colour options and improving print quality.
- Most importantly, improving the cutting and scoring so that Foldables are easier to build.

As is often the case, this work has taken longer than anticipated. We appreciate your patience and are working hard to get you your Foldables as soon as possible.

In the last few days we’ve made some significant progress and 150 more codes are being sent out this week. If the next batch meets the aims we’ve set out we’ll be ramping up production very very quickly. If you receive a code we’d really appreciate you to send us feedback.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a message.



    1. Creator charles urban on August 2, 2012

      Me too but I'd rather wait and get a superior product.

    2. Creator Paul Askew on July 23, 2012

      Waiting with excitement for my code! :D