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I AM SCIENCE brings you the personal stories of the individuals who went off the beaten path toward their careers in science.

What is "I AM SCIENCE"?

“I am Science” describes the stories behind the people who ended up in science careers. Whether as science writers, academic scientists, pharmaceutical technicians or all of the above there is one thing I have learned: the straight and narrow path is rarely the case. 

My goal is to harness the science community’s inspirational stories and craft them into a creatively designed e-book. With this digital tome in hand, this resource will humanize scientists and provide inspiration for those currently struggling or feeling alone in their journey. But this e-book will be of instrumental value to those most confused or afraid of a career in science, or put off by inadequate science classes. Indeed, you can totally fail at science in high school and still get a PhD in science!

The goal of the I am Science storytelling is to break down the scientist stereotype and highlight how much diversity of backgrounds really exist in science, where stereotypes in Hollywood and the media have done massive damage to the field. To reduce barriers to accessing this resource, the e-book will be made freely available for all major digital platforms (Kindle, iPad, Nook, pdf).

How did I AM SCIENCE begin?

This project was initiated when I wrote about my own twisted road to science, asking others to share their stories via Twitter. The response was overwhelming with over 800 tweets, from more than 500 tweeps and dozens of personal blog posts and emails filled with amazing stories of overcoming adversity, struggle and taking a most nontraditional path. Galvanized by the response and with a generation of scientists embracing social media, it is clear that this is the time to do this project and change forever the face of science!

How will funding be used?

I am asking for initial funds to get this project started. Costs will cover the time and effort to organize the stories, edit the book, prepare for entry into the e-book world and perhaps even pay an artist for their time and expertise. I also want to small batch print run to deposit in high school libraries in high poverty or disadvantaged areas. I am developing partnerships with "inner city" outreach organizations to make this a reality!

If the project gets funded, I plan to work on it full time in March and April with an "unveiling" in collaboration with Story Collider in New York City celebrating I AM SCIENCE with a special public event.

Any funds in excess of $3500 will go to printing more books for more inner city schools.

* Video above was put together by Mindy Weisberger and used with her permission. Thanks!


  • The e-Book will be made freely available at a website to be determined as a pdf, but I plan to make it available for free on major e-platforms such Kindle, iPad and Nook. Everyone can get a copy no matter what level of support they give!

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  • I will create an acoustic song about you or anything you wish me to write a song about! My style is folk/bluegrass/alt-country/rock/etc -esque. You can hear poorly recorded stuff I made here: I'll record myself playing it and put it on youtube for your eternal pleasure, as well as send you an mp3 version.

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