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The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind.
The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind.
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Shipment to Europe Update

Posted by Kudo3D (Creator)

Hi Backers,  

We have finally got responses from over 93% of the European backers. All the printers to Europe have passed the custom inspection for export last week. The boxes were wrapped on 20 pallets and loaded to a 40 feet container which was loaded to a cargo ship.  Each box has a white label with backer's name.  The ship will arrive in UK on September 27th. The printers will stay with UK custom for about a week to clear the custom again. Next, the printers will be unloaded to a warehouse of the fulfillment center and then be mailed out in a week. Once they are dispatched, the backers will receive a tracking number. We were waiting for the photos from the freight forwarder to publish this update. Here are some photos taken when loading these printers.

We are now working with the US fulfillment center. Printers, resins and accessories will be shipped to Kentucky for fulfillment. We will start sending out shipping notice to US backers this week. We plan to finish collecting the shipping cost in 3 weeks and ship out the printers. When you receive the notice, please follow the instructions carefully to send the payment through Paypal.    If any US backer does not receive our shipping notice in the next 10 days,  please contact us as soon as possible. 

There are many backers asking about our new software in the last few week.   We will release it officially in the next update.  Here is the latest version with the lighting fixed.

Thank you

Kudo3D Team


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    1. dave on

      So, if the shipment has arrived on the 27th September, and takes a week to get through Customs, we should be receiving tracking details by now. Do you have any further updates?

    2. Detlev on

      We can not use the new version of the software. Trial period expired.
      how do we get the license?

    3. Frank Kincell on

      We can't use the new version of the software. Trial expired.

    4. hector h on

      Great Job, looking forward to the next round of shipments.

    5. Andrew on

      MSI? Will you release the software for MacOS ever?

    6. Johann Cunningham

      Does the American shipment include your Canadian backers?

    7. Missing avatar

      Elkin on

      Good progress, looking forward to receiving the Bean

    8. TJ on

      I have a feeling shipping in the US is going to be a little expensive, first you need to get the freight boat here, but then the container needs to go on a freight train from what I am assuming is going to be on the West Coast to Kentucky, and I remember in a post a while back that you guys were saying that it would cost a fair sum of money to get that shipment to a Kentucky warehouse since the California warehouse was full.