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Revolutionary Arduino alternative with an ARM chip, incredible features, great open source tools, tiny footprint and built-in debugger.
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Kuy Mainwaring

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New Developments

New Developments

There are so many new, exciting things happening here at the Outbreak lab that I don't even know where to begin!  Lots of great questions have been asked over the last week, and many of you have been curious about if we're planning on any stretch goals for the project.  After much discussion and careful consideration we've decided on a few, and I'm pleased to announce them here.

First, I should mention our a-la-carte rewards add-on page.  We designed a system that sends out individualized messages containing a link that leads to your own rewards add-on page. (If you pledged recently and haven't received this message yet then expect it soon.)  On this page you can select add-ons to your reward, such as an additional Galago, App Board or micro-USB cables. Better still, you can follow instructions on the page to receive discounts up to 20% by telling your friends about Galago. When you select items on the page, a new total is calculated - simply set your Kickstarter pledge to the calculated amount (plus $7 for international shipping) to upgrade your reward!

Today we're announcing a roadmap of App Boards as our stretch goals.  If we hit these goals, you will be able to pick from these products as your choice of App Board (included with some rewards, see the App Board Rewards section for details.)

App Boards Introduced at the $60,000 level:

  • Featuring a compact outline and minimal power requirements, the Bluetooth App Board implements the SPP (serial port Bluetooth profile) for effortless communications with a smartphone or computer.
  • The Explorer Board is designed for high-altitude experiments, tracking and adventure. It features a GPS receiver, an accelerometer, temperature sensor and a microSD slot. The Explorer Board is a special offering available exclusively through the reward add-on page.
  • We take your feedback and suggestions seriously - when Kenneth and Wayne asked for an App Board that lets you use Arduino shields, I took a design I had sitting around and threw it into high gear.  What resulted is the Shield Adaptor, which will be compatible with a growing set of 3.3V-capable Arduino shields.

App Boards available at the $75,000 level:

  • Inspired by a conversation with an early backer, Joshua Oster-Morris, the USB Host Board lets you connect a variety of devices to Galago, including smartphones, input devices, cameras and other gadgets.  This opens the door to a host of possibilities for interaction, remote control and data gathering.
  • The Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy board, using the Bluegiga BLE112 module.  Requested by Don Mallicoat of Rowdy Robot (creators of the Tod beacon), this board will let you interact with a new crop of wireless devices, sensors and smartphones (look for Bluetooth Smart compatibility.)
  • Requested by members of our local hackerspace, Noisebridge, a 3-axis high-powered stepper motor controller board (Stepper Board) using the Allegro A4988 driver, the same component used in popular 3D printers.

Thanks for your continued support - please post any comments, questions or suggestions about Galago and we'll do our best to answer them!

-Kuy Mainwaring

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