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Fit for any photographer. 2 Sizes. Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof w/ a Lifetime Warranty.
Fit for any photographer. 2 Sizes. Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof w/ a Lifetime Warranty.
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Posted by KUVRD (Creator)


What could we talk about other than the outstanding help and encouragement you’ve given us thus far?! And we are only 3 days in the campaign!!!

Seriously though, let’s go through the numbers, shall we?!

  • 100% funded within 2 hours of launching!
  • Surpassed $50k in 3 days!
  • 900+ backers with 830+ of them returning backers!
  • 400+ comments/social shares from backers!
  • 500+ Instagram Follows!

That is MIND BLOWING... we love the Kickstarter Community for so many reasons, but are always impressed with the support and love you guys show us!😊😊😊

This is an update to catch all backers up on manufacturing and production, answer a couple of questions that have come up in the comments and send some love to other live campaigns here on Kickstarter!

Manufacturing & Production. Solid... As you have come to expect from KUVRD 😊We are in daily communication with our manufacturers to ensure everything is both clearly communicated, deadlines and deliverables are still projecting punctual and to ensure we keep our beloved backers informed through the process. 💛With that said, everything is on track and running smoothly!

In addition, we’ve made some improvements and upgrades to our packaging, making it just as sleek and sexy as the Micro or Magnum it holds 😊

Can’t wait to get Golden Samples as we’ll show you some sneak peaks of that as well!

Q1): “When I pledged, I didn’t get to pick sizes. Am I going to be able to do that?”

A1): YES!! At the end of the campaign, we will be sending out a survey for all backers to fill out and return to us. In this survey, we will be requesting your shipping information, your phone number and the best email to contact you by. In addition, we will ask what size you want and a couple other relevant and important questions. Our only suggestion is this: UPON RECEIVING THE SURVEY, FILL IT OUT IMMEDIATELY AND SUBMIT IT TO US.

We have a inkling that some backers will NOT receive their reward before Christmas for NO OTHER REASON THAN BECAUSE WE DIDN’T GET THEIR INFORMATION IN TIME... this is especially true to those that live outside the USA and your package will pass through your country’s customs, inevitably postponing the ETA of your package. So make sure to fill it out ASAP and get it back to us!😊

Q2): “Can you do a comparison chart of V1 to V2 to show the improvements and new features?”

A2): ABSOLUTELY! We’ll get our Graphic Designers on this ASAP and have that included in the campaign within the next week!

We've been loving some other live campaigns here on Kickstarter and wanted to give them a shoutout for their bomb success!


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 To conclude, thank you all for the support thus far! Please continue spreading the word and help us reach our goal of getting every lens KUVRD! 😊

Until our next update,

Your bestie,

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