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Join us in releasing the newest album from the Hot Shots in a CD and 7in Vinyl set. 8 songs following Chie Kodama back home to Japan.

"My music is heavily influenced by Country, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues as well as Rockabilly musicians from the 1950s. Digital music is great, but I love vinyl. They're both great friends. CDs are the kind of friends who go to clubs, and have fun. Records are much intimate. These friends gather at home to drink, dance and have in-depth conversations. I want my music to be a close friend."

Who are the Hot Shots?

"These guys are much more than a rockabilly band. They're all over the map! They write amazing originals, then they'll car-jack cover tunes and make 'em all their own. They've got their own sound," - NRBQ founding father Terry Adams citing smatterings of roadhouse jazz and alt-country lurking in the Hot Shots' DNA.

After her fourth and most recent album, "Teen Street", Chie Kodama settled into the musicians' haven of Koenji, Tokyo. The newest Album, "Sample My Kissing" features inspiration from every aspect of Chie's life over the last few years. 

What do we want to do?

The process of recording and releasing music eats a lot of time and resources. More-so when considering releasing an album on Vinyl. Drawing from a variety of golden age country and folk musicians, the atmosphere of a vinyl recording fits the Hot Shots much more than crystalline digital. We really want to release this album on both formats in one set so it can be enjoyed on the go, as well as at home with a nice glass of whiskey.

What will the funding go towards?

Simply, the kickstarter campaign will fund the vinyl pressing process.

"Chie puts everything into her music. She pushes herself to create emotional work and never disappoints when it comes to creating a quality product!" - Kristopher Littlefield (Kickstarter campaign manager)

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The only challenges that may come up would be a delay in production. The album is in production, however it should be completed soon!


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