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THE WORLD'S FIRST TRUE VISUAL MIXTAPE. A new film for daydreamers and headphone junkies everywhere...

THE WORLD'S FIRST TRUE VISUAL MIXTAPE. A new film for daydreamers and headphone junkies everywhere... Read More
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As you know, most films are based on original or adapted screenplays. Some are based on books; others are based on plays or biographies. Our film is based entirely on a collection of music; a "Visual Mixtape" movie. This may sound simply like a collection of music videos, but what we're doing is actually much more than that.

We realize this is an unusual filmmaking process, which is part of what makes this such an exciting project. We recommend also watching the third video (above) about the story structure of the film. 

Join us on a brand new cinematic adventure! If you have any questions about The Kymera Project that our materials don't answer, please send us a message at We'd love to hear from you.


The Kymera Project is the world's first true Visual Mixtape movie; A film made up of music video segments from multiple artists, woven into an anthology film.

Unlike some other music-based films such as Pink Floyd, The Wall, the construction of the movie is based on the cultural pastime of the mixtape: The creation of an album, a mood and a sound, that as a whole, can make an artistic statement greater than the sum of it’s parts. Each music video segment tells its own story, while at the same time representing a chapter in the bigger picture of the film. 


Since music licensing can be costly, our music budget will play a part in our final selections. We will be able to confirm and announce our music for the project as soon as we know we have met our goals. We have had endless discussions about musicians and will continue to discuss them right up until the final playlist that will serve as the blueprint for the film.

Here are a handful of albums that we have discussed specific songs from. We hope it provides a good idea of the sensibility and mood of the picture... What playlist would you create from these albums?


Each video segment tells a story of connection between two people, not just in relationships, but also connections that are based on circumstances and by chance; All told against the backdrop of New York City, where chance encounters and intersecting lives are an everyday occurrence. 

IS IT LIKE Baraka OR Koyaanisqatsi?

Our Kickstarter video shows some time-lapse images and dramatic landscape that may bring to mind these films. In spirit, they are similar as they make interesting statements using sound and picture. The Kymera Project is a departure however, as we are using the form of music video segments to construct the movie. We are also incorporating more than one artist/composer.


Trevor Undi is a British/Canadian director, photographer and writer based in New York City. Since 1999, he has worked on over 25 feature films, commercials, music videos and television series as a production coordinator, assistant director, development executive and creative producer, as well as directed short content and music videos for a variety of international artists.

Trevor has worked on a number of major motion pictures with a diverse group of artists and filmmakers including Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, Jennifer Connelly, Wesley Snipes, in the production of the Blade series, as well as apprenticed with writer/director Scott Derrickson on feature films such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose for Sony Pictures, and The Day The Earth Stood Still for 20th Century Fox. He has worked in development, production shooting and post production on feature projects and television series from all major studios and networks including Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount, Disney, Dreamworks and NBC/Universal.

Recently, Trevor associate produced the feature film “Henry’s Crime” starring Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga and James Caan, shot in New York City which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

As a screenwriter, his first feature-length screenplay was a finalist at the 2011 Gotham International Film Festival in New York.

Find Trevor at: trevorundi.comFacebook and Twitter.


Approximately 30-40 minutes. We are filming 9 video segments (at approximately 3-4 minutes each) with interludes and and and intro/outro book ending the movie.


That largely depends on your support. The film is meant for theatrical presentation first and will screen the international film festival circuit when it is completed. For that reason, the film will be shot using high definition cameras for large screen exhibition.


We are resourceful filmmakers. However, despite all the incredible technologies available nowadays, the undertaking of producing a film, particularly one of this nature with such visual content and music licensing, can be rather expensive.

We have a very ambitious budget for what we're doing and have structured it in a way that allows us to produce the movie in each of their individual segments, the same way we would approach making a series of music videos. 

We will be absolutely thrilled to reach our goal because it means we can get to work right away! However, it doesn’t stop there... We want to keep our backers involved and rewards going the entire length of our fundraising period so we can get all the resources we need to make this film truly sensational. The more donations we receive, the more incredible this film becomes. It's that simple. And it will happen solely as a result of YOU and your contributions!!


All of the funds raised for the Kymera Project are going directly into the production and post production of the film itself. 

We are budgeting each of the segments as individual music video segments and as such, some of the segments will be more costly than others based on the visual content, locations and production design. We also have to budget for music licensing. Some of our music will be created for the film and some we will have to acquire master and publishing licenses from the various entities that hold them.

This project has a lot of visual and design elements to it which is another area where funds will be used. The more financing we can raise, the more amazing this film will become!


Sweet!! We promise that all our reward items, large and small, digital and physical, and all the little things our design team whips up, will be created with passion and style. If they're not, send them back to us for a full refund. Just kidding. No refunds.


The film is being made for theatrical presentation, however there is also an online release where viewers have direct access to the music, sound bites and video content from the film to RE-CUT and REMIX their own version of the film and create their own Visual Mixtape. Kickstarter backers have first access to that material.


Perogy Cat Art by Gareth Gaudin


  • Creator/Director: Trevor Undi
  • Producers: Trevor Undi, Sean Barney, Andre Szyszkowski, Jessica Lowe, 
  • Executive Producer (and Spiritual Leader): Blair Dunlop
  • Executive Producer: Dan Kilker
  • Additional Producers: Matt Feldman, Mitch Strasnov, Patricia Dillon, Luam Keflezgy, Peelahr Moore
  • Music Curator/Supervision: Matt FX Feldman (Read about Matt in Billboard)
  • Choreographer: LUAM KEFLEZGY 
  • Timelapse Cinematographer: Josh Owens [mindrelic]


Thank you for your support and for looking through our project.

This is a concept that has been milling about in my mind for nearly a decade. I  have always felt that music has a rare power to move people's emotions in a way that nothing else can. Movies do the same but with a different investment on the viewers part. Many music videos have traditionally been in aid of promoting an artist, an album or both, for the purposes of generating more record sales. The mission behind this is to try and marry the two mediums and truly meet them both in the middle. If we can do that, I think we'll not only be experiencing something even more emotionally engaging, but we'll also be pushing both music video and narrative films closer to how we really experience music. There is so much magic in filmmaking, and this project is about focusing that magic directly on bringing the music to life.


If you have any other questions for us, just send us a message! You can also reach us online at

Thanks for getting involved and supporting The Kymera Project! We really appreciate your support and contributions.


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  • YES!! And we hope to! We plan to keep our backers involved and rewards going the entire length of our fundraising period! We will be thrilled to reach our goal and reaching beyond it directly impacts our resources in making this film even more spectacular!

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  • Yes! If you would like to donate to the film but give the reward to someone else as a gift, you may go through the easy process of making a pledge and after our deadline, we will send messages out to all our backers (forwarded to your email) and request all the details (T-shirt sizes, artwork, DVDs materials etc.) from you. We'll make sure the rewards are delivered to the address and individual you choose.

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  • If our goal isn't met before the deadline, no money changes hands, and no transactions go through. A scenario we wish to avoid at all costs! We are committed to reaching this goal and with your help we can and will!

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    Our sincerest gratitude and your name listed under SPECIAL THANKS at The Kymera Project site. Our design team will send you our graphic artwork, desktop backgrounds and iPhone wallpapers. Subscription to our ongoing production and development updates. Plus: If you share the Kymera Project video on your Facebook and twitter page, please let us know! We'll tweet/facebook you personally to thank you and welcome you to the project!

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    All the above, plus a beautiful (1080p) HD version of the film. All our design team's artwork. Subscription to our production and development updates. *And remember to post the Kymera Project video/links to Facebook/twitter and let us know! We'll respond.

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    A SPECIAL EDITION 1080p HD version of the film including behind the scenes footage and additional production materials. Plus, the original soundtrack. Additional iPhone and iPad Hi-res versions of the film. Drop them into your iTunes Library and drag to your IOS device or smartphone. Plus, get "The Lowe Down" Our production team’s very own Jessica Lowe will send you her top ten best restaurants, cafes and bars in New York City (this one's worth it!).

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    All the above rewards and your choice between a physical, advanced DVD copy of the film or a stunning, 2K theatrical resolution download of the film. Plus, Music Supervisor and the Director will personally make you a KYMERA MIXTAPE (CD) and send it to your house (worth it!). Your name in the END CREDITS of the film itself under Special Thanks. (Please add $10 for shipping outside the US or Canada).

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    The above rewards plus get the very intimate KYMERA PRODUCTION DIARIES, including directors notes, storyboards, production design artwork, photography and on-set production stills. Plus a Perogy Cat "SHOOT FILM, NOT HEROIN" artwork card signed by artist Gareth Gaudin. (please add $7 for shipping outside US and Canada).

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    BE A PART OF FILM & VIDEO HISTORY!! A FOUNDING PRODUCER CREDIT in the film's end titles and Founding Producer Certificate with your name sent to you. Poof, you’re a producer! Plus, all of the above rewards. (Founding Producer credits also appear on our site under Founding Producers).

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    The above rewards, FOUNDING PRODUCER credit and versions of the film, plus a limited KYMERA NYC T-Shirt with "PLAY" logo.

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    Pledge $200 or more About $200 USD

    The above rewards, Founding Producer credit and versions of the film plus an an original, 11x14 signed, New York Black & White photographic print by Trevor Undi. (Your choice from the following gallery: Plus enroll in our adopt a crew member program! Get up to the moment production updates from one of our crew in the form of real time instagram photos and emails!

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    Pledge $300 or more About $300 USD

    Founding Producer credit and all the above rewards and versions of the film, plus a phone call, consultation or skype session with director/creator about any subject: (Nothing sinister). Including, but not limited to: breaking into the film industry in Hollywood (before, after or currently being homeless).

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    Pledge $350 or more About $350 USD

    All of the above plus a signed, hard copy of the final shooting draft of the Kymera Project, all storyboards and director's notes. Plus, a hard copy of the people's choice selected photography book "Departures" or "The Restless Sleep" by Trevor Undi personally signed to you (preview:

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    Pledge $400 or more About $400 USD

    All of the above rewards plus one of our final, selected artist's musician-signed discography. PLUS: An original, one of a kind (timecode marked) production still taken from filming, signed by the filmmakers and musicians. Each individual still is unique.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    For the cinema and photography lover! All the above rewards and a beautiful, limited edition coffee table book of The Kymera Production Diaries including directors notes, storyboards, design artwork, photography and on-set production stills. Plus a one of a kind, original New York City 11x14, Black & White (signed) photographic print (taken specifically for you) by Trevor Undi. Original timecode production still and signed limited KYMERA PROJECT POSTER. (Please add $15 for international shipping).

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    All of the above rewards and an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit to appear in the first section of our film’s credits (will also appear on IMDB). Plus, you and a guest to an advanced New York and/or LA industry screening of the film.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit and all above rewards. Plus, join us on our set during filming in New York (summer 2012) or visit the edit/color suite during our editorial process (New York - Winter, 2012/early 2013). Plus, join us for our private cast and crew WRAP PARTY (in New York City). Come meet the filmmakers, drink copious amounts of booze and hear all our production horror stories. Invitation and festival passes to our first international Festival premiere.

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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    All of the above rewards. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit. Domestic airfare to New York City or Los Angeles for our wrap party, meet the artists, and attend a private, (cast and crew only) advanced screening of the film. Dinner and drinks with the director and producers in New York. (wrap party in New York). All access invitations to all our industry and private screenings before release. Plus, Director will create a separate short video segment for you personally or someone you know as a gift (produced outside of the project).

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