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On the eve of her best friend's wedding, Laurie reveals a long held secret feeling which may alter their relationship forever.

On the eve of her best friend's wedding, Laurie reveals a long held secret feeling which may alter their relationship forever.

On the eve of her best friend's wedding, Laurie reveals a long held secret feeling which may alter their relationship forever. Read More
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About this project

What do we need?

We need you to support this film in order for us to make our collective vision into a reality. Only with your help, can this film be fully produced and shown to a wide audience. Only with your help we can let people of the LGBTQ community know that they are understood and supported and that others have gone through strikingly similar experiences. More specifically, in order to produce this film, we need $5,000 of funding to pay for: equipment, props, locations and actors. We want to make a high-quality film, and therefore need to rent a high-quality camera, as well as lighting and sound equipment. We also need to pay for our locations and props, and compensate our actors. Furthermore, we will need to provide food and water during each shooting day for the whole film crew.


About the Director:

Krisstian de Lara is a second year Graduate Student at the University of Miami pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures Production. He is originally from the border communities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico where he worked for 9 years in the field of broadcast television. As a Producer, Editor, Technical Director and Commercial Director for Univision and XHIJ Channel 44, he was involved in many aspects of television production, such as newscasts, telethons, game shows, promotionals, and night and live entertainment. He has also worked as a webpage graphic designer for 5 years during his undergraduate studies at  The University of Texas at El Paso. He recently moved to Miami, Florida to fulfill his dream of seeking higher education. He has had the opportunity to work with dedicated and incredible people with whom he created phenomenal films and a variety of productions. Krisstian hasalso produced and directed films, music videos and documentaries in Spain and Mexico. Currently, he is looking forward to directing this upcoming short film because he believes how powerful this film can be and that it can change the world’s misconception of the LGBT community.


About the Writer:

Alison Vande Bunte, though native to Michigan, spent time living on three continents before moving to Miami to begin her Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting at the University of Miami. Her passion for understanding different cultures, as well as her desire to express her own life experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community, fuel her work. Her BA in Communication comes from Cedar Crest College, a women’s liberal arts school in Allentown, Pennsylvania. During her undergraduate career, she studied international communication at the Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After graduating, Alison moved to China, where she taught speaking and writing to undergraduates at the Shandong University of Science and Technology in Qingdao. Alison moved back to the United States in 2011 to devote all of her time to her writing career. Since then, her scripts have been produced into films in Miami, Alicante, Spain and Prague, Czech Republic. Her stories aim to express the feelings of LGBTQ people growing up in small American communities, to show young people that they are not alone in their experiences and to help straight Americans see and understand all people for who they really are - human beings.


About the Producer:
Lu Liu, also known as “Bernice,” is an outgoing person who is full of passion for filmmaking. She comes from a populous city, Changsha (in Southern China), which is popular for television entertainment and food. She is a second year Graduate Student earning her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Miami. As a UM student, she went to Guatemala to direct a documentary this past March. She also, went to Cannes, France to do an internship in the 65th Cannes Film Festival, where she networked and met many producers, distributors and filmmakers from all over the world. Lu has also created a strong relationship with Chinese actors, filmmakers and distributors in China where she will be collaborating with them for her thesis film. Lu is very passionate about filmmaking and she believes she will make films that will shake people’s hearts. Currently, she is looking forward to producing this film because it will be the first time she produces an LGBT film with such live and powerful characters that will engage any audience.


What are we going to do with this film?

Change the way the LGBTQ community is perceived and address life experiences that film and television have thus far ignored. We want to use this film to be superheros, to change lives in a positive way. After its production, this film will be entered into film festivals nationwide, not just limited to LGBTQ film fesitvals.

Some words from our Director, Krisstian de Lara:
“When I first read this story, I was really fascinated by how real the characters were. I was impressed on how the story reflects real life in most of the LGBT community. That’s why when Alison asked me to direct it, I couldn’t say no. I was more than honored. I believe a story like this should be made because it truly stands to combat mainstream television stereotypes. In national television series and in most reality shows, gay men are portrayed as feminine, while lesbians are shown as masculine or tomboys, which creates the stereotype that all gay men and women are like that. I was once told, “Why do they always pick the same people? Why can’t they pick regular gay men and women?” Well, this film does that, it emphasizes that anybody can be gay, your best friend, your cousin or your uncle. Ordinary people that are no different than you and I. People with emotions and feelings, that like any other person, seeks love. This is why I’m asking you to contribute to help make this film. A story about ordinary gay men and women in real life situations, not the Hollywood version portrait on television, that both the LGBT and non LGBT communities can associate with.Help us by supporting and donating a small contribution that will have a big impact; and thank you for helping a good story get to the big screen.”

Some words from our Producer, Lu Liu:
“This past March, Alison shared her script with her fellow screenwriting classmates, me included. From the moment we read it we all fell in love with the story and characters! Veil is different from the typical LBGT story. You connect deeply with the characters and come to understand that being gay is not a choice. We all, gay or straight, cannot change who we are inside. And I really admire that. I was so excited when Alison asked me to help her produce this short. I really want to see this screenplay be brought to life on the big screen. I believe this story will make an amazing short. We have a team ready to make this happen. We calculated our budget to be $5,000 including actors, locations, props and equipment. Now, we are asking for your support and donations to help defray those costs. We promise to make a film that will make you feel different about gay characters. It will show you that we all can overcome our fears and insecurities. But we need your support to make it a reality. We will make this film for you! Thank you so much for your generosity!”

Some words from our Writer, Alison Vande Bunte:
“This film is the story of a maid of honor who is secretly in love with her best friend, the bride, but is still in the closet. I wanted to write a story that was relatable, to have the viewer say, “wow, that was exactly how I felt being gay in my hometown,” and to know, most importantly, how many other people of the LGBTQ community have similar experiences of growing up in a middle America culture of normalcy that stifled us, rejected us and hurt us, emotionally and physically. LGBTQ people who grew up in small conservative towns, like the protagonist of this film, and like myself, had feelings we couldn’t talk about, that confused us or made us feel ashamed. And this film, more than just being a love story, is meant to be a light at the end of the tunnel for people who have lived in similar circumstances; something that they can recognize themselves in and know they are not alone. Please help us to spread this message by making it possible for us to produce this script into a film.”

Some words from our Director of Photography, Dong Kyu Lee:
“What excites me the most about this project is the ideal of breaking stereotypes of the LGBT community and the storytelling behind it. This film is worth making, from the incredible story of a woman truly in love with her best friend and the obstacles she overcomes to confess such tough decision to the the crew behind the project. I’ve had the privilege to work with Krisstian, director of this upcoming film and he’s an incredible storyteller. His works have impressed me and many others by his talent of directing powerful emotions that go through the actors right into the camera. I’ve also collaborated with Alison, the writer of this film, who has a level of outstanding creativity and the ability of creating engaging and rich characters. Also, Lu is one of the best producers that has the courage, the momentum and energy to bring many project into reality. We have the best team on board, the only person we are missing and need the most, is YOU. Please help make this film with your donation and we will be forever grateful. Thank you.”

Will this film be in festivals?
- Yes, nationwide!

Can I contact the Director/Writer/Producer?
- Definitely. You can contact any of the crew or cast members via Twitter and they will be glad to hear from you or answer any of your questions or concerns.
Producer - Lu Liu: @berniceluliu
Director - Krisstian de Lara: @krisstiandelara
Writer - Alison Vande Bunte: @myhandsmyknees

Is there any way I can help?
- ♪♪ The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and the bees... I want moneyyyy. That’s what I want. ♪♪

Risks and challenges

Film making is a great challenge. Once we receive the necessary funding to create the project we will get to work. We will start story boarding, renting locations and equipment, buying props, ordering catering for the shoots, organizing and recruiting crew to help out in every aspect of the film such as lighting, camera assistants, director's assistants, producer assistants, behind the scenes crew and equipment, transportation for crew and talent or paying their parking. All these details will be consider to create a film, extremely complex and difficult but not impossible!

The Veil is an independent graduate film project being made because of a shared vision. Under these circumstances there are many challenges that we need to overcome.

We are all busy students, some taking classes and working at the same time, and this is not a project we will be getting any credit for from our school. Thus, we are using what little spare time we have to complete this project, which is often not a lot.

Because this is not a project for a class that also means that we are not receiving school funding for the project, and have to find ways to finance it ourselves despite low pay rates and high tuition fees.

Being students with varying schedules, finding times that we can all meet as well as working with the schedules of cast and crew, makes putting all of this together even more difficult.

Though we have had to reschedule shooting several times, every member of this project is committed to it. We can’t say how much we appreciate your patience and support as we continue to move forward.

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