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Machined spheres with keepsake container inside. Mirror clear copper and brass combined with anodized aluminium.
466 backers pledged £21,980 to help bring this project to life.

Important information about brass and copper stretch goal!

Posted by Kristoph Krisjans (Creator)

Hello dear backers!

There is less than one week and we are very close to brass stretch goal. We don't want to make a mess on final days so we decided to unlock the stretch goal now. This means that from today you can upgrade your pladge with brass sphere. 

Initially we created this project only for aluminium spheres but due to your demand we added the brass and copper stretch goals. Unfortunately those spheres are much more expensive to manufacture and shipping so to get them you need to increase your pledge amount.


Here are the instructions:

1.To add brass sphere to your existing reward you need to increase the pledge amount by £45 per each brass sphere. This includes full kit and shipping cost. 

2.To change one of your spheres to brass sphere you need to increase the pledge amount by £25 per each sphere you want to change. Exception is super early birds one sphere and super early birds two sphere rewards- in this case you need to add £22. This includes full kit and shipping cost.


The copper sphere will be the same cost as brass sphere so if we reach £25 000 you can choose between copper and brass (your choice will be asked on surveys).

If you have any questions about your pledge please send them to us through direct messages.


Best regards and till the next update,

Kristoph & team


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    1. Kristoph Krisjans 8-time creator on

      @Kewin: That is correct. Thank you;)

    2. Kewin Eeg Risom Holm on


      So now i changed my pledge from 28£ to 50£ because of the super early bird.
      8£ is for shipping and the 42£ is for the full brass sphere. Is that correct? Btw. love the campaign.

    3. Kristoph Krisjans 8-time creator on

      @Tim: The copper will unlock if we reach 25k. In that case you would be able to choose only copper sphere insted of brass. Until then we only offer the brass sphere.

    4. Missing avatar


      Is there a way to select full copper only? (Not interested in brass)

    5. Kristoph Krisjans 8-time creator on

      @Ross: There is a discount for ''super early backers''. If they want to upgrade their spheres to full brass they need to add £22 instead of £25

    6. Ross Newman on

      So there is no "early bird" pricing for full brass/copper?