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A business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means necessary
A business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means necessary
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Welcome to the Idol Manager beta!

Posted by Kuiper (Creator)

Today, Idol Manager officially enters beta!

If you were already in the alpha program, head over to your Steam library to find the latest update. If you were one of the people who pre-ordered for beta access via Backerkit, you should have already received an email with your access key and instructions for how to enroll.  If you're not currently part of the beta program, you can buy the game now on to join!

Beta participants are welcome to join us in the beta testers forum to report bugs, provide feedback, and share ideas and suggestions for features or improvements.  (The alpha testers forum will remain open for alpha participants who would like to continue providing feedback there.)

Here's a list of what's been added to the game with the launch of the beta:

New features:

New Content:

  • Story intro has been added.
  • 3 new random events have been added. Random events have social media reactions. The in-game social media feed gives a glimpse into how different fan demographics are responding to your decisions
  • 3 new music tracks (and a bunch of new sound effects) have been added

New System: Loans

When you have a negative cash balance, the game no longer allows you to perform activities that require spending money, like build rooms, release physical singles, and hire new people. (Passive spending from salaries for staff/idols and building maintenance can cause your balance to become negative, and will still continue to be paid even if you have a negative cash balance.) Spending 30 days with a negative cash balance will result in an automatic "game over."

If you need to spend money you don't have, you can take out a loan. To borrow money, click on "loans" in the producer's context menu. Outstanding loans (owing more money than your current cash balance) doesn't count as having a negative cash balance.

You can borrow money from Fujimoto or the bank. The interest rate on loans from Fujimoto is 0%, but come with an assigned task, like producing a single in a specific genre, or getting a photoshoot in a specific magazine. You can't take out a new loan with Fujimoto until you finish the task for the previous loan.

The amount you are able to borrow depends on your group's fame level. Applying to receive a loan from the bank requires the producer (player character) to spend 1 week developing an application. If you need cash for an immediate emergency and don't have time to develop an application, you can accept a loan with more predatory terms.

New System: Policies

The policies is introduced and explained in a story segment that triggers after you hire a business manager and a dance staffer. After viewing this story event, you can make changes to your policies from the policies tab.

New System: Pushes

You can select up to 3 idols to get "pushed."

Pushed idols are more likely to receive business proposals, and they get more fame from singles and shows. The group as a whole will still receive the same number of business proposals and total fame points, which means that the pushed idol receiving more business proposals and fame points result in fewer proposals and fame points for the rest of the idols in the group.

Pushing an idol will improve your relationship with her, but other idols might get resentful if they feel the push is unfair and undeserved.

New Event Type: Concerts

Unlock concerts by releasing 5 singles.

Concerts are an event with a 1 month cooldown.  For details on how concerts work, read the description in the events tab and the tooltips that pop up when creating a concert.


  • Options menu allows you to set sound/music volume and toggle "Run in background"
  • You can give nicknames to yourself and staffers
  • Staffer buttons now show what they're working on
  • Idol tooltip shows what they're currently doing
  • Right-clicking on a staffer portrait will cycle the staffer tooltip
  • In story sequences, hovering the cursor over a staffer or idol's name will show their tooltip
  • Singles and other media that are in development now have a tooltip that shows their genre, marketing strategy, etc.
  • After producing an audition, you can right-click to cancel it (useful if, for example, you don't have enough money to launch it.)
  • "Tasks" widget added (used for tasks you're assigned when receiving a loan from Fujimoto)
  • You can't drag-and-drop staffers if they're already assigned to a room. (Prevents staffers from being removed from their assigned task if you accidentally clicked the wrong one.) Remove them from their existing assignment to allow them to be placed into a new room.
  • "Fans" tooltip in the bottom bar now shows their opinion points explicitly
  • Salary satisfaction now affects your relationship with idols whose fame level is >1. Idols' satisfaction with their current salary level is shown in their tooltip. You can set a policy for idol salaries to update automatically to meet a certain satisfaction level.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a staffer portrait while they were training an idol caused the interface to stop responding
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze after recruiting an idol with the "thick skin" trait during her introduction
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      Is this bug reported from other players?
      Or is it me alone?

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