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Follow me as I travel around the world, showcasing the roots of critical thinking, creativity, and human endeavours

What does it mean to think outside the box?

Project Iko is an attempt to answer this question.

This project will be a video and poetry series following a journey in search of the roots of human understanding.

The remnants of invention and applications of critical thinking can be found throughout the modern world. I will interview people who live near or around these places.

Any interview captured, and historical monument visited will be accompanied with a poem and scientific demonstration.

Alongside these interviews, I will be volunteering with many organizations in support of education and scientific research. (under a separate budget of course!)

For example?

In China, I will recreate the earliest compass ever invented and use it on a backpacking adventure.

In Egypt, I will show, in a simple demonstration, exactly how the earth's size was figured out almost 2000 years before the space age.

In India, I will explain and showcase the invention of the number zero and what that means for humanity.

I will visit Ascension island and film an early experiment in terraforming done by Charles Darwin.

And any foray into Europe or the Middle East and I will be interviewing scientists and educators about innovators like Sir Issac Newton, Ibn Al-Haytham, and Euclid.

Why a documentary series? Why poetry?

The first question is simple. A filmmaker by trade, I want to share in the medium I love most.

The second question, Why poetry? A lover of music and of so many poets, I continually read over the poetry I've been exposed to over the last 27 years.

These poems continue to push and inspire me to solve new problems and attempt to achieve great things. I hope to someday inspire one person in such a way.

What is Project Go and how does it relate to Project Iko?

Project Iko is the second episode of the Project Go series. The first episode was a blog and video journal made along the O-henrosan pilgrimage, a 1,200 kilometer trail around the island of Shikoku, Japan. 

The second episode, Project Iko, will have upgraded equipment and much steadier footage, including demonstrations of science as well at a plethora of interviews. For an example, please check out the update video I posted a few days ago

What will $10,000 be used for?

The funds raised will be used for two purposes.

(1) Transportation. I will be traveling and living off of my own savings, but many of the more remote locations are too far to reach without extra funds.

(2) Equipment and equipment emergencies. I will be traveling with two cameras and an external mic. It would be quite helpful to take with me a simple tablet to preview the footage and catalog whenever possible. 

Why should I fund your project?

Two reasons.

For one, at each level of funding, you'll receive a product or experience. Please see the rewards section for more details.

The second reason is more conceptual. I'd like to continue my efforts at promoting education, creativity, and critical thinking. The arts and sciences have developed beautifully over the past thousands of years. This project will help me move towards being a more outspoken advocate for these causes.

A Skype high five? What's that?

In a nutshell.... Pure awesome. At each increasing level of contribution, I've added another level of awesome.

The high five is guaranteed, because I would like to high five the world.

No questions asked.

Who are you?

Just a guy who wants to help.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are a multitude of risks. The largest is travel issues. Although an assortment of crew and I will be traveling in relative safety, nothing is guaranteed. If I or any of my crew were to come down with any medical problems, the project would be postponed, but not cancelled. Of course, we could run into difficulties with the equipment. Just as with medical issues, I will postpone the project until we can obtain equivalent gear! Any other worries, please don't hesitate to ask! Of course, we will keep everyone in the loop. To learn more, please visit - the official Project Go website!


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