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Up to 2.7 inches per hour print time, 9.5 inches tall print size, and min 37 micron XY resolution - enabled by Patent-Pending PSP Tech
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Bunny Bot Print Photos - Midnight Surprise!

Posted by Kudo3D (Creator)

Hi Backers,

We have a surprise for you at almost 1 am here in California :) Thanks to Vaughan Ling for the design!

  • Dimensions: 25 mm x 23 mm x 30 mm 
  • Resolution: XY - 26 microns,    Z -  50 microns 
  • Exposure time: 1.8 seconds
  • Printing time: 7,123 seconds



  * Prints with XY resolution under 37 microns were printed with the lens modification. Our standard printer without modifying the lens prints up to 37 microns. There is not much difference between 37 microns and 26 microns unless you want to print features thinner than a strand of hair. *

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    1. Missing avatar

      Curtis Hoines on

      Thanks but $60 is a bit much just to test how much better/worse the 2 printers are.

    2. Kudo3D 2-time creator on

      @ Curtis - You can purchase the design from:


    3. Kudo3D 2-time creator on

      Yes printing a dime might be tricky.

      @ Curtis - could you please email

      We can ask the designer to see if he is willing to share the stl. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Curtis Hoines on

      Nice print. I have a Form1 and wanted to ask if I'd be possible to try and print that model at the same size to see the difference?

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      You want to be very careful when you get creative with currency of any country.
      To photography it is very different from 'reproducing' it. May NOT want to try that one at these last 4 hours. There are legalities that we may NOT have time to find out. Perhaps, one directly - just for Peter. Just my 2 cents!

    6. Mr.Dandy on

      Oops I misread it, this one is a 26 micron xy.

    7. Mr.Dandy on

      Is it just me, or do the recent 37 micron prints posted look just as good as the 26?

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Eduard

      You keep taking pictures with a Dime as reference.

      What about printing a Dime and the place them side by side?