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The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind.
The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind.
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First Call for Shipment to US

Posted by Kudo3D (Creator)

Dear  backers, 

We have been sending shipping payment notices to US backers since the 14th this month.  Many have been sent twice.  However,  we only received payments from 63% of the US backers.  We plan to load all printers to US to a container in about a week.   If you are an US backer and did not receive our emails,  please send an email to as soon as possible.   Please do not leave messages to other channels for now as we do not have time to cover them.  We need to use emails to send attachments so it is hard for us to switch between channels.   Our order system becomes unstable when we send out mass emails in a short period of time.   We tend to lose half of the mails sent by our system.  The same situation happened when we collected shipping cost from European backers.  Once we confirm that a backer did not receive it,  we have to manually create the pdf shipping notice, attach it to the email and send it out one by one.   

If US backers miss this ship, it is likely that you need to pay the express mail shipping cost which is 2.5 times higher.   In addition,  you will have to wait after we process all the shipment for Japanese backers. We have collected shipping payment from about 95% of European backers.  US backers,  please catch up!  

For Canadian backers,  there is no cheap shipping options.   Shipping through US is a little cheaper but not much, as international shipping from US is very expensive.  Please make a decision to ship through US or directly from our factory.  

We just checked with the freight forwarder regarding the container to UK.   We were told there is a one week delay because the ship spent too much time in Singapore.  Here is the information about the ship.  The estimated arrival time is on Oct 3rd.   The entry port is Southampton.   The container will be held at the customs for 7 to 10 days and then will be sent to the fulfillment center.   The packages will be dispatched in a few days with a tracking number. 

 After we send out the printers to US backers,  we will start focusing shipping for Japanese backers.    

Thank you!

Kudo3D Team

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    1. TJ on

      Yeah this is the wrong ship, it’s in Tacoma, Seattle right now. There’s no chance that is the ship to the us if you haven’t even collected all the shipping yet.

    2. Detlev on

      @ Kudo since the ship is still about 12000km away from the UK, it will hardly make the distance in one day. When will it really arrive in the UK?

    3. Q Ahdieh on

      US TIW(Tacoma,WA,USA), that's my backyard. :) Just drop off a container full here.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Franchino on

      This is the first kickstarter that I have backed that they are asking me to PayPal them the $$$ instead of backerkit, or a website to process. Very unprofessional in my opinion. And obviously the cost for the shipping is outrageous as always.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthias Arnold on

      Sorry guys, but this ship is driving the wrong direction ... On your Screenshot it is just south of Japan heading for the US West coast as can be seen in clear text "Destination US TIW".…
      Please give us the correct ship identification.