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£94,010 pledged of £200,000 goal
By Kostas
£94,010 pledged of £200,000 goal

Hours left...

38 hours left in the campaign at the time of writing...

With over £150.000 of funding ground to cover success is looking rather unlikely.

So what to do now?

Some have already picked up on this in the comments etc, but let us re-iterate and highlight the importance of this subtle point:

The funding percentage at the end of the campaign will make a massive difference to the future of this project.

In other words both 90% and 20% are fail scenarios, however the former paints a picture of a project that had desirability, but simply didn't make it for whatever reason. Whereas the latter shows an unmarketable product.

So what we'd like to ask of you is to push one last time by increasing your pledges as much as you can and by getting people to back the project. As I am sure you know, Kickstarter employs an "all or nothing" funding model, which means when the campaign ends you will not be charged a penny (since we won't meet our goal). Some of you cancelled your pledges recently, presumably thinking your money would go to waste since we wouldn't meet our goal. Again, keeping in mind that you don't get charged if we don't meet the goal, we'd love for you to reinstate your pledges and significantly help us increase that sum total.

It's all about getting that number as high as possible now. It's all about prestige.

We hope you will help us show the world that despite the hurdles we didn't manage to overcome (low press coverage, pounds/dollars confusion, bad communication on our part etc), Kung Fu Superstar is still a game gamers want.

Thank you,



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    1. Duane on December 3, 2012

      @ Pink
      Also with the holiday seasons in full swing now people are most likely keeping close tabs on their wallets for presents and so forth.

    2. Kostas Creator on December 3, 2012

      Just wanted to say: Mindblowing response to this update from all of you... it's a bitter sweet feeling to experience your commitment to this project... thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    3. KevinP on December 3, 2012

      Upped my pledge

    4. Alexander on December 3, 2012

      I'm really annoyed that this isn't taking off more. This project really looks like something new and innovative.

      I wonder though how much the focus on Kinect hurt the amount of backers. Personally my experience with Kinect isn't that great and I didn't back the project untill I found out that Kinect was optional. Once that was clear though I opted for a mid level tier.

      Offcourse it's all water under the bridge. But I wonder what would've happened if the focus had been on a realistic kung fu game with optional Kinect funtionality.

    5. Pink-Pummy
      on December 3, 2012

      Also it's not just a matter of how good your game is, but also the other projects going on currently. Personally I was among those who threw a lot of money at for example the Star citizen project and some other big names, for nostalgia reasons, that ended up cashing in a large sum of money. Which left me and many others with a feeling of "okay no kickstarting for a while". Right now there's project Godus from Peter Molyneux which also receives a lot of attention...Soo the bottom line is, it may not be your project, it may just be that it happened to appear on here at a bad time.

    6. Toby Heagerty on December 3, 2012

      Its really a shame that this project is looking so unlikely. Have upped my pledge as much as I can for the moment (as I'm still hoping for a miracle). I really hope this project doesn't completely die if the Kickstarter fails as it is a truly excellent concept.