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Revolutionary Arduino alternative with an ARM chip, incredible features, great open source tools, tiny footprint and built-in debugger.
1,319 backers pledged $73,383 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!

Posted by Kuy Mainwaring (Creator)

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, we've hit our funding target!  This is the biggest step forward in bringing you this amazing new device!  We have plenty of updates and stretch goals planned for next two weeks of the campaign, including something that my co-founder and I have been hard at work on - a Kickstarter enhancement that will let you add additional Galagos, App Boards and other goodies to your reward bundle at unbeatable value.  This is our way of saying "thank you" for your pledges and to help get this technology into your hands (and into your projects) faster than ever!

Thanks again!

Humbly yours,



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    1. John Harding on

      "a Kickstarter enhancement that will let you add additional Galagos, App Boards and other goodies to your reward bundle at unbeatable value"

      Sweet - because I want to add some app boards! :-)

    2. Kuy Mainwaring Creator on

      @J Rey, sgllama: Header pins are included loose (not soldered) by default. If you don't have a soldering iron or wish to install Galago in a breadboard or App Board right out of the box, please select the option to solder pins ($3.) Pins are not soldered by default because a thinner, more compact Galago is better for some applications, and while it's easy to solder pins to a board, removing them is much more difficult.

    3. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Am I right in thinking that none of the Galagos come with pins fitted as standard, so if you have an app board as part of your pledge you should add pre-soldered pins (or just be a dab-hand at a soldering iron)?

    4. J Rey on

      @Kuy, I am at the $35 level (including starter kit). Does the galago I am acquiring come with the pins to go into the breadboard?

    5. Kuy Mainwaring Creator on

      @Kenneth: Yes. This is a design/usability problem and we're currently removing the international shipping option from the add-ons page. For the time being, please ignore it. Thanks for your support!

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      Kenneth on

      Nice page. However, my pledge was $62 ($55 reward + $7 shipping). However, as I now select international shipping on the page, I get a total of $69. It seems like the page doesn't fetch the pledge level in realtime, so can I just leave the international shipping at 0, and just keep my pledge at $62?

    7. Kuy Mainwaring Creator on

      @Jack, J.P. and Steve: The add-on system is now available. You should receive direct messages with instructions. Let me know what you think, I appreciate your feedback!

    8. Kuy Mainwaring Creator on

      @fmotta: We want your help spreading the word about our project - when you help others discover it, you are rewarded with special options! You can send your invitation link to anyone by any method. It doesn't have to be Twitter, Facebook or Google+ - it could be scribbled on a cocktail napkin. Either way, you benefit from your generosity!

    9. fmotta on

      Thanks! I don't understand the "Maker Karma" on the website I was sent.
      I have never learned nor want to learn what a tweet is. So, I guess I am chastised for not publicizing my personal life?

    10. Tom Byrer on

      Congrats & your welcome! & thanks for your Nintendo DS insights.

    11. Steve Lorenzen on

      very excited to see you make it!
      I'm looking forward to ordering more reward bundles to purchase!

    12. J.P. McGlinn on

      Great news! I was hoping momentum wouldn't stall out. Even more excited to have the chance to add an additional Galago to the Galago+App level.

    13. Don Mallicoat on

      Very Cool.
      Looking forward to getting our hands on one!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jack Krewson on

      Congrats! Looking forward to much more. Engineer on Dudes!

    15. Geoff Nin on


    16. Alan Reid on

      Congrats!! Good job!