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Linux Support

Good news Linux fans!

Unity Technologies just announced the addition of Linux desktop support for Unity 4, the latest update to the already excellent Unity3D multiplatform game engine.

Take note this new feature is still listed as a *preview.* We still need to get our hands on it to see how stable it is.

Nonetheless, this is exciting news and can only mean Rival Threads will support Linux down the line. 

Thought I should address this here real quick since a lot of Linux related messages are pouring in. 

This is as official as it gets... for now. :)


*EDIT 20/06/2012* 

The wording above might be a little confusing so:

Yes, this guarantees a Linux port! However, we'll wait until Unity Technologies moves the feature out of "preview" before we can give you a specific timeframe on a Linux release. 

Gotta make sure everything works. :)


    1. Creator Leo from Studio Kontrabida on June 20, 2012

      @David: Indeed!
      @Nicholas: Yup! We gotta wait for it to be more stable though. Based on our experience with their "Flash preview", we shouldn't make any release date promises yet (i.e. will come out the same time as mac/pc). However, since they've made it an official feature, a Linux release is almost guaranteed.
      @ET3D: Thanks for the clarification and thanks to Mr. Fargo! Haha, Oh and of course, thanks for the support. :)

    2. Creator ET3D on June 20, 2012

      Nicholas, the thanks need to go to Brian Fargo. Double Fine is using Moai, and helping Linux there.
      And I just pledged to be able to post this. :)

    3. Creator David Hannah on June 19, 2012

      That is awesome news for linux users.

    4. Creator Nicholas Russell on June 19, 2012

      You can thank either Tim Schafer or Brian Fargo for that. I remember one of them made a deal of sorts with Unity so that a linux port of their game could be developed a few months back. As such good for us as its even more likely we'll get a linux port.