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Celebrating women who define success on their own terms and finding out how they do the awesome things they do.

Help LADYPOINTS reach our NEW GOAL of $7500!

In just 5 days, you raised $5000 to reach our original goal. You are all so amazing and we can't thank you enough!!

We’ve got big dreams for LADYPOINTS’ future and we’re announcing our NEW GOAL of $7500. This extra $2500 means:

  • We can produce Season 2 of Ladypoints
  • We can take Ladypoints on the road for Season 2!

Currently, we’re limited to producing episodes within New York City for Season One. We recognize though that there are women doing amazing and creative work all over the country, in cities big and small. We want to highlight how women are defining success on their own terms wherever they happen to be. Achieving our new goal ensures that three of our episodes for season two will be dedicated to interviewing women outside of NYC!

Help us find new places and communities where women are doing awesome work in their own terms. Let us know what cities LADYPOINTS should go to for Season 2, here.

Remember, we have until April 21st to further the LADYPOINTS vision! Plus there are still plenty of LADYPOINTS BUNDLES that need homes!

Thank you for your continued support!


the LADYPOINTS Webseries Team


LADYPOINTS is a webseries that celebrates women who define success in their own terms. Each episode provides interviews with awesome ladies that will empower and inspire young women – making their creative ambitions less mysterious and more accessible!

Why We Want to Make LADYPOINTS:

While women and girls make up 50.8% of the U.S. population (x), they make up a disproportionately small percentage of speaking characters in media and roles behind the camera. More specifically:

  • Between 2006 and 2009, 29.2% of speaking characters in a sampling of G, PG, and PG-13 films were female, while 70.8% were male. (x)
  • Of these films, 93% of the directors were men. Only 7% were women. (x)

Through LADYPOINTS, we will provide a space to present the work and lives of compelling ladies for an audience of women and girls. We recognize how extremely meaningful it is to be seen, heard, and represented, and we recognize the impact that images have on girls and women in supporting self-confidence in their own abilities, creativity, and strength. This is especially true not only when it involves representation of gender identities but also of race, class, sexuality, size, and ability.

Facing a void in complex and multi-dimensional representations of women, especially depictions of women with agency over their own lives, LADYPOINTS will show a wide range of passionate women who are doing what they love on their own terms and are encouraging others to do the same!

How Will Your Contribution Help LADYPOINTS?

Your donation* will help us:

  • cover production and post-production costs (ex. transportation, expendables, hard drives)
  • purchase lighting equipment (ex. lighting kit, c-stands, gels and diffusion, bulbs)
  • purchase sound recording equipment (ex. microphones, boom pole, Zoom digital recorder).
Why will these purchases help:
  • We will be able to pay for necessary expenses, like transportation and crew meals, to fuel the success of every episode
  • Having constant access to equipment allows us to organize shoots more efficiently as we spend less time coordinating with friends to borrow equipment or dealing with the hassle/cost of renting. This ultimately means we can meet and interview more awesome ladies and produce more episodes.
  • This equipment will allow us to make visually creative episodes with great technical quality.

*A portion of the donations raised will pay Kickstarter/Amazon fees (10%), as well as the shipping and production of some rewards (~5%)

LADYPOINTS_Nicole Drespel
LADYPOINTS_Nicole Drespel

About Our Pilot Episode

We already shot our pilot episode with writer, actress, and Upright Citizens Brigade improviser Nicole Drespel. We are extremely proud of the work we did on this first episode, and we learned through the scheduling and shooting how necessary our own equipment will be in maintaining momentum to produce an entire season.

When Will LADYPOINTS Be Released?

We will release our first episode in mid-June and premiere subsequent episodes once a month.

We want to provide our donors and audience as reasonable of a turn-around as possible. As a result, we are now in pre-production as our Kickstarter continues (we are currently coordinating shoots with our interview subjects). After the end of a successful Kickstarter in late April, we will purchase lighting and sound recording equipment and begin shooting 5 episodes during May and June, for a total of 6 episodes for season one.

We want to make Ladypoints a continuing project with many more seasons beyond. Surpassing our $5,000 goal will help us provide more spaces for women to share their work and passions with us and our audience!



We're describing it as a great gift for a potential donor to give to their teenage daughter, niece, any young lady (or man) in their life -- or even keep for themselves!

Thank you to the talented women writers, artists, illustrators, zinesters, publishers, musicians, performers, crafters, and organizations who donated their work!

Bundles will include items from:

Lynn Casper of Homoground  /  Fabi Reyna of She Shreds Magazine  /Meg Brissenden of New Moon Girls Magazine  /  Kate-Christine Miller of Shameless Magazine/  Katy Otto of Trophy Wife and Exotic Fever Records  /  Willie Mae Rock Camp  /  Terry Lawler of New York Women in Film and Television  /  Ramsey Bayer  /  Liz Prince  /  Madéleine Flores/ Kim Gee of Kim Gee IllustrationsGrace Bolyard  /  Abbi Jacobson of Broad City  /  Nicole Katherine Alexander  /  Michelle Blair Gabriel  /  Alicia Alfred of reddropdrop Etsy  /  Rachelle Grossman  /  KC  /  Tracey Gordon  /  Dorothy Gambrell of “Cat and Girl”  /  Hope Larson  /  Cecil Castellucci  /  Laura Lee Gulledge  /  Corinne Mucha  /  Blue Delliquanti  /  Justyna Dabrowski of JustynaDabrowski Art  /  Midge Blitz of ModernGirlBlitz Etsy  /  Sarah F Lee of Anarcho Kawaii  /  Taylor Rothenberg of CITYOFTHINGS Etsy  /  Alice Welna of albatrozz Etsy  /  Kate Angel of FeministZines Etsy  /  Eleanor Whitney  /  Chella Quint of “Adventures in Mestruating” zine

Check out our tumblr throughout the month to find out more about each of our contributors!

About Us

Keiko Wright is the creator of LADYPOINTS. She is a Chicago-born filmmaker, and in 2011, she graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in film and television post-production. She has directed and produced several short-form documentaries. Her most recent film, HIRO - A Story of Japanese Internment, is a 2012 Student Academy Awards Gold Medal Winner. She currently lives in Brooklyn and works as a freelance video editor.

Jamie Li is the director of photography for LADYPOINTS and a freelance camera assistant working on commercials, music videos, and feature films, which include such titles as Sleepwalk with Me and The Sisterhood of Night. She graduated with a BFA in Film/TV production from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Jamie has also worked with her LADYPOINTS collaborators on previous productions as director of photography for HIRO - A Story of Japanese Internment and Why Do You Have Black Dolls?

Samantha Knowles is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker.  She recently graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College with a degree in Film Studies and Psychology.  Her most recent film, a short documentary titled Why Do You Have Black Dolls? won the Spirit Award at the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and earned a City Council Citation from the City Council of New York.  It has also been an official selection in various film festivals.   She has directed and produced several short form documentaries and videos in the past and and looks forward to the launch of LADYPOINTS.

Rekha Shankar is a Brooklyn-based writer. She graduated from New York University’s Television and Film Production program, focusing on editing and television writing. She was the co-editor for Hiro: A Story of Japanese Internment, winner of Best Documentary at the 39th Annual Student Academy Awards, in addition to editing her own short documentaries, too (one of which interviewed puppeteers and creative producers for Sesame Street). She is an improviser with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, and is incredibly excited to meet and celebrate the women of LADYPOINTS.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The planning and scheduling involved in shooting several episodes will require a significant amount of our labor. Having a team of four will allow us to get the work done in a timely manner. In addition, most of us work freelance schedules that give us several full days each week to invest a significant amount of time into LADYPOINTS. We’ve gained valuable experiences from producing previous documentaries that have been made to completion and received recognition and festival exhibition. We’re looking forward to bringing our knowledge and experience to tackling the production challenges ahead of us!


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