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Krita: Eight hours to go! Get the special reward! Pro open source painting on Windows/Linux/OSX. Help us add 24 powerful new features!
Krita: Eight hours to go! Get the special reward! Pro open source painting on Windows/Linux/OSX. Help us add 24 powerful new features!
690 backers pledged €19,955 to help bring this project to life.

Get Krita on OSX!

Posted by Krita Foundation (Creator)

After a couple of weekends of really hard work, I'm estimating about eighty hours, I've got a build of Krita on OSX ready for download...

Note that this is a real prototype. It isn't a proper package in a nice dmg yet. It misses quite a few things:

  • no camera raw import
  • no openjpeg support
  • no OpenColorIO and OpenEXR support (so no HDR painting)
  • all convolutions filters are slow because I haven't use fftw3 yet (but that's true on Windows, too)
  • no pdf support
  • perhaps some other stuff I've forgotten about...

But it doesn't need fink, macports or homebrew... So this is really a raw prototype, a proof-of-concept to show that it is possible to get Krita on OSX, if we put in enough effort. And we'll need that effort!

Still, it's a huge step forward!

If you want to test this build, download the tarball and open a terminal window. In the terminal window, go to where the package was downloaded to (probably Downloads):

cd ~/Downloads

Untar that package:

tar -xvf krita_osx_2.8.79.0.tgz

Go into the package:

cd krita

Run krita:


And please tell me whether you have success or not! I've had two prototype testers already who reported success to me :-)

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    1. Frank Bremer on

      Thank you for the info.

    2. Krita Foundation 3-time creator on

      Hi Frank,

      The popup palette is hidden because the opengl canvas is on by default. No idea why that hides the palette on OSX, but if you disable opengl, it becomes visible.

    3. Frank Bremer on

      Hi Krita-Team.
      You have done a great job for porting Krita to Mac OS X. This is a great project and I think it is worth to have pledged for it and to go on this way.
      On my Mac Pro (2013) and with an Wacom Cintiq the version works fine, except that the pie-menu (right mouse-click) doesn't appear. I can select colors and brushes, but I don't see anything of the menu UI.
      More of this, when I have time to dive deeper into it.

    4. Krita Foundation 3-time creator on

      Hi Karlis,

      Is this the OSX version you tried? If so, please check the last version, which is actually a proper app bundle. If it's the Windows version, please try re-installing.

      For Windows:

      For OSX:

    5. Karlis Stigis on

      "Essential application components could not be found.
      This might be an installation issue.
      Try restarting, running kbuildsycoca4.exe or reinstalling."

    6. Missing avatar

      Paolo Limoncelli on

      As twitted @Krita_painting it worked fine on my MBPR, Mavericks and Intuos Pro, with pressure and tilt recognized well. Speed is very good for such a pre-alpha prototype :)
      Great job!

    7. Missing avatar

      ben on

      Here is the terminal output....
      $ ./
      kbuildsycoca4 running...
      kbuildsycoca4(2037): "" not found in ("/Users/ben/Library/Preferences/XDG/menus/", "/Users/boudewijnrempt/dev/i/etc/xdg/menus/")

      kbuildsycoca4: dbus unavailable (not compiled). not signaling...
      >>>> mac: running kbuildsycoca
      appDir "/Users/bschram/Downloads/krita"
      Done running kbuildsycoca. Exit code 0
      QProcess: Destroyed while process is still running.
      QIODevice::setTextModeEnabled: The device is not open
      dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: ___sincos_stret
      Referenced from: /Users/ben/Downloads/krita/lib/kde4/
      Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

      dyld: Symbol not found: ___sincos_stret
      Referenced from: /Users/ben/Downloads/krita/lib/kde4/
      Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

      ./ line 4: 2038 Trace/BPT trap: 5 MacOS/krita

    8. Missing avatar

      ben on

      "wonder if there's anyone out there who still has 10.8"
      No luck here on 10.8.5

    9. Missing avatar

      Trevor Dodd on

      Got it working on my MacPro 5,1 with 10.9.3. Early days but it seems great. Backed it on Kickstarter. I am really impressed with what you are doing.

    10. Krita Foundation 3-time creator on

      Hi david,

      Yes -- this is really, really early days! For once thing, Krita will assume you'll only have 1GB of memory... There are many, many more of those issues!

    11. Missing avatar

      david prommer on

      It runs in OSX and it runs nicely, although little slow... Would be cool if selection tool could be adjustable, same as in Gimp (drag and resize), and if you could easily make round corners with a rectangular selection tool... And thank you... <3

    12. Bo Jönsson on

      Love your work.
      Runs with "WARNING: We didn't manage to switch off VSync on your graphics adapter."
      OSX 10.9.3 Macbook Pro retina 2012
      Will send glxinfo output

    13. Krita Foundation 3-time creator on

      Hi Josep,

      I guess that clinches it: Krita built on Mavericks won't run on 10.6 or 10.7. I wonder if there's anyone out there who still has 10.8 -- but I doubt that that'll work either. Unfortunately, I don't have an older mac here to make builds for old versions of OSX :-(

    14. Missing avatar

      Josep on

      I tried on a computer with OS X 10.9.2 and it worked just fine, but with an ancient iMac running 10.6.8 it didn't start, it showed this log on the terminal:

      ./ line 3: 310 Segmentation fault MacOS/kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental./ line 4: 311 Segmentation fault MacOS/krita

    15. Frédéric Momméja on

      Works like a charm! Wonderful job guys!
      OSX 10.9.3 Intuos3

      Can't wait the right-clic ability... ;)

    16. Henrique Perticarati on

      Mac OS X 10.9.2
      It worked just fine! :)

    17. Krita Foundation 3-time creator on

      Hi Paolo,

      Yes -- that seems very likely. I think I'm using 10.9 on my mac mini, and I guess that a build against the latest version won't run on earlier versions of OSX. I wonder what I can do here, since I'm by no means an OSX expert and we've only got the once machine.

    18. Missing avatar

      Paolo Acampora on

      this is great, I'm surprised we are that forward on the osx front.
      A friend of mine is reporting an error

      ./ line 3: 3492 Segmentation fault: 11 MacOS/kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental
      ./ line 4: 3494 Segmentation fault: 11 MacOS/krita

      mac os 10.7.5
      imac 2.5 ghz intel core i5
      16 gb 1333mhz ddr3

      maybe it's something with 10.7 version?

    19. myster0n on

      I backed this project as an OSX user with no hope of seeing it on OSX, as it was the super stretch goal, but you people are amazing. It WORKS!
      Now let's get that remaining ~1200€ in the next 9 days. At least.

    20. Víctor Gómez on

      OMG!!! It works on OSX. It's great!. Thanks!!!.

    21. Missing avatar

      Pablo Gil Fernández on

      It's working here =)

    22. Missing avatar

      cecile caplier on

      Oh my fucking god it's a dream, my dream is coming true *-* ! It works great !!! Thanks a lot, it's a very impressive first step ! Huuuuuuuge ! I'm on an osx 10.9.3, macbook pro 7.1. No problem for me except the cursor disappear when i use the color picker with shortcut cmd on brush tool.

    23. Seyi Ogunyemi on

      Wow … it worked! Time to up my backer tier. :)

      System Version: OS X 10.9.3 (13D65)