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How does America react when only black people have superpowers? Find out in the sequel to the critically acclaimed, BLACK.
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Posted by Kwanza Osajyefo (Creator)

We launched BLACK with the expectation that the concept of “what if only black people had superpowers” might be controversial. The reality is that, even in fiction, adversity to speaking candidly about black experiences in America still exists. It can be jarring to people who have no perspective on, or are willfully ignorant of, the very real inequalities based on race.

Too often, responses to black truths range from dismissal to denial to anger. Yet, that’s precisely why I wrote WHITE – to explore this negative reaction to blackness. To examine where such responses come from and articulate it through comics and a wider look at the BLACKSUPERPOWER world.  

To that end, dear readers, expect comments on this campaign, and future posts, to be inundated with that nonacceptance, repudiation, vitriol – even outright lies. My hope is this won’t be the case, and that none of it is aimed at any of you. If it is, please know it isn’t personal – hate isn’t rational. It doesn’t seek reason, it seeks to hurt and to harm. 

Ignore them. Instead, show them where you stand in backing our project so that we can continue to make comics – representing for the culture and telling stories that reflect black truths while entertaining readers.

Thank you for your continued support. 


(I am because of you)

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    1. Kwanza Osajyefo 3-time creator on

      They definitely haven't @skyvolt2000, people like that have a vested interest in hate and frankly aren't very smart. For all, they know black people having powers might be the reason slavery happened...

      But we're not going to detail all of BLACKSUPERPOWER history in one book. Where is the fun in that? Folks will have to read the stories to find out.

    2. Missing avatar

      skyvolt2000 on

      It’s funny the ones claiming this story can’t be real because slavery and that stuff stil happened. Yes it can happen if those with powers did nothing. I guess they never read Milestone’s icon was on Earth since slavery. Rocket had to convince him to be a hero.

    3. Doctor Popular

      Black was fantastic! Can't wait for this new series.

    4. Doug Carter on

      I moved to back this because I LOVED the story behind Black. I am about as white as they come, so it's a little odd seeing a big tweet that I supported WHITE. But hopefully people will take time to actually read what's going on with the story.

      Keep up the awesome work!!!!

    5. Richard Boom on

      rock on! I sure hope one day all will realize there is only one thing left and that is acceptance and love. In the meantime: good luck with the project!