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Machined spheres with keepsake container inside. Mirror clear copper and brass combined with anodized aluminium.
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Manufacturing update Nr.2.

Posted by Kristoph Krisjans (Creator)
Hello dear backers,

Today we want to share with you our latest news about GR2 spheres manufacturing:

1. Aluminium spheres are finished

The machinig and anodizing for all aluminium spheres are finished. We are super happy with the result- it looks and feels even better than we thought. The anodized colors are just beautiful and the surface is more smoother than the first samples had. At the moment all spheres are still in anodizing factory and will be shipped to us next week. Here are some pictures:


All spheres are well packaged to avoid any deffects while delivering to our warehause
All spheres are well packaged to avoid any deffects while delivering to our warehause


2. Coating copper and brass parts

The machinig and polishing for all brass and copper lids are finished as well. They are now in the process where the protective coating is applied. It takes a bit longer than we expected because it turned out that it requires a special tool to hang them correctly while coating. However this issue only caused a small delay of couple of days. 

The part of full brass spheres are still in machining process and the other part is in coating along with the lids. We expect them to be finished in next week together with all lids.

Beautiful Full Brass Spheres polished and coated
Beautiful Full Brass Spheres polished and coated


3. Upgrade for acrylic glass stands

After testing the new and smoother anodized surface it turned out it is more slippery when put on acrylic stand. This caused the heavier lid side to slip down not allowing to put the sphere in any position. We searched for the best solution and finally solved the problem. All aluminium sphere stands will get a small but important upgrade- a transparent silicone sticker on the top side. It is anti-slippery and won't allow the sphere to rotate when put on the stand. It is almost invisible and less than 2mm thick.
The anti-slippery silicone stickers
The anti-slippery silicone stickers


Acrylic stand with the transparent silicone sticker
Acrylic stand with the transparent silicone sticker


Sphere on the stand before and after the silicone sticker is applied
Sphere on the stand before and after the silicone sticker is applied

4. Expected delivery

We expect to get all parts on our warehause at the first week of November. Then we will make the final quality check and start the packaging process. At the moment no further delays are expected so we plan to start shipping as scheduled (in November). Meanwhile we will keep you updated. As the shipping date is coming closer we are getting more excited and can't wait to get those spheres into your hands!

We hope you liked the update!
Best regards,
Kristoph and team

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    1. Kristoph Krisjans 8-time creator on

      @marie: Thank you for such kind words. This is one of the main reasons why we chose to create our projects here on Kickstarter. The communication between creators and backers are extremely important, especially for creative projects like ours.
      @Joao: Yes, the sticker can be removed from the stand. However if you decide to put it back again it maight not hold as good as the first time.
      @Michael: Thank you! The coating does not effect the silicon handle in any way- it works as good as without the coating. Actually the lid is very easy to uscrew without the handle as well, just with your fingers, and with the protective coating there wouldn't be any marks left on it. However if you loose your handle we can surely send you a new one.
      A small sneak peek for you- we have an awesome project coming that we plan to fulfill until Easter, we will make sure you know about the launch ;)

    2. Michael Geizhals on

      The pure brass look amazing - although I suspect a prototype as they are still in the manufacturing process - a work of art is what you are manufacturing - can hardly wait to back your next project. Just one question - does the better coating effect the silicone handle in any way ? You do not mention the silicone handle in your update. Will you have extra handles available as I am sure to lose at least one. Thanks.

    3. João Lobato on

      The anti-slippery silicone sticker is removale right? Nice update, keep them coming

    4. marie.A.r on

      Thank you Kristoph and team for this excellent update. It is what we expect from all creators, and, I personally value such photos, news, information you name it.
      have you all a good day. Marie