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Fit for any photographer. 2 Sizes. Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof w/ a Lifetime Warranty.
Fit for any photographer. 2 Sizes. Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof w/ a Lifetime Warranty.
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First off, we’ve got around 150 backers that still haven’t received their pledges due to not filling out the survey, providing an incorrect shipping address or the package was lost in transit (thanks to customs or the shipping carriers... let me repeat, these issues are due to customs offices in various countries outside the USA and/or due to the shipping carriers. We gain nothing by NOT shipping out your order as we covered the shipping costs in the pledge and reshooting something out is money out of KUVRD’s pocket in reshaping the product as well as the COGS of the first package that is now lost to oblivion).

If you’re currently in this small group of backers, make sure to reach out to us to resolve your issue! We want you to have a good experience with us, even if it means at the cost of our bottom line due to an error that is outside our control.

Please reach out to us via email; 

In this update, we want to talk about KUVRD’s current status, a couple new projects and products in the works that we’re VERY excited about and a NEW KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN that was just launched by WANDRD!

KUVRD’s Current Status. This week we are fulfilling all of our orders for V2 for our Indiegogo Campaign and going fully live with Micro & Magnum on both Amazon and our website! Our hope is to do exponentially better with V2 than we did with the Original Version.

In addition, we have ambitious goals for 2019 with one of those being to get into a nationally recognized retail store…. a big one! We don’t want to get our hopes up too much but we are presenting V2 to some retail reps for various big retail chains and we’ll see who bites!

With that, we also plan to branch out internationally, strike up some partnerships in Europe and parts of Asia and have a portion of our total inventory stored, fulfilled and shipped on those continents to lower shipping costs for international customers, expedite shipping times and bypass customs, import duties and all those messy fees. Hopefully we can get this going sooner rather than later as nearly 50% of our backers on both campaigns were international backers, meaning it would do a lot of good for nearly half our customer base! :)

Projects & Products In the Works. If we had all day, we could go on and on about our upcoming projects and products! For 2019, we plan to launch two more Kickstarter Campaigns for two new products! Hopefully we can get our ducks in order and be ready to launch the first product by May 1st… maybe sooner. The second, closer to August! Regardless, we’ll definitely be throwing in some sneak peaks of these upcoming products, their developments and progress.

In the meantime, we would LOVE to get your feedback both on what you experience as common inconveniences for many photographers and videographers as well as ideas/solutions for problems that photographers/videographers deal with often.

Our mission is about eliminating common stresses photographers/videographers face and thereby allow more time and energy to be focused on getting that perfect shot… and who best to know how to do that than you guys! :)

VEER Packable Bag with Inflatable Camera Cube. Guys, WANDRD has done it again with their new VEER 18L pack – the first packable bag with an inflatable camera cube and back panel! It’s wickedly awesome and definitely worth giving it a look, giving WANDRD some love or even better… giving them your support!

The campaign just launched and you can learn all about by clicking on the following image;

Lastly, our project was recently featured on First Backer Newsletter and we’d like to invite you to join its growing community of Kickstarter backers - You'll receive fresh Kickstarter amazing early bird offers and awesome freebies delivered right to your inbox. Click here to subscribe. or on the GIF below;

Thanks again backers for all your support! Let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything. You can always reach us at:

Until our next update,


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    1. Kirk Cloud on

      First of all mine is great I received my order and everything was just fine and I love using it yes

    2. Missing avatar

      Teresa F on

      Hate to say this but my order came in and was completely wrong and I mean every lens cover in the six cover order was a size I didn’t order and cannot use. Nothing, absolutely nothing about it was even close to correct. Every lens cover I received was the wrong size. I sent an email and got what appeared to be a computer response saying that if I returned the shipment they would reship the order with the correct items. Frankly, this wasn’t my mistake and I would have thought perhaps there would be something a little more personal in their response. There was no apology for sending the incorrect items, no offer to help with the postage, no assurance that they understood their mistake and how to correct it. I am not wasting my time and money on a gamble that they can correct their mistake when there is no indication that they care enough to correct it. Not a happy customer here.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Mayer on

      I like the caps but am having a problem with debris left on the lens after it is removed...