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Get environmental feedback from your game! KOR-FX uses cutting-edge tech that lets you feel every movement, bullet, and explosion.
1,202 backers pledged $183,449 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) 5 days ago

      @Anthony Adessa Hi Anthony! Once we get word on the new founder edition vests shipping we will be sure to update everyone immediately :)

    2. Creator Anthony Adessa 5 days ago

      Any word on the new founder edition vests?

    3. Creator Kyle Miracle 6 days ago

      Haha hey I'm a little guy, the vest doesn't fit me all that great thus I get first dibs on V2 :D lol I'm jk

    4. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) 7 days ago

      Oh don't worry @Jason Nicholes we definitely didn't forget about you either ;)

    5. Creator Jason Nicholes 7 days ago

      Hey! No fair. @Kyle...

    6. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on April 13

      @Kyle Miracle Once we have an update on V2 you will be the first to know :)

    7. Creator Kyle Miracle on April 12

      Can't stop thinking bout how amazing V2 of this is going to be if they do one!

    8. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on April 6

      Hi @Tomasz Fiedor, did you follow all of the steps in our set up tutorials, and did you turn the intensity up on the dongle? :)

    9. Creator Tomasz Fiedor on April 5

      Am I doing something wrong if all I feel are just vibrations like from normal controller, and they mostly don't correspond well to what is happening in game?

    10. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on March 26

      @Jason Nicholes We couldn't have made it happen without you, so thank YOU! :)

    11. Creator Jason Nicholes on March 25

      The vest makes this game sooooo much better. Played through Borderlands2 on PS3 long ago. (Without the vest)
      2015 brings it to the PS4- add in the amazing tech - KOR-FX - shake well and BOOM. Non-stop FUN!

      Thanks again. Wow.

    12. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on March 24

      @Jason Nicholes We are working on it! In the meantime kick some butt for us ;)

    13. Creator Jason Nicholes on March 23

      Borderlands PS4 tomorrow. KOR-FX might wear out soon. Please have another one ready... Just in case.

    14. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on March 2

      @Piero Bosco We are working on the last few and all refunds should be sent out within the week. If you haven't received a refund from Amazon Payments yet, please email us at and we will look into it for you immediately. Thank you Piero! :)

    15. Creator Piero Bosco on March 2

      @Have I been refunded the huge amount of money I paid in customs!!?!!

    16. Creator Kyle Miracle on February 9

      Just had my friend try out the vest with my $900 driving simulator and he LOVED it. Even called up his GF and cammed her while he drove explaining to her how everything worked haha and I will admit the best works great for racing games, honestly better then anything else I've tried. Just sucks cause the best doesn't fit me too well so I won't be driving with it on too often but nonetheless, looking forward to V2.0 :) Actually gonna be letting dad try out the vest soon, should be fun lol

    17. Creator Jan-Philipp Lynker on February 8

      @Jason Nicholes Thank you for your tip:) Nice family!
      I do live in germany, but international shipment is no problem. A friend of mine is selling his products all over the world, so I'll use his service. Also the shipment is free!

      So again: Contact me if you're interested;)

    18. Creator Kyle Miracle on February 5

      So they any word on V2.0 yet? I know it seems a bit early but hey, this is a great product and I'm very excited to see what the next version will be like now that the company has the funding and feedback :) just really hoping for adjustable shoulder straps lol

    19. Creator Jason Nicholes on February 3

      Maybe post your general location to help your sale. Good luck. My family games with me...

    20. Creator Jan-Philipp Lynker on February 2

      Since I've been working the whole day and have a family now, I don't have time for gaming anymore. Therefore the vest would just collects dust. So I'm selling it, to someone who has more time for this nice product.
      I'll pick up the vest again from retailers, when I have more time again for gaming and media consumption.
      If anyone is interested in buying my vest please contact me ;)

    21. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on January 30

      @Tasha Samantha Louise Plaistow no need to worry! We are still in the process of issuing the refunds. Once yours goes through you should receive a notification from Amazon :)

    22. Creator Tasha Samantha Louise Plaistow on January 25

      Haven't been reimbursed yet should I worry?

    23. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on January 21

      @Anthony Adessa Hi there! The vest does make slight noise when the intensity is turned up high, but nothing that should effect your game play :) We are currently working on the second Founders Edition, and once we have an update for you we will be sure to post it :) So glad to hear you are enjoying the vest!

    24. Creator Anthony Adessa on January 20

      I've been using this for a while, and I absolutely love it. Two questions. One, is the vet supposed to make noise when I listen to music? I set the volume up all the way on my iPhone 6 and have the setting for vibration intensity on 7 and it feels really cool, but when i take my headphones off(I have my headphones plugged in too) I hear the music plying through the vest pretty loudly. Is there any way to make the vest quiet? Two, any word on when the second founder editions are shipping? I don't mean to Rush you guys and I'm happy to wait even a year if that's what it will take, but just curious. Thanks for such an awesome invention!

    25. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on January 20

      @Merien Van der Velden I will be sending you a message!

    26. Creator Merien Van der Velden on January 17

      I returned the vest (due to long waiting and vat costs) and haven't seen reimbursement. Please reimburse to my original payment method (CC) or contact.

    27. Creator Jason Nicholes on January 13

      It's not for actual combat.

    28. Creator Jan-Philipp Lynker on January 12

      So I've been using the vest for quite a time now and this is my impression:
      It's good! Not very good but it creates a good vibration effect which makes the experinece more intense. Soon you don't want to play without it.
      What makes my angry is the incredible bad built quality. This is a 5$ product blown up to 180$. The loser is the user. The buttons keep detaching altough I'm not wearing it tight, The stiched seams are bad. The battery case is super fragile and there is already a huge tear behind a pack.

      I would buy a KorFX Gaming vest for about 30-40$. Any higher price would be disrespectful.
      The built quality doesn't hold up to the functionality!

    29. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on January 12

      @Bissmire Hi there! We are still in the process of reimbursing backers who were effected by this :)

    30. Creator Bissmire on January 12

      Hi, just curious how the International Shipping Tax Refund Process is going?

    31. Creator Simon Jenkins on December 28

      @KOR-FX my vest should be on it's way back to you. I didn't have £490 spare to pay customs.

    32. Creator J Master on December 24

      @Kyle, change batteries does work. Probably heavy duty type of battery isn't working.

    33. Creator Kyle Miracle on December 24

      @J Master press and hold the power button for a couple seconds till it says "on".

    34. Creator Kyle Miracle on December 24

      @Piero you may wanna make sure the dial on the dongle is set low, like 6-7, might help ya. And try messing with the filters and the volume on the vest itself as well.

    35. Creator J Master on December 23

      Erm, got my vest now. How do you power on your vest and hear the "ON" voices?

      Is this batteries compatible?

    36. Creator Piero Bosco on December 23

      @creator, I played with the audio settings, couldn't get it to have much effect when casting spells which should have an awesome noise :( I have the vest on maximum intensity...

      Btw you mention on your videos that there is meant to be a break in period of 30 hours, how much more pronounced to you think the effect is after this time?

    37. Creator Sultan Bahatheq on December 18

      I haven't received my vest yet or my tracking number yet

    38. Creator Ray Rosher on December 18


    39. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on December 18

      @Ray Rosher I am looking into this right now for you and will be sending you a message!

    40. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on December 18

      @Leo Burton That's awesome to hear!! :D

    41. Creator Ray Rosher on December 18

      Have all vest's shipped Still waiting for mine! UK..

    42. Creator Leo Burton on December 17

      I got to say I'm loving this vest more and more! I can't imagine BF4 without it now! A must have!

    43. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on December 17

      @Piero Bosco Glad to hear you're enjoying the vest! As for your situation with Dragon Age 3, did you play around with the settings/up the intensity for it?

    44. Creator Piero Bosco on December 16

      Just trying out dragon age 3, playing a mage (audio settings set to headphones) I can't say its a great effect sadly :( would have thought using my staff firing bolts would have more oomph..

    45. Creator Piero Bosco on December 16

      wow it's a bit dead in here;

      Anyway from playing with the vest, I can't say that I feel immersed but there is definitely an effect, but you have to learn what sort of vibrations you can generate and from what audio...

      Before you progress, you do NOT need to be using headphones, I have my PC surround system plugged in through via the box... Crank up the Line IN to full on the box and make sure the light next to bind is solid (not flashing), ensure you have the music going into the box on full, and the line out on around 4 or 5

      As long as you power the sound box from USB... I have a hub from my computer near my sofa.. you can use almost any audio source with a headphone out, phone, tablet, (3DS does not work)

      As a guide, wear the vest without doing it up with any straps (or loosely), with some music playing, have the chest fairly flat against your chest and sit upright to make good contact with your chest. Move it around to you get a good feel of the sensation which will use your chest as an amplifier.

      Some songs which have a "good vibration" effect are, you will want to choose songs with a distinctive beat and not just a constant rumbling... (use the 'M' button to filter out annoying rumbles, filter 3 seems to give a cleaner beat)

      Songs (Found by whatever started playing on my PC)
      Alex Clare - Too Close
      Justin Timberlake - Dress on
      Girlfriend in the city - Nelly furtardo (very constant beating)
      Say it right - Nelly furtardo (very defined beat)
      I just wanna F
      Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Very nice beat)
      Take it off - Ke$ha
      Dream on - Christian Falk (pleasant beat)

      Plaentside 2 - Use filter 3 to get a nice effect from gun fire and cancel out background noise

      Do not use for that long (for 2 hours) your chest WILL hurt the next day, but nothing serious just you will notice it will feel slightly uncomfortable for a few hours in the morning... (like you've been exercising)

    46. Creator Adrian on December 13

      got it, will collect it from the depot on monday

    47. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on December 12

      @Adrian I messaged you! :)

    48. Creator Adrian on December 12

      @creator still waiting for my tracking number, been begging support for 4 weeks.

    49. Creator KOR-FX (Immerz, Inc) on December 12

      @Turabi Ay Perfect! You rock.

    50. Creator Turabi Ay on December 12

      @creator thank you received, will arrange items as requested.

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