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Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play as a two year old child.
Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play as a two year old child.
8,110 backers pledged $248,358 to help bring this project to life.

Reward Images (& small award Nomination!)

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Dear Backers!

Your commitment, support and generosity continues to take us by surprise. As you might know, this is our first big project ever, so we're humbled to experience this much warmth! Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part this project.

Images of rewards »

We’ll continue to make the rewards even more awesome and better looking going forward, so you might find few changes later on. Check the complete Rewards Matrix here »

'The Plan' Selected for Indie Showcase

We are very pleased to announce that our small creative side project The Plan has been selected to be showcased at the annual Nordic Game Indie Night event, during Nordic Game Conference! We will be travelling to Sweden for the conference, the 22nd to 24th of May, where we'll be presenting the project. Hope to see some of you there!

You can play the game for free in it’s entirety here »

Thanks again!
- The Krillbite Team

Add-ons Announced! New concept & Rewards Matrix

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Climbing towards 50% funded!

In this update you will find some amazing new concepts, the almighty Add-ons for your tiers, and a nifty Rewards Matrix to easily read each tier's content! Let us know what you'd like to see next.

Please continue to help us share the project - and read on!

New concepts »

These concepts portray some thoughts and ideas we've been through while developing Among the Sleep. It also shows how diverse environments we're aiming for in Among the Sleep. All of them have in some way contributed towards the final direction of the game. Feel free to share any thoughts! Dowload high res version here »


Would you like to add an item of your choice, like a Soundtrack, T-shirt or Limited Boxed Collectors Edition, to your tier that don't already include it?

Now you can!  

Click the Manage Your Pledge button to increase your pledge by the appropriate amount. Do not change your tier, unless this is what you want to do. At the end of the campaign, you will receive a survey where you can explain how you want your Add-on money distributed.

Physical Add-ons
If your pledge does not already include shipping of physical goods, add $15 on top for shipping.

  • Physical Slim Copy - Add $25A physical copy of Among the Sleep with awesome cover art! Three of these will contain a mysterious treasure.
  • Backer-exclusive T-shirt - Add $30Exclusive backer T-shirt, with logo and awesome artwork.
  • Physical Artbook - Add $50
    Enjoy the beautiful artwork from Among the Sleep in the comfort of your favorite chair, and the tactile quality of printed paper against your fingers. WIN! 
  • Limited Collectors Grandparent Edition - Add $100
    Get the Limited Boxed edition, in a collectors cardboard box! The box also includes a story/development leaflet & physical soundtrack. Four of these will contain a mysterious treasure.
  • Autographed Limited Collectors Grandparent Edition - Add $250
    Receive the same Limited Boxed edition as above, only signed by everyone on the team! Five of these will contain a mysterious treasure.

Digital Add-ons 

  • Digital signed backer poster - Add $5
    Receive a digital poster, signed on a tablet by the entire team!
  • Digital soundtrack - Add $5
    Receive the auditory glory from Among the Sleep, in all it's splendor as a digital album. All in the highest quality, and with beautiful cover art!
  • Digital Artbook - Add $10
    Get the entire Among The Sleep Artbook to browse, without the hazardous paper cuts! All on your digital device of choice!

If there's something you'd like to see added as an Add-on, please let us know!

Rewards & Add-on Matrix » 

If you’re having a hard time navigating the reward tiers, here’s a clear overview »

As you can see, we've also decided to add more rewards to some tiers. These will not show on the front page, so have a look at the matrix above to check the specifics.

Talking about rewards.. Oh, how squishy and soft that Plush Teddy looks! All fuzzy and warm, still smelling of Krillbite's working hands. Imbued by their dedication, for all eternity.

We’ll publish images of the rewards as soon as they are ready! 

Again, thanks for your incredible support! 

- The Krillbite Team

Forum & Speedpaint video is up!

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Another great day - we’re getting closer!

Over 2600 of you have now contributed a total of $70.000! Seeing that so many people around the world wish to back a project like Among the Sleep is a priceless motivational boost for us. Can we actually do this!? It’s still some way to go, so keep spreading the word!

Forum is up »

Would you like to discuss Among the Sleep with other enthusiasts, or with us personally? Maybe you have a suggestion, a piece of feedback, some speculations, or just anything Krillbite-related you’d like to share? Please follow this link to the official Krillbite forum - we would love to see you there!

All our backers will gain access to the exclusive backer-sections when/if the Kickstarter campaign is successfully completed.

Watch Speedpaint video »

If you’d like to see an example of how our 2D artists work, watch these 6 hours of drawing in 3 minutes! This video shows Karoline Aske drawing a piece that we really feel depicts the mood we’re aiming for.

Download the finished high-res version here »

The music track “Too Much Win”, that you also heard in the Kickstarter Video, was composed by our very own Martin Kvale (aka Noctilucent Clouds) and can be downloaded from here »

Thanks again for your warm support, you make it all worth it.
- The Krillbite Team

Update #2: System Requirements, Gameplay video & Press

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Dear friends!

You make it all worth it. We're really overwhelmed with your response and questions, both emotionally and practically (so please excuse us if it we spend some time getting back to all of you!). After two days we're really excited about how this will turn out, the journey has just begun!

Discuss anything with the team right now »

We're doing a Reddit AMA from now onwards. If you have a question that has not been answered in the FAQ, or would just like to chat, please don’t hesitate to join in! :)

If Reddit is not your baby bottle of tea, please send us private messages from the Kickstarter page, and we’ll reply ASAP!

System requirements

We have run a few tests! The system requirements below might be subject to change during the remaining development, but it should paint you a picture of what to expect:

Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
Memory: 3 GB (32 bit OS) 4GB (64 bit OS)
Video Card: 512 MB or more, DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0

These specs unfortunately imply it will be next to impossible to make an Ouya version of Among the Sleep. But! We'll work hard to getting it out on as many platforms we can! We want as many people as possible to be able to play it.

Addons coming on monday

Would you like a specific reward added to your tier? (e.g. if you would like a T-shirt or boxed copy included in a lower level tier). Don't despair! We will be publishing Addon specific information on monday :)

Gameplay video - PewDiePie

If you want to see more gameplay, and have nothing against spoiling a small part of Among the Sleep narrated by a crazy celebrity - follow this link to watch an eeeaaarly alpha build in action!

Some highlights from the press

We'd like to end this second update on a grateful note. We’ve been so privileged to receive a lot of positive press around the web the last couple of days! Both on huge websites and in the most secluded and obscure corners of the internet. That is awesomely humbling, and make us confident that we're not alone in wanting to see Among the Sleep created. 

“Among the Sleep is easily one of the most intriguing horror concepts I've run into.”
The Escapist - Andy Chalk

“Among The Sleep uses a child’s vivid imagination to so confidently move from chilling horror experience to magical adventure without you ever noticing the transition.” IndieStatik - Chris Priestman

“Movement is what’s grabbing my attention more than anything else: the full body awareness seems excellent.”
Rock Paper Shotgun - Craig Pearson

In addition, here is a selection of other articles in case you’re interested: The Verge, Eurogamer, Joystiq, Kotaku, PC Gamer, Destructoid, GameInformer &

Thanks so much for all your support, and the amazing amount of positive feedback on the concept. We're certainly just getting started, so stay tuned!

- The Krillbite Team

First day update, Greenlight and Reddit AMA!

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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You wonderful people!

Thank you so much for joining us during the first 24 hours of this exciting ride. The Early Bird tier were all gone in the first hours, and we’re approaching 1/4 funded already! It’s been an incredibly inspiring 24 hours, and we’re preparing tons of exciting news for you in the coming days. Also, thanks so much to Annleis Film for helping out / making the Kickstarter movie.

Greenlight’s up »

For everyone who's interested in seeing Among the Sleep on Steam, there's now a Greenlight page » up and running!

Oculus Rift support!!!???

We’ve got tons off request regarding Oculus Rift support - and we definitely agree that this would be awesome! We have even been experimenting with it, and can confirm it’s awesomeness. We want to add Oculus as our first stretch goal, so at the moment it’s a bit dependent on the Kickstarters success - we'll see!

Reddit AMA

For those of you interested in discussing anything with us, we’re doing an AMA (ask us anything) over at tomorrow from noon PDT / 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST, regarding Among the Sleep, the Kickstarter, and anything else! Hope to see you there!

And again, again, and again.. thanks so much to all of you!- The Krillbite Team