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Everything you know and love about your Arduino, but with Wireless.  Small, sexy, and fully compatible with Arduino shields.
Everything you know and love about your Arduino, but with Wireless. Small, sexy, and fully compatible with Arduino shields.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Charles Pittman on

      I never received my BLEduino. I wonder if it got caught up in Customs or something.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian Hua on

      Hmmm....Where do I contact because it's now 2015 and I haven't got my BLEduino yet? :S

    3. douglaslyon on

      do you have instructions on how to get started with the bleduino?
      I have one, but I have never been able to get it to work.

    4. Avinash Magdum

      I did not receive till date. Please let me know the status and tracking number if shipped.

    5. Gene Caldwell... iPocketIntelligence on

      I did not receive my BLEduino either. My the time flies. KICKSTARTER will not send message
      Please confirm shipment.

    6. Dag Henrik Bråtane

      Are there plans to implement Blynk support for Bleduino? It would be awesome.
      (Blynk lets you build an iOS or Android app in minutes, to control an Arduino board. An app can be built in minutes, if using one of the supported Arduino boards.)

    7. Scott Moskowitz

      I did not receive my BLEduino either. My the time flies. Please confirm shipment.

    8. Kytelabs Creator on

      @Peter DeGregorio and @Chi Chung Tsang we sent you a direct message.

      If there is anyone else that is missing their order, please send us a direct message and we'll sort everything out. Thank you, and our apologies for the inconvenience.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chi Chung Tsang on

      havnt received mine either

    10. Missing avatar

      Raymond Blum

      they seem to have gone dark :(

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter DeGregorio on

      Never got my BLEduino. Hopefully I'm not BLEeping out of luck. Responded to the survey with address many months ago. Did you run out of working copies?

    12. Randy Bredell on

      Patience is running very low - I still haven't received my BLEduino. Please mail mine today.

    13. Itzik Mizrachi on

      I haven't got my item yet, not even a shipping confirmation :\
      What's the status?

    14. Raymond Doran on

      Are you going to make them available for purchase? I would like more.

    15. Kytelabs Creator on

      @Tovi we sent you a direct message.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tovi Monllor on

      Would you mind contacting me to update me on the status of my BLEduino? I haven't received one yet. :-(

    17. Missing avatar

      Vasco on

      thanks for challenging me into learning how to solder!. Finally got it to work. tutorials in webpage are helpful. the App looks great on the phone. Great job

    18. Kytelabs Creator on

      @Randy We sent you a direct message.

    19. Randy Bredell on

      Someone please contact me & verify that you're going to ship my BLEduino - still waiting.

    20. Vitor de Miranda Henrique on

      actually the correct link is:

      Another thing, most of the users migrated and are using the forum, so if you have other questions, I would suggest to go there.....

    21. Vitor de Miranda Henrique on

      Norbert, BLEduino is not by default on the Arduino IDE, you need to follow the documentation to add it:

    22. Norbert Kraemer on

      The Bleduino not in the boardlist on a Mac (MacOSX 10.7). I use Arduino IDE 1.0.5. I cannot upload any file. How to get and install the library? Or what else do I need?

    23. Randy Bredell on

      Still waiting for my BLEduino :(

    24. Simeon Greene on

      Got mine a few weeks ago. Thanks a LOT guys. All the best in your future endeavors. I'll give more feedback once I try it out.

    25. Randy Bredell on

      For some reason kickstarter stopped sending me emails so I didn't get any notice about updating my shipping address - I just entered my shipping address now.

    26. Missing avatar

      Herr Lehmann on

      @Creator: My BLEduino is hanging at the airport of CHICAGO, IL 60666. Is there a chance to give my package a boost? It looks like others have already received their package in Germany. Thanks in advance.

    27. Li Ming Huang on

      Receive mine in Taiwan! Thank you

    28. Ricardo Santos on

      I received mine in Portugal!! Thank you so much!

    29. Missing avatar

      Pictor on

      Received mine in germany. The board looks awesome.

    30. Rob Brice on

      Sydney, Australia. Got mine today. Looking forward to testing it out.

      Any update on the iTunes app release?


    31. terry on

      Hey guys, greetings from Ireland.
      Just got my BLEduino.

    32. Craig Dunn

      @Kytelabs - Can you please address this issue "" in the forums please? There is a workaround provided, but it is a bit of a hack (to the point where I'm not going to fubar my environment by attempting it) and is not suitable if you want broad distribution and usability of the BLEduino across the board. WIth the USB driver not able to be installed under Windows 7, you miss out on a lot of potential adopters.


    33. Missing avatar

      Thallios on

      Hey guys, greetings from Germany. Just got my BLEduino. I am very excited to try this little piece of electronics :)

    34. Lixhjideny Mendez on

      Hello guys! Just got my BLEduino, I'm so happy! It looks really well done, and I'm looking forward to play with it during the upcoming months. It makes me think about that update from you guys a while back "This may very well be the last project you see from Kytelabs" and I have to disagree with it. Never give up, I'd love to see more stuff like this coming from Kytelabs! Thanks a lot, and I'm looking forward to keep kickstarting any of your future projects! Les deseo lo mejor desde la isla y desde el colegio! :)

    35. Ishben Owan on

      Thank you guys I've got my #Bleduino today
      i'm so happy !!
      Thank you again

    36. GiligainIsland on

      Just got a nicely packed box delivered today. Just how did you manage to cram it all in there? It's like an old paper map, I'll never be able to store it in the same box again. Guess I'll hafta make something now, and I look forward to it!

    37. Missing avatar

      J Dubrow on

      Note: i'm using Arduino 1.5.7.

    38. Missing avatar

      J Dubrow on

      The documentation is uploaded/online.

      I found I had to modify boards.txt to add LF's, everyone was on one line. I also have to create a dir called 'sam' and move the files into that directory.

    39. DeltaLima

      got mine today also, thanks for the full follow through on what was a challenging project for you guys. i know there were issues, but good job

      just not going to sit tight for examples and documentation such

    40. Peter Chaparro on

      I got mine as well! Looking at the precision and detail put into this board makes me sleepy. Great job guys! Looking forward to seeing some documentation.

    41. Kytelabs Creator on

      @J Dubrow
      We're working hard to get part of the documentation up later today. We had an issue here at the office that we're trying to resolve while also wrapping things up.

    42. Missing avatar

      J Dubrow on

      Got mine. Software? Demos? Link in the package states:

      "Hi! It looks like you're early
      If you're reading this it means we're still wrapping up some of the documentation. We expect to have parts of it online by later today. Thank you and sorry for the wait."

    43. Brandon Lee (makerbotspace) on

      Super Excited to see it's on it's way! Q: Where's the software?

    44. Tyler Fricks on

      Who else can't wait to get their reward?

    45. Oliver Chalk on

      @Creator as others have recently said, thank you for your hard work, I think you've done pretty well considering you're just over 500% your goal! Just one question, are we looking at solely iOS integration, or is there an API that we can work with on the likes of Rasp Pi/Android? Anyway, looking forward to receiving :)

    46. Kytelabs Creator on

      @Dag & Ricardo
      Thank you so much for your support!

      Sent you a message!

    47. Kyle Pesek on

      I'm a backer who didn't ask for a shirt but they look awesome. How do I go about making an order for the right size and sending you awesome dudes the extra payment?

    48. Dag Henrik Bråtane

      @Creator: I know you are working hard to complete the BLEduino. I think you are doing a great job. I have been working with programming and software design for 25 years. I have learned that some tasks turn out as much more difficult than first anticipated. The BLEduino seems to one of these really demanding projects. I am very happy that I backed your campaign. I learn about development from your frequent updates. And I will enjoy playing with my BLEduino boards when they arrive. I wish you all the best for BLEduino and your other projects. Best regards.

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