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Do you want to help musicians in Tallahassee? We are Red Carpet Productions and we need your help to make a memorable music video!

Hi! We're Red Carpet Production and we need YOUR help.

What is this PROJECT?

We want the world to know what the students here at Florida State University are all about and that the arts are not dead, especially in a world of "copy and paste" pop tunes.

This project is the second major project on our discography. What we want to accomplish with this project is a viral video combining the fan bases of Fun., Coldplay, and LMFAO as well as from our own family, friends, and music lovers.

You can hear our progress so far below vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Not only will this be good publicity for our University, but everyone involved; whether it be a vocalist, musician, dancer, or volunteer. We want to promote our school and ourselves!

What is OUR GOAL with this music video?

With this music video we will make the Tallahassee music scene more well known as well as promote the music program at Florida State University.

What is our PLAN?

We have already begun recording the audio for the cover and we are well on our way to finishing. We want to put out a great product, so we started early!

We plan on having the final mastered audio by September and the video on YouTube finished by December.

What is the MONEY going towards?

100% of the money that we collect from this kickstarter project will go towards the filming of the music video and the props and services we need to make a quality video. This will include rent of lighting equipment, film equipment, filming space; as well as mastering and mixing of the final audio. We promise that every penny will be used wisely (we have a business major as a manager!)

What is Red Carpet Productions?

We're a group of musicians in Tallahassee, FL. Most of us are music students at Florida State University's College of Music, but we hail from different colleges in the Tallahassee area as well. Our mission is to help spread the ideal that there is still great music out there. We also have a unique goal to change the way you hear old tunes by putting out covers of popular songs in our own unique way.

You can see and hear our first project below vvvvvvvvv

Pretty awesome right? Our 2nd collaborative project is going to be even more amazing!

Here are some LINKS that might describe us a little bit better!

here's our Facebook Page: "Like" us on FB and keep up with future updates

here's our YouTube Page:
You can watch our previous covers here

here's our Bandcamp Page:
You can download our covers here

SHARE this page with everyone you know!

We need everyone's help. Every person's help matters to us. share this with everyone with know! Imagine if everyone just donated $1! 


Thanks for your help! We need all the help we can! We really do appreciate it!

With Love,
Everyone at Red Carpet Productions


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    You are a one-upper, which makes you awesome! You'll get a digital download of the audio and the finished music video!

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    :) You'll receive the prior rewards and a digital audio and video download of our first cover project "The Only Exception"- as made famous by Paramore. (will be a CD copy). Not to mention a super cool Thank You letter included! This could be an awesome Christmas present for that music lover in your family!

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    :D You'll receive the prior rewards and a signed shirt by all involved in the music video in your size! (crew-necks and v-necks available!) (Oh and these shirts are dang comfortable) #RCPSWAG

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    You obviously love music and the people that make them and we appreciate people like YOU! WE <3 YOU. You'll get all of the previous rewards plus WE'LL PUT YOU IN THE MUSIC VIDEO! (Must live in Tallahassee area to be in music video) If you don't live in the Tallahasse area, instead we'll Skype Video Chat with you and have some good talk! (yay social networking!)

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