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Action RPG featuring stunning 2D visuals, fast paced gameplay and multiple story lines. For iOS, Android, OSX and Windows.
684 backers pledged $24,812 to help bring this project to life.

Boohyah! Ouya!


It has been exactly 35 days since we started this second Kickstarter campaign and we could never have predicted such an amazing turn out like this. Thanks to your generosity, we met our goal, doubled it, tripled it and almost quintupled it!  

Half a year has passed since our humble beginning. A lot of you shared this journey with us, and we're happy to now have even more of you to share it with. 

What you can expect from us:

- The project is in good hands. The presentation looks so gorgeous that sometimes people forget this is a project still in development. You won't receive the game as it is in the video. 

Animation and art will be cleaned up. Gameplay will be heavily developed. New content will be produced. You can rest assured that we will do our best to hopefully create a game that meets your expectations. 

Thanks to you, we can now afford to sign two additional developers who will take over some of Leo's responsibilities. Leo oversees music, programming, voice acting, animation and art production so having extra help can only mean good things for all of us and the completion of this project.

- You will hear from us. We like doing meaty monthly updates. We like talking about almost everything happening on the project. We answer questions from fans, fellow artists or developers. We share our workflow, we talk about our development process, we share art and gameplay videos and we talk about things and people we like. 

However, keep in mind we don't treat this page like twitter, we dont post short updates, we value your time and if you can only dedicate one day a month reading an update from us, we'd better make sure it has a lot in it. 

You'll hear from us once a month at the minimum. You won't be in the dark. Guaranteed. If this is your first time backing a Kickstarter project, this is good news.

Of course, there's always Twitter or Facebook if you need a quick fix.

Rival Threads on Ouya

It's not really a secret that we want to bring this title to consoles. We're sure some of you may even feel the same way. 

Mainstream developer consoles and licenses are expensive. "How expensive?", we asked. "If you have to ask how much, then you can't afford it" expensive, they say. There is almost no hope for a studio like ours, at this stage, to be able to afford the price of admission.

Enter Ouya.

You may have heard of Ouya, the new video game console that the internet's raving about. In eight hours, they blew away their goal of $950k and is currently trending on kicktraq to make 51M

It's gorgeous. 

It's a $99 gaming console running on Android. Pure digital downloads (Think Apple app store, Google play, Steam, etc.) Fully hackable, runs apps and already boasts some well known titles such as Minecraft, Canabalt and Shadow Gun. People will love this, but most importantly, it lowers the cost of entry SIGNIFICANTLY for developers. 

We believe in their philosophy. We hope it will be HUGE.

...and we want to be a part of it.

We're still doing our homework but we went ahead and grabbed one of the last exclusive Ouya developer slots. (Your Kickstarter dollars already at work!). We will have early SDK access, a developer console and our game, Rival Threads, will carry an Ouya Founder Emblem. 

Ouya will also promote the game for us for twelve months and if all things go according to plan, we might even be part of the console's March 2013 launch titles. Fingers crossed.

The console is expected to start shipping on March 2013 but ours is expected to arrive before the end of this year. 

Since some of you requested a final stretch goal, there you go.

Find out more or support Ouya here.

Final Thoughts

Please give us a few days to collect our thoughts and formulate a plan of attack. The overwhelming success of this Kickstarter campaign has opened a lot of new doors for us a team and introduced new exciting avenues we can explore with Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes.

After the team's been briefed and the work, distributed, you will receive a Kickstarter Survey, a series of questions that will help us deliver your reward(s) to you. Expect us to begin rolling out surveys for lower tier backers first and work our way up. We've got a few hundred people to tend to so we'd like to thank you for your patience in advance.

Based on our experience, we will have to wait a minimum of two weeks before getting our hands on the Kickstarter funding and a few more days after that to transfer the funds to Canada.

Thank you so much for believing in an unproven, inexperienced, young but passionate and skilled team. We'll make sure you won't regret being a part of this production. We're proud to have you with us. We hope it's a long relationship and we hope you enjoy the game once it comes out.

That's it for now! 

Talk to you soon.

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    1. Missing avatar


      After a day thinking and reading about this Ouya...
      ...It seems to be a revolutionary Idea!
      Sure there are problems, such as security, or hacking cheaters and so many more; but I think that there is a serious potential in this Ouya and there is a big market for it.
      They just need to make proper and slow steps to making the best prototype to break in the market.
      Heck, if they have to delay it and improve on the current design thats even better!
      Something this big cannot be easily made in a few months that properly, so I hope that it can be stewed into perfection in the meanwhile...
      As what they say, the best dish are the one that took longest to prepare~

    2. J luke on

      Good stuff!.

    3. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Another KS I really love got in on that opportunity too! Happy for both of you. :D

    4. Grégory Bernal on

      I'm really happy to see how this second campaign went. As a backer from the original campaign I can indeed attest Leo is doing his best to offer us monthly updates. And not just updates... Updates with very interesting content! Unlike a lot of other projects that gives random infos the month following the funding then closing all communications for over a year (true story!) or stopping giving Kickstarter updates but using their own blogs instead (having backers totally losing track of their backed project), expect Leo to surprise you with stunning facts, work in progresses, development exclusives and such at least on a monthly basis!
      Animation and art clean up? Sounds like a good thing, and the two new developers to help you (a big warm welcome to them by the way!) definitely is!
      Also congratulations on being an OUYA developer founder! Knowing LCH will most likely be one of its first games now I definitely need to get one of those as well haha.

    5. Seizui on

      Congratulations on the success of the Kickstarter. I just funded the OUYA. Unfortunately, the slots were all filled on the founder one. Alas. Alas. Nevertheless, I got it. Now, hope your game manages to get into OUYA. It'll be great to play it.

    6. ShinKagato on

      Funnily enough when i saw the console i immediatly thought of this game and the others ive funded on kickstarter and thought it would be a great fit. My funding for that was a direct result of projects like your game, im glad to see you amoungst the first developers to lauch with the machine

    7. Daniel Khor on

      woot....i just missed out on this :(

    8. Leo from Studio Kontrabida 2-time creator on

      Thanks Chris and PT_SD! We almost missed out on a developer slot! The project is so popular they sold out almost all the developer specials in half a day. :O

    9. deadtorights on

      Awesome, guys I immediately help fund the OUYA, because of indie games and devs. I know we are in good hands. Hope to hear from you soon.

    10. Chris Norulak on

      Awesome! I was going to ask about this, glad to see you're already planning to support ouya!

      Looking forward to the monthly updates!