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Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play as a two year old child.
Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play as a two year old child.
8,110 backers pledged $248,358 to help bring this project to life.

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Oculus Rift support confirmed!

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Hi folks and bots,

Great news! We’ve just received our Oculus Rift Dev-Kit, and have started playing around with it. It is amazing, and so far it has us convinced that the perspective, scale and immersion it offers is perfect for Among the Sleep.

As you can see in the video, we have a quick test up and running already. We can confirm that looking down at your own baby body, or up at the door handle towering high above you, is quite a special experience with the Rift.

Even though we will support a basic implementation of Oculus Rift either way, we really want to do some cool things, like exploring the upcoming positional tracking. That’s why we have also made a stretch goal at 25k, so that we can spend more time with a number of things.

We've certainly had fun playing with it until now, and we hope you like the look of it. And tomorrow we’ll be announcing more details on Stretch Goals, so stay tuned :)

Thanks for reading,
- The Krillbite Team

Progress on Playable Alpha

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Good day everyone!

Thanks so much for all your support this far! We want to repay your kindness, and are currently working hard to publish an early playable alpha to you! We would love for everyone to be able to play (an early version of) Among the Sleep, so that you can actually test it for yourself.

But before we release it publicly, we want to fix a few critical crashes and implement a feedback system, so we hope to release it towards the end of the Kickstarter campaign :)

And for those of you in tiers $100 and up, which includes Alpha testing this summer, this will be a much longer and more polished version.

We’ve continued to receive a lot of press the last weeks. For instance, if you’d like to read more of our thoughts on Among the Sleep, you can check out this fresh interview at GameSpot » 

And as always, stay tuned, on monday we are announcing something we've been looking forward to talk more about :)

Onwards and upwards!
- The Krillbite Team

New Screenshot!

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Dear friends, backers, supporters and well-wishers!

We’re superhappy to see that Among the Sleep now have over 4 THOUSAND backers! The love you show us is incredibly motivating. We are climbing steadily towards our goal, but please don’t stop sharing the project.

New screenshot!

You can now feast your eyes on a new screenshot! It´s taken in the third chapter, and one might almost be fooled to find it cozy. (High-res version HERE)

Creating our 3D-Assets

Also, we wanted to share something from behind the scenes of Among the Sleep. Please let us know if this is something you’d like to see more of :)

These images show a couple examples of the usual 3D asset creation process.

We start with a sketch, most often very rough in order to save time and also to give the 3D artist some creative freedom. (High-res version HERE)

When the mesh is done we paint the texture either directly on the model with Zbrush, or on the flat texture template in Photoshop, usually a combination of both. (High-res version HERE)

This is just a small taste of the process, but if you would like to know more, please ask us in the backer forums! (High-res version HERE)

In other news, we’re currently preparing our next video-update! It will be published one of the nearest days, and you can expect some great things coming your way. Also, thanks to you we have already climbed to the 91st place on Greenlight! Keep spreading the word, and we'll be greenlit in no time!

In addition, don't hesitate to join us on Facebook, Twitter or in the Forums.

All the best,

- The Krillbite Team

Video Update #1 - FAQ

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Hi everyone!

Whohooo! We're at 50% in 1/3 of our time on Kickstarter! Thanks again for all your support, kind words, and for helping to make Among the Sleep possible :) However, there is still a climb left - so keep spreading the word!

FAQ Video

We've received tons of questions during the last week, and have decided to answer the most popular ones in this video. In between our blabbering, you'll also find a lot of concepts and sketches from the development - some of which have never been shared before!

And before somebody asks, yes we're rather tired - but who can sleep during awesome days like these!

In addition, feel free to ask or discuss anything with us in the forums or comment section. And for those who missed it, there is still time to join the Art Contest - maybe you'll get your very own art in Among the Sleep? Submission deadline is on the 8th of May.

Many thanks once again, we cannot do this without you!

- The Krillbite Team

Art Contest!

Posted by Krillbite Studio (Creator)
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Dear friends, lets do something creative together!

That’s right! We’ll go through all the images that you submit to by the 8th of May, and choose one to be featured inside the final game! In addition, we’ll be uploading an album of our personal highlights to our Facebook page »

All you need to do is draw anything you want related to Among the Sleep. The contest is open to everyone, and you’re free to use your own technique of choice. We accept everything from 3D & digital paintings, to charcoal & woodcuts. It could be a crazy concept piece, a scene from your childhood, or even something drawn by your niece! We value creativity and technical skill the same, so there really are no limits.

Delivery: Send it to with the subject: Fan-Art Contest by the 8th of May!

Kickstarter status

As of now, we’ve got 23 more days to go and we’re past 40% funded! You’ve done an amazing effort so far - and we’re confident that together we can push beyond our funding goal!

For more on Rewards and Add-ons: browse beautiful images in genuine pixels, and important information pedantically organised in a TABLE! Because this campaign is also about what awesome goods you can expect in return for your much valued contributions :)

All the best,

- The Krillbite Team