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We want to turn our popular webseries KTOWN COWBOYS into a feature film! Support us!
We want to turn our popular webseries KTOWN COWBOYS into a feature film! Support us!
180 backers pledged $13,750 to help bring this project to life.

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Hey Everyone,

Long time no talk. We had a great theatrical release in LA, NY, SF and VA/DC! Thank you to everyone who came out and partied with us. Our movie is now available online on VOD, streaming services and iTunes ->

Please help us spread the word as we have limited resources for marketing and are really relying on word of mouth for us to reach the masses. You can help by writing a review on IMDB or iTunes; sharing the link ( on all social media, and telling all your friends/family to download or rent the movie! We need all the help we can get!

As far as Kickstarter Rewards, we have mailed out all posters and T-shirts for those who have responded. If you haven't received a reward and you gave us your info, please email us ( and we'll get it out to you. DVDs will be going out after we finish this initial online run, probably in a month or so.

Thank you all for believing in us from the beginning. We couldn't have made this movie without your support. Love you all!

- The Ktown Cowboys

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Kickstarter Rewards Update 12/28

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We shipped out our posters and T-shirts to those who responded. If you responded with your address for your prizes and haven't received anything yet, please let us know.

As mentioned before, our film will be releasing in select theaters in Spring 2016 and we will be announcing release dates shortly. However, because of this, we will have to hold off on sending out DVDs until after our theatrical release. Don't worry we won't forget about you guys!

Thank you all for supporting, we're close to showing our movie to the world and hope you guys enjoy it!

- The Ktown Cowboys


Hey everyone,

Finally! We just sent out surveys through Kickstarter to get everyone's current address as well as T-shirt sizes. Some of you already sent your info but please fill out the Kickstarter survey as well if you can. T-shirts and Posters will be sent out now. DVDs will be sent out sometime mid-2016, we promise we won't forget about you. We can't send the DVDs just yet as we are planning to release our movie in theaters March 2016. Yes, it's finally sorta coming to a theater near you...based on where you live. We'll announce what cities we'll be screening at pretty soon. Hopefully you haven't forgotten about us and will support us when we need your help the most. Getting asses in seats. Thank you guys for everything and post pics of your Kickstarter prizes on social media.

- The Ktown Cowboys



Ktown Cowboys Film Release!


Kickstarter Supporters!

We premiered out movie at SXSW and had a couple screenings at the LAAPFF. The turnout was amazing and had great feedback! We are now working to get this movie out to the whole world to see. Most likely we will be having screenings in major cities throughout the US in the Fall. After that theatrical run, we will be releasing our movie online so anyone in the world can see it! We really want to thank all of you for believing in this project from the beginning and want to make sure we fulfill all of our prizes. Please email us at with your mailing address and what we owe you! If you don't contact us, we can't send you your prize and that would be terrible. 

Thank you and hope you enjoy our movie!

- Ktown Cowboys


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Kickstarter Family,

We have successfully now screened at SXSW in Austin, TX as well as at the LAAPFF in LA, CA. If you missed those screenings, don't worry we are currently working on securing distribution so we can show the rest of the world.

Also, we didn't forget about your rewards and are working on fulfilling those ASAP.

We need everyone to email us their mailing addresses so we can start compiling the necessary information in order to send out the posters and T-shirts. The DVDs will be coming out after our theatrical release. But don't worry, we promise we won't forget to send those out. Please email us your address and what we owe you at We will reply with a confirmation, and we will double check mailing addresses before we send anything out.

Thank you all for making this project a reality and are excited to share this journey with you all!