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We are four film makers fresh out of school, and itching to make our first feature! Help us make our dream come true! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 18, 2010.

We are four film makers fresh out of school, and itching to make our first feature! Help us make our dream come true!

About this project

Hey, we are Quarter Orange. Four film makers living and working in Portland, OR. We are all fresh out of film school, and are ready to tackle our first feature film!

The Northwest is well known as the stomping grounds of Sasquatch, and was thus the first thing that came to mind when we decided to make a horror feature. We chose to make a horror film because they're fun and cheap to make. The perfect combo for a group of guys that just wants to make movies. After throwing the Sasquatch idea for a bit we finally landed on our story: "Evidence of the Sasquatch"

The Story

Four filmmakers gearing up for a feature film go out on what is supposed to be a three day location scout. They run into trouble their first night out in the woods when their Director of Photography mysteriously disappears. As the three remaining characters review his footage they witness him get savagely attacked by Sasquatch. As the night wears on it is a race to safety, but who will survive?

The Production

We can make this movie for $3000. We want to shoot the film in a style that has seen great success previously in the horror genre, that of hyper realism. The film will be shot completely by the four actors. Everything the audience sees is witnessed by a camera and the characters. Our scares will be created using fantastic sound design and high value creature effects.

Our Sasquatch design will be a hybrid of the Sasquatch and the 'Wild Man' of Native American myths prevalent in the area. This Sasquatch will be dirty, vicious and more violent than previous film depictions.

Most of our budget will be spent on our creature design and food for the six person crew. We will shoot the entire film in roughly six days at the base of Mt. Hood in Oregon. We have a tight production schedule, we are planning on shooting the first week of May, and hope to have a finished product by the end of summer.

We plan on a viral marketing campaign, utilizing video blogs by the producer character in the weeks leading up to the location scout. We're hoping this kind of marketing will create more of a world for the viewer to feel a part of, and help to build excitement for the film.

Any little donation will help us to our goal of producing this film, and with any donation you will get access to exclusive behind-the-scene and production materials, such as, character designs, storyboards and video blogs.

You can find examples of our previous work at our website,, and at our page on

Thank you for your interest in our project, and we hope you will join us for this amazing ride!

-Kyle Glenn
-Eli Shell
-Walker Williamson
-Jason Windsor


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