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The next evolution of billiard balls is here! Krōm Première is the only 'chrome' billiard ball set in the world. Evolve your scene.

Krōm Première represents the most distinct design change in billiard balls in over 100 years. This patent pending ball set, by Belgian ball designer Pierre Deveaux, has been in the making for almost two decades. Thanks to recent technology advances and a persevering passion, this ultramodern, Founder’s Edition set is only available to Kickstarter backers.

Krōm Première is a world-class, professional quality billiard ball set crafted to the highest standards. Because ball size can vary by country, each ball meets or exceeds all U.S. specifications for regulation billiard balls including:

  • Size: 2.25" diameter
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Roundness: .005” (± .005”)
  • and each ball is perfectly balanced with conventional play action

Billiards is a major part of today’s social scene and Krōm designs stylish equipment to enhance your scene.  Krōm Première adds a dimension no other set can offer.

The inspiration for ‘chrome’ billiard balls first came to the inventor and Founder of Krōm, Pierre Deveaux, almost two decades ago when his then company was contacted to create an exclusive design for a world renowned brand. The initial vision of the perfect design was immediate, but technological limitations at that time made use of his new ‘design element’ impossible.  Unknowing of the original vision, the renowned brand loved option 2  and it went on to enjoy retail success through today.  

A few years ago, Pierre saw something that led him to believe his design from almost two decades ago was now possible to produce, and his research confirmed it.  Highly inspired, he graphically created several new innovative sets which utilized his once impractical design element. 

So, with patents filed and two years of development completed, the time had finally come to introduce the world to the next evolution of billiard ball design, Krōm.

(As mentioned above, the Krōm Première, Founder's Edition is only available to Kickstarter backers. But we are also offering Kickstarter backers the Founder's Edition set laser engraved with 'Limited Edition'.  Only the number of sets made for this campaign will be produced). 

In the 1430s, a recognizable form of billiards was played outdoors before moving indoors by the mid 1400s.  Early billiard balls were made of wood, clay, or ivory until the late 1800s when celluloid (plastic) was invented while trying to find a better billiard ball alternative.

The standard design of stripes and solids on a two dimensional surface was first introduced over 100 years ago in the early 1900s, and there hasn't been a significant design change since.

The new ‘chrome’ design element, developed by Krōm, marks a major step in the evolution of billiard balls as it offers another dimension to play and performance.  The ‘chrome’ surface reflects a fixed target that can be easily re-established after glancing up at the target pocket.  This is something every player does on each shot.

We've designed several new sets utilizing our new 'chrome' design element that will fit in with every scene from elegant and sophisticated to raucous and sexy.  

Whether out playing with friends or enjoying your table at home, Krōm Première is the perfect accent for any room.

One of the best things about playing pool is socializing with friends and meeting new people.

Our first priority is mass production to fulfill all pledge items to our Kickstarter backers.  Secondly, if possible we want to introduce up to three more of our designs by the end of 2014.  As much as we would have liked to have offered at least one other design on Kickstarter, production of these balls are much more costly than traditional ones so economies of scale is crucial to keeping the cost as low as possible.  We need this first 'chrome' set to prove that we can scale. 

Also, we have long standing relationships with distributors in key regions around the world that want to carry our product(s); however the upfront cost of production is beyond our resources.  So Kickstarter, if we can exceed our funding goal in a significant way, it will allow us to supply those key distributors and pursue distribution opportunities in other countries where we have strong industry contacts.

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Our team is made up professionals who have worked in the billiard industry in the areas of product design, contract manufacturing, new-product launch, fulfillment, and C-level management.  We have a combined 36 years experience in all areas necessary for successful execution of our business plan.  Krōm Première is the first step to achieving our goal of building Krōm the company into the industry leader for ultramodern, stylish billiard equipment.

Our Manufacturer

Two of our team members have worked with our manufacturer for almost 7 years, which is a major reason why we have arrived at this point.  We developed several new methods to achieve the appearance and adhere to the, precise standards for impact/heat resistance, elasticity, friction, and more of a billiard ball.  The adventure was complicated and costly, and the relationship with our factory has been crucial in working together to perfect the process. We are now 100% ready to go.


Over the past two years we made numerous prototypes. We discovered that while achieving a 'chrome' finish was already difficult enough, the bigger challenges came in perfecting a consistent, clear finish with surface dynamics of a high quality billiard ball. Following are photos of a few attempts dating back to the beginning.

We've covered every base over the past two years and the Krōm Première set is ready for production.  We’ve produced multiple prototypes constantly improving to reach this stage.Our factory is ready to go and we know every price down to each component of packaging.

As soon as we are successful in securing the funding necessary, then we will go to production and ship immediately so that we can deliver Krōm Première sets to our supporters by the time-frame promised.

We have worked hard to diminish the risk of delays in production and delivery.  So we are prepared and confident that we will be able to deliver on time even if our goal is exceeded. 

In keeping with a mainstay of crowd funding, we will always be forthcoming with any obstacle we may encounter and keep you informed.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have a very experienced team with a successful track record of launching other concept-to-market billiard ball sets and related products for a different company. And with our experience comes a realistic understanding that no matter how well we plan, delay challenges do happen. We have allowed for a little extra time to overcome any unforeseen challenges and we are confident that we can deliver within our promised time frame.

Our biggest challenges are the upfront cost of tooling and meeting the minimum order quantity (MOQ). Our manufacturing partner has agreed to a lower MOQ for the initial production run so both issues are solved once we reach our goal.

Given that there is only one small US based billiard ball maker and they cannot make our product, we manufacture overseas. The only challenge would be with routine delays in transit due to unforeseeable custom exams, vessel departure schedules, etc. However, we are very experienced in this area having imported billiard balls from various countries over the past 17 years. As always, we will stay in constant contact with our freight forwarders and effectively manage the process throughout.

Should we be fortunate enough to exceed our goal in a significant way, we can handle the overflow and it will not add any delay for the first 2000 backers. For backers between 2001 - 3500, we anticipate a 3-4 week delay in shipping.


  • A high quality resin similar to other high-end sets on the market. However, we, like all other ball makers, consider this information proprietary. Some manufacturers may promote a particular chemical for marketing purposes, but it is not telling of the composition. Krōm billiard balls are professional grade billiard balls in every way.

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  • To the highly trained ear, we believe the Krōm Première set sounds very similar to the Brunswick Centennial set. To the typical ear, we doubt you'll hear a difference between high-end brands and the Première. PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO in UPDATE #1

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  • No. The Krōm Première set is made of a high quality resin with a proprietary surface finish that is comparable to other premium ball sets on the market. The protective finish meets billiard ball specifications for impact and heat resistance, conventional play action, and under normal playing conditions will provide for many years. Similar to other ball cleaning brands, the Krōm Ball Cleaner was specially formulated to re-enforce the protective finish and shine.

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  • The short answer is, no. Our founder first developed the stripes/solids system used by the Krōm Première several years ago and many other brands have copied it for other sets over the years. If you've never played with a set utilizing this system, it might take two or three games to get use to it, but before you know it, you won't even notice a difference. Keep in mind that the numbers appear on both sides just like a traditional sets.

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  • This is a very common question and the answer is, no. As we have taken sets out to play in public around the country, this concern is satisfied as player actually play with the balls. While gathered together in the box, it can seem that the ball will glare too much. However, once playing with the set there is no issue whatsoever. In fact, once players understand how the reflection can aid in aiming, they have expressed liking the reflective surface even more.

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  • Yes. The Krōm Première set will sound, wear, and play like standard high-quality billiard balls.

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    DINNER WITH THE FOUNDER- Join our founder for dinner at one of Chicago's finest where you will get to ask and hear everything about billiard ball design, manufacturing and how you can be a part of the design team for a NEW Krōm ball set. In addition, you will receive Pledge #6 when available in May. [Includes one night hotel stay and dinner. Air/transportation not included].

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