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The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind.
The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind.
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Shipment to US and Japan Update

Posted by Kudo3D (Creator)

1) Backers in America:   The container was arrived in the warehouse of the fulfillment center on December 6.   The fulfillment center inspected all the packages first and then assigned bar-codes to each package.  There are about 540 printers in this container.  This is the busiest time for them in a year.  They finally completed loading all the backers' info into their system.  The shipping starts today and hope they can dispatch all the printers out before Christmas.   The packages require a signature to be released.   We will send out tracking numbers shortly.   Please monitor the shipping progress closely after receiving the tracking numbers.    

2) Japanese backers:   We have sent out shipping notices to all Japanese backers and have processed about 350 units now.   If you did not receive the shipping payment notice, please send an email to as soon as possible.   

We have shipped about 1600 units since the end of May and we hope the remaining 300 units can be shipped out by the end of January.    

We are currently overhauling our website.   Bean is included in our shop now.   For those who need resins or accessories.   Please visit      The average shipping cost will be lower if you order more.    If you want to purchase the software,  please send us an email to get the discount. 

We will release an updated user manual in the next update.     

Thank you and Best regards,

Kudo3D Team

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    1. Vincent Goudreault

      Backer 656 here; I have paid what I consider an inordinate amount for the shipping to Canada months ago, and I am still waiting for the delivery. What gives?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Just as SMTK below has inquired, I too would like to hear an update on the refund I was told I would receive once the printers shipped to U.S. backers?

    3. Missing avatar

      John Redmond on

      Picked up Bean from UPS Store (USA) today. Have not opened package yet, hope to this weekend.

      Check your emails for a UPS notification from "DOI NAIT ALABAMA QUASSARTE " as that is the shipping company used on the package I received.

    4. Sha Ali on

      Mr. Bean arrived. Nice packaging.

      1. Familiarize yourself ahead of tine by watching unboxing and setup videos. As the documentation assumes few items. For example my z plate was not attached but there is no mention of it. Make sure it’s align to base properly by making sure it’s not touching the resign plate
      plastic. Just loses the top screw and move it towards you about 1 mm.
      2. Don’t click the up or down button to many times. Browser my get hanged and print plate will either go way up or press down.
      3. Didn’t need the WiFi dongle. Directly connected to my Ethernet.
      4. Test printing now :)

      Good luck all

    5. Missing avatar

      Andriy Kyrychenko on

      So you have shipped from Louisville, KY?

    6. Brian Dodge on

      To Follow up my last post about no shipping tracking or confirmation. Bean Arrived.

    7. Brian Dodge on

      I have received no shipping information and there is no scheduled delivery in my UPS account. I have reached out to support several times to confirm everything over the past several months but so far no responses.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Taylor on

      I have not received as of 12-24-18 even a UPS or otherwise shipping notice. Shipping to New Mexico, USA. What gives? Has all the shipping notices gone out to the backers? And if not when..?

    9. BenG on

      That's just rediculous. They should support their products. It's their business plan that caused them to not make a profit.
      I would file a complaint against them with the BBB.

    10. Missing avatar

      SP on

      Go mine, the LCD panel has black marks and now the arduino card is faulty and doesn't boot up. I emailed them and the response I got was you are a early backer and therefore cannot provide you with support because we didn't make any money on it.
      Their Kudo3d forum and facebook group has a number of users with same dead printers.
      Definitely think twice before backing them on their next project.

    11. SMTK on

      I would like my refund, or are you not honoring what you said about once product has been shipped.

    12. Missing avatar

      Barry Miller

      An add-on to my below post... But we've been waiting so long, it's hard to whine when the shipping finally starts!

    13. Missing avatar

      Barry Miller

      Odd to say, but at this point, I'd feel better if the shipping starting AFTER the Christmas rush. Let's face it... at this time of year, UPS, FedEx, and USPS workers aren't exactly handling any package with a whole lot of care. The overload for them right now is simply overwhelming. Plus at this time of year, it's so easy for a package to get "lost in the shuffle". And finally, package theft from the front porch is up 200%! This is why I don't order anything for myself during the last three weeks of December! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark D on

      Any way to delay shipment? Not everyone is around this time of year.