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Fit for any photographer. 2 Sizes. Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof w/ a Lifetime Warranty.
Fit for any photographer. 2 Sizes. Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof w/ a Lifetime Warranty.
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Posted by KUVRD (Creator)


With only a few hours left of this Kickstarter Campaign, let’s play Catch Up, discuss some critical topics that need to happen immediately following the completion of this Kickstarter Campaign in order for Super Early Bird Backers to receive their orders before Christmas and give shout outs to some live projects going on!

In this Update, we’ll talk about:

  • 1. Down To Our Last Few Hours!
  • 3. Filling Out The Survey.
  • 5. How to Earn that (+1 FREE) V2 Universal Lens Cap. 

Down To Our Last Few Hours!

Holy moly we're down to the last few hours of the Kickstarter Campaign... IT HAS FLOWN BY! As we approach the final hours of the campaign, we're honing in on processes and systems to make sure that the second the campaign is over, we're packaging and shipping out orders!! :) :)


Well, late last week we received an exciting knock at our door of an EARLY arrival of one of the orders from our manufacturers...

It was... The MICROS!!!

With its early arrival, we were able to organize the cartons, dial in the assembly line and get ready to begin packaging and fulfilling pledges the very moment we receive the surveys from Super Early Bird Backers!!

As for the Magnums, they are in transit and have an ETA by the end of the week! We’re not in good shape... we’re in great shape! 😉 Now, for newbies to Kickstarter or those asking about when they get to choose Micro or Magnums, when their orders will be delivered, etc... it’s all answered in the next point; Filling Out the Survey.

Filling Out The Survey

At the end of every successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign, creators will send out a survey requesting certain shipping and contact information from each backer as well as questions specific to the backers’ pledge (be it about the product’s color, sizing, specific features, add-on items, etc.). When this survey is sent out, you will receive an email with a link embedded into it that will take you to the page to fill out the survey. In the survey, we will request your contact and shipping information as well as whether you want Micros, Magnums, or a combination of both.

PLEASE NOTE THIS: It is IMPERATIVE YOU ANSWER EVERY QUESTION AND COMPLETELY FILL OUT THE SURVEY AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. We cannot emphasize this enough as we are under a tight deadline, companies worldwide are shipping higher volumes in general (thereby clogging up the system and slowing down shipments of orders in general) & we cannot move forward with creating and shipping out your orders until you have filled out and submitted the survey. As stated in the first update, it is likely there are some of you that will respond to the survey a few days, even weeks, after the Kickstarter ends which will unfortunately postpone the delivery of your order and most likely get it to you sometime during January, well after Christmas. Please do not bring this misfortune upon yourself by postponing the submission of this survey! If all goes well, the survey will be submitted promptly, your credit card will be properly charged, we will be able to retrieve your information, create your order and ship it out by the end of this week or sometime during the first week of December! Now, if you are a Domestic Backer and you get the survey back to us super quickly, there is a realistic chance you will receive your order two to three weeks before Christmas! Woo woo! For those international backers, if you get the survey back to us promptly, you are likely to receive your order as early as 10-12 days BEFORE Christmas!

Now, this all stands to say that your credit/debit card is charged properly. So let’s talk about that in more depth.


With the average Kickstarter Campaign having 5-7% of credit cards not charged due to a variety of reasons, there will be somewhere between 125-200 backers that will not have their cards charged and because of this, these pledges will be red flagged. Kickstarter will then inform us of this situation and inform you of the situation (we will also reach out to you and notify you of the hiccup) and then Kickstarter will provide you a 5-7 day grace period to fix the card issue before attempting a second time to charge your card at which point the problem will have either been corrected, your pledge will go through, your card will be charged, you will receive the survey and we can get your order shipped to you.... or the problem will not have been corrected, your card will NOT be charged, you will NOT receive another grace period, you will NOT be provided the opportunity to fill out the survey and you will NOT receive your pledge.

Now, the most common issues for credit card/debit cards not being correctly charged are for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Incorrectly populated credit card information.
  • Credit/Debit Card has expired.
  • Credit/Debit Card has been deactivated.
  • Credit/Debit Card was declined due to lack of funds.
  • “Suspicious Activity” (this mainly happens to new backers because his/her credit card company sees this charge from an unknown platform and immediately assumes the card has been stolen and is now being used for random purchases).

So, for now, it would be best to ensure that the card that will be charged for the pledge is correct, has not expired and that there are enough funds in your account. We will reach out to you regardless if your pledge doesn’t go through and so will Kickstarter. So take comfort in that and know that we’ll help you try to fix the particular issue you have with your credit card.

However, if this does happen, this will for sure postpone the delivery of your order by at least one week... which might make it so you receive your order after the holidays... so please keep this in mind!

How to Earn that (+1 FREE) V2 Universal Lens Cap.

Remember, only by completing the next two steps will you receive the +1 Freebie that comes with your pledge! Those two steps are:

  • Follow us on Instagram @kuvrdcamera.
  • Make sure to share our Kickstarter Campaign on your Social Media (Facebook or Twitter).

If you cannot complete one or both of the steps above, simply reach out to us via and we’ll figure out a good alternative to work with your situation!


Last but not least, we’d like to finish this Update by giving a shoutout to some other cool projects going on!

Outdoor Vitals 

World's Most Advanced Insulation: LoftTek Adventure Jacket Ultralight, packable, ready for the harshest weather conditions without sacrificing warmth, performance, or affordability. CLICK HERE


The Flare | World's Warmest Shirt w/3X Phone Charging Heated shirt powered by a lightweight battery. Bring warmth with you wherever you go and forget worrying about how many layers to wear! CLICK HERE



Redefining EDC Flashlight: Strong & Durable Aluminium Body | Upgrade Titanium Option | Super Bright | Magnetic Base | Lightweight | Waterproof. CLICK HERE!

Thanks again backers for all of your support and can't wait to get you your MICROs & MAGNUMS! :)

Your Bestie,


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    1. Luis Rafael Martinez on

      My $55 Super Early Bird pledge was supposed to be for 3 x ULCII (+1 FREE). The Pledge manager does not give an option for my third set. Please let me know what to do.