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Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy that
has its foundation in 80s cop movies. Available now at, YouTube, and iTunes! Also shop at if you like stuff!
Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in 80s cop movies. Available now at, YouTube, and iTunes! Also shop at if you like stuff!
17,713 backers pledged $630,019 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Laser Unicorns (Creator)

Hello everybody! Here's a quick update on what's going on at the moment:

We are back in shooting mode! The backers who pledged to be in Kung Fury are in town and things are going well. They have been running from arcade machine robots, dressed up as nazis and generally been a really big help at the set.

We are really happy to have the whole team back together in Umeå where it all started, and the green screen that we are using now is many times bigger and better than the old one.

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We will have a total of around 30 backers coming to Umeå before this is over, some are staying only for the day of their shooting and some for a couple of weeks! They have been busy so far, playing mini-golf, going to the worlds first crowd funded music festival and eating rotten fish (which is a Swedish specialty).

Next week we are moving the production to Stockholm to do some additional scenes and stunts, and doing the scenes with the guy who pledged to be Kung Fury's partner! It's a really hectic period for all of us but also the time of our lives, thank you all again for making this possible. And please keep the feedback, fan-art, tips and kind words coming, we really appreciate it.

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If you want more frequent updates about Kung Fury, head over to Laser Unicorns facebook-page!

There will be pictures and videos from behind the scenes, sneak peeks into the production, general cool 80's stuff and a lot more!

All the best,

David Sandberg


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    1. Michael Krueger on

      Please tell me we can order copies of the soundtrack or buy of iTunes!!!

    2. Sascha Schlemermeyer on

      @John and Thaddeus: Ok, I understand your point. Well, not that part where you said somerhing like "if I only wanted the movie I could have downloaded it", even if you're not nerding out over FX and the editing process and so on I think it's well wirth the support - because it's fricking crazy stuff! And I love that kind of sh@t! Maybe you should consider the circumstances David is dealing with - all these people, everybody wants a piece of the action, everyone wants in, some people are for real, others just talk - you have to channel that. I guess. I'm cool with him putting the focus on finishing the movie. But, AGAIN, I can understand you. Maybe he comes up with an idea that will satisfy you later on in the project. I think it might be a little tough to deliver that kind of background information you'd like to see in "real time". Should he have promised it at the beginning? Maybe not. Bur I still think the finished product matters the most.

    3. Adam Sabla on

      yeaaaaaaah! :D

    4. Rafael Madrid on

      Wish i had one of those green screens!

    5. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      @Sascha: I hope you read what Thaddeus wrote. If I only wanted the movie, I could have just waited and downloaded it, but I wanted (and still want) to help the team making it. And what is the big problem with putting at least the same information on KS as on FB?

    6. Missing avatar

      Glenn on

      Damn that music is so rad!

    7. Christine Margaux on

      Noooooooooo... I'm one month clean from Facebook. I won't go back for updates there. Please paste them in here too! I'm sure it can't take more than a few seconds to copy/paste. Thanks.

    8. Dmitrie on

      How do you guys stay close to realistic emotions? For me it seems hard to do that on green screen. By the way, will there be any real life shots or the whole movie will be green screen-based?

    9. Thaddeus on

      @Sascha, I want a kick-ass movie too. From the start, the movie's pitch was that it would be "released for free online" - I didn't have to contribute anything to see the final product.
      But I *did*, in fact, I kicked in a couple extra bucks so that I could "access the production diary" and learn some "tips, techniques and tutorials".
      When I saw the original pitch and the test footage, I was greatly impressed. I love how David overcame problems like "I have one police uniform and no set" or "dinosaurs are extinct" to create great shots like a fully-staffed police precinct or vikings astride a T-Rex. I love seeing behind-the-scenes information on design and effects, and have an interest in video editing. I would really enjoy a closer look on seeing this movie take shape, with regular updates on the status and cool making-of information. The Facebook feed (which I was unaware of until this update) is a nice public page with very basic updates ("here's our editor at the computer", "here's some fan art", "here we are in front of the green screen") but as a backer I'd like something meatier.

    10. Crabat on

      That soundtrack will be so awesome!
      Will there be any possibility to get that one without going to the 100$ pledge tier?

    11. Sascha Schlemermeyer on

      Great shit! But I don't understand all this bitching about the updates, or how you all are pissed off because you don't feel "special" enough. Really? WTF? In the end all I want is a kick ass movie. When it comes out and is a piece of crap - THAT'S THE TIME TO BE PISSED OFF, you little princesses!

    12. Jason Fourier on

      I'm excited about the soundtrack now!

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      This is going to be the best soundtrack ever!

    14. Thaddeus on

      Good to see an update! However, I would like to see a little more info posted here on Kickstarter. I don't regret backing this, but I am a little peeved by the relative drought of updates half a year into the project.

      The rewards mention "access to the production diary" - as a backer hearing that production is starting up again, I would expect to see (or at least hear about) some sort of insider info. Plus, all the behind-the-scenes updates so far have been publicly released (either on FB or KS) so I feel like backing this project hasn't really given me any sort of slightly-more-special status as implied.

    15. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      Yep, and we were all enthralled with it. :)
      Also, have to say I agree with John Doe below. I refuse to use Facebook, or even visit the site. I don't expect every little thing to be updated on KS, but once a month or so isn't an unreasonable request.

    16. Missing avatar

      Philip Faulconer on

      Sweet! Thanks for the update.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kyle Johnstone on

      Love the update videos! So Excited!

    18. Paul Butler on

      This is going to be amazing....

    19. Missing avatar

      alton blom on

      Did we really just watch paint dry.....

    20. Matthias Wagner on

      Super duper stoooooooked for this!!!

    21. Christopher Barnes on

      I love and envy your green screen setup! So sweeeet...

    22. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      I'm really excited about the movie and this update is really nice, but one thing I'm pretty pissed about is that I should check out the Facebook page. I don't use Facebook and I'm surely not starting it right now. And since you used Kickstarter to gather your money, you should at least post updates here on a regulary basis.

      Beside this, go on with the production and make an awesome movie.

    23. Jose Lugo on

      I am so stoked for this !!

    24. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      So I presume the Nazi guys in Kung Furry won't wear pants :P

    25. Missing avatar

      Mickael Pretty on

      Can't wait to see the result... this is going to be so awesome ! *_*

    26. A Jacob Cord

      As epic as the day I backed it. Awesome!

    27. Murvin Lai on

      that's so cool!!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Sébastien Grenier on

      Keep the good work! It will be AWESOME!

    29. Missing avatar

      DAINECHE on

      Good job guys !!

    30. Mikael Jönsson on

      If you only knew how pumped I am for this project! Also the soundtrack sounds amazing so far.

    31. Philippe Desgranges on

      Wow! That new studio is sweet :) I'm glad to finally see a production-related update. Keep up the good work.

    32. Marius Rebeyrol on

      Men, your green screen studio is awesome, or should I say AWESOME! :D

    33. Pietro Zuco on

      Amazing!! The new green screen is awesome! Can't wait.

    34. Glenn Miller on

      Thanks for those pics from Comic-Con. That was me and my lovely bride!

      (It was most amusing when people asked us if our kickstarter movie was out yet!) Love the new behind-the-scenes videos.

    35. Dimitri on

      This is going to be EPIC !

    36. Daniel Mierzwinski on

      Seriously awesome guys! :) Can't wait. New greenscreen looks amazing.

    37. lester2dev on

      Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Can't wait for the final movie to watch!