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Last Class Heroes - 2D Action RPG Eyecandy!'s video poster

Action RPG featuring stunning 2D visuals, fast paced gameplay and multiple story lines. For iOS, Android, OSX and Windows. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 10, 2011.

Action RPG featuring stunning 2D visuals, fast paced gameplay and multiple story lines. For iOS, Android, OSX and Windows.

About this project

UPDATE # 1: State of the Project Address, More Awesome Art, Gameplay Info and New Team Members! <- Click Here

Last Class Heroes is a 2D action adventure/role playing game.

It follows the story of Sebastian, the newcomer who seems to be more than he appears; and Maya, the headstrong but warm-hearted scholar on a mission. 

Set in Vermilion Academy, where the student body is rigidly divided and school superiority is decided through duels.

Unravel a mysterious plot with Sebastian or help Maya on her noble mission. Experience the game from two different perspectives and play styles.

A process called Soul Binding allows a portion of one’s very being to be paired with a lifeless Marionette. With it, the individual’s personality and intentions as well: Good or Evil. 

Engage in fast paced duels with your Marionette, unlock dozens of skills and weapons, collect and combine powerful Promethean Runes, make your way from the last class, come out on top and prove yourself a hero.

And you thought your high school experience was tough?

Vibrant environments and lively animated sprites – stunning even on a small screen! Designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. With versions for OSX, Android and Windows shortly after. (In that order)

Dozens of unique locations – from grand halls to dark dungeons, and rooms with varying themes (from modern to otherworldly), each area is a world of it’s own.

Meet allies, battle powerful enemies and learn more about the mysteries surrounding Vermilion Academy.


We have four unique artists with different styles and part of the challenge was getting all of them to play nicely with each other. We took a little something from each and created a style that combines their strengths. We think it turned out real well!

Caution: Galleries might contain some artistic but NSFW material.


Art book: We're compiling a lot of material for an art book (both digital and hard copy). From characters, marionettes and locations, see how our designs looked before and after being made ready for the game. And yes, we make sure even our sketches are pretty!

Posters and T-Shirts: We're also preparing three posters and two t-shirt designs! We'll let you decide which ones you'd like. 

Toy: We've also got a Sebastian toy template. Make as many as you want!

Custom Character: Immortalize yourself or someone you know as a character in the game. We'll design an animated sprite to your chosen person's likeness, including his or her own dialog! (Limitations apply of course. No foul, offensive or inappropriate content etc. If you have any questions, please contact us first.)

Be an enemy, one of the four shop keepers, a quest giver, a professor, a classmate, a travelling adventurer, a visitor, or just be in the game and have something funny or interesting to say. We'll include 3 sets of dialog (provided by yourself), numerous quest related/story related dialog of ours, a large animated display picture shown when your character speaks and an animated sprite in one of the locations. We'll also work with you in getting the look just the way you want it, and we'll send you high resolution copies of the sprite sheets and the display picture! Contact us!

Shoutouts and easter eggs: We'll leave spaces on classroom and hallway bulletin boards, notebooks, graffiti, and even a tree where you can engrave your message in. Say hello to your mom, remind your special someone to take out the trash after playing the game or whatever it is you have in mind. We'll make it zoomable and present it in an artistic way. (Same limitations as above applies. Different locations have different character limits. Contact us for details.) 

UPDATE # 1: State of the Project Address, More Awesome Art, Gameplay Info and New Team Members! <- Click Here

Basic Gameplay Mechanics:

We apologize for not having a presentable enough looking prototype ready for the video so we’ll try our best to explain some basic gameplay mechanics not seen in the video.

Our goal is to keep everything as simple as possible but at the same time provide a very deep level of control and customization. Designed for newbies and RPG veterans alike.


You are free to move your Marionette around the map during a duel as long as it is able to. To add to the strategic nature of duels, actions, such as a regular attack, require stamina. Timing and preparation are very important in duels.

Skill or magic attacks can quickly turn the tides in a duel. You can unlock new commands by levelling up or equipping specific rune combinations on your Marionette.

It’s not all about button mashing. You can perform combos through perfectly timed presses. Get deadly bonuses for perfect input. Some skills and commands require specific combinations of gesture swipes. 

Field Movement and Interacting with the World

Interacting with NPCs (Non Player Characters), game objects and moving around the map is as simple as a single tap.

Character Progression

We've got a non-traditional but extremely simple character progression system which we'll explain more in detail with an update. You decide how fast your Marionette progresses through a visual grid. Use the points you get from duels and quests to unlock new armour, weapons, skills, or to simply increase its strength, health, defence, stamina etc. Complete yet simple control over everything.   


Collect the Promethean Runes. Dramatically change the way your Marionette battles. Try different combinations for different effects. 


Battle every Marionette type, collect every rune, learn more about the mysteries of Vermilion Academy and the history of the Marionettes and revisit all this newfound information in the encyclopedia.

What the money is for:

This game will cost more than (and already has!) the $5,000 goal but we believe this is an amount that will greatly help us complete this project. Every dollar beyond this goal would definitely aid us in delivering this at the highest level of quality we're capable of.

100% of the money will be used for: 

  • A great original soundtrack! Every great RPG has to have one.
  • A sound effects library. 
  • Extra hands! Additional help with the sprite creation (we need to make hundreds of them!).  

Beyond 100% will be used for (but not limited to): 

  • Proper localization (we believe we've got a great story to tell; it would be a crime if we didn't do this right!) 
  • Development beyond our target platforms (Xbox live arcade? PS Vita? We'll see!)
  • Polish, polish and polish. 
  • Support our studio's growth. If you like what you see here, then you might love what we have in store! Every dollar beyond what we need for LCH will be used for future projects.

Thank you!

Thank you for being here! Even if you decide to pledge or not, thank you so much for your time. If you like what you see, please help us get the word out and share this page with your friends. 

Thank you very much. :)

~ The Team

UPDATE # 1: State of the Project Address, More Awesome Art, Gameplay Info and New Team Members! <- Click Here


  • The original Last Class Heroes was a solo project by Leonardo Molar. Leo started making games as a hobby in the late 90's using game making software RPGMaker 95, its later versions and Adobe Flash. Around this time, a very early draft of the game called "Class F" circulated among small game making communities but was never really finished.

    Fast forward to 2009, after finishing his studies, he started programming games for iOS and revisited "Class F". However, it wasn't until 2010 when he started seriously working on what would soon be known as Last Class Heroes version 1.0. He released the game on the Apple App Store in January 2011.

    In a matter of hours, the game garnered massive attention from the biggest iOS gaming community, Touch Arcade. Because of this, LCH 1.0 debuted in the top 10 RPGs chart in a number of countries including the US and Canada and was even featured by Apple as a "New and Noteworthy" app. It was an instant hit, without any marketing whatsoever. According to reviews, people enjoyed the fun yet simple gameplay and were intrigued by the interesting characters and story. Each reviewer requested a sequel be made as the game could be completed between 4 to 8 hours (depending on skill)

    However, after only three days in the store and even before release, Leo (the unfortunate perfectionist) was extremely unhappy with the art quality and the lack of depth in the game system and storyline (a product of having to do everything by himself). Although he knew that it probably was the worst business decision he could make at the time, he pulled the game from the App Store with a promise to deliver a better total package with a remake.

    Now with a whole creative team behind him, Last Class Heroes is set to return with a brand new story and all around improvements while staying true to Leo's original goal of creating a fascinating world presented through great visuals combined with a fun gameplay experience.

    Check out the original game here:…


    Aside from Atelier Kontrabida, Leo works as a software consultant and as a video game contractor. He has had a hand in creating half a dozen casual games and a massive multiplayer virtual world for the iOS.

    Last updated:
  • We are absolutely in love with Japanese video game developer, Vanillaware. In an industry dominated by 3D games, they choose to keep making games in 2D. And not just plain 2D either, they focus on combining amazingly detailed painted backgrounds with large animated sprites and an absolutely captivating storyline. The whole package is breath taking. While we don't claim to be on their level, it is one of our goals to make games in the same spirit.

    If you're unfamiliar with Vanillaware, have a look at Muramasa: The Demon Blade for starters.…

    Last updated:
  • The story borrows from a few classic stories we know and love. The whole marionette theme was inspired by sentimental comic ballet Coppélia and the classic story of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. In both stories, an inventor breathes life to a doll. The inventor character in our story is the primary reason for everything happening and is a composite character based on Doctor Coppélia and his obsessive and almost diabolical nature while at the same time having the fatherly traits the inventor Geppetto showed for his creation.

    Apart from the fantasy themes the story also deals with struggles against stereotypes and social stratification. While you make your way from the "last class" you'll notice the very obvious caste system imposed on the students. From progressively improving locations to more powerful and grander looking Marionettes. Part of the game deals with breaking stereotypes, proving one's self against seemingly impossible odds and ultimately having underdogs come on top.

    Hey that sounds wayyy too serious. Don't worry! Everything is presented in a light hearted manner and you'll surely get a chuckle now and then.

    Last updated:
  • We're big fans of the RPG genre. From classic AD&D to Western and Japanese RPGs, we've pretty much played them all and had our fair share of sleepless nights just trying to get to that next save point. As such, we're bringing in game mechanics from games we loved while at the same time putting our own twist.

    For the overall feel of moving between locations and interacting with the environment, we borrow heavily from Princess Crown (Sega Saturn) and Odin Sphere (PS2).

    The combat system will take some elements from Tales of Destiny (PS1, PS2). While the level advancement system will be similar to Final Fantasy X's grid (PS2) or Final Fantasy XII's licence board.(PS2). The timed combo system probably resembles Legend of Dragoon(PS1)'s, Xenogears'(PS1) and Legend of Legaia's (PS1) but is similar only in concept.

    The rune system will be similar to Diablo 2's (PC) gem socketing and Horadric cube system. And to some extent, is also similar to Pokemon's (GB,DS) gym badge system.

    While some people would easily say the most comparable game to this would be one from the Persona Series (PS2), the creator has yet to play a single Persona game. The companion/summon/marionette system was actually inspired by the Pokemon and Digimon games (PS1) and the whole school competition setting, from 2D fighter Rival Schools. (PS1)

    All great games!

    Last updated:


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    Two exclusive Last Class Heroes HD wallpapers for your desktop and your name in the credits!

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    The above plus a copy of the game for your mobile device (iOS or Android) and a Sebastian toy template! Print and create as many as you want (Please see the "About this Project" section for a sample)!

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    The above plus a digital copy of our yet-to-be-titled short story. A great introduction to the wonderful world of Marionettes. Fully illustrated by the amazing Tey Bartolome ( and penned by short-story veteran Chris Lewis Carter. (

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    The above plus a copy of the game for your desktop once it comes out (Mac or PC) and a digital copy of The Last Class Heroes art book (Full colour. 28+ pages. Please see the "About this Project" section for more details).

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    The above plus a copy of the full soundtrack and a full colour poster (12" x 18"). Choose from three designs. Plus a digital copy of all three designs!

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    The above plus your own in-game shout out! Your message on a bulletin board, a poster, a notebook or even engraved on a tree! Zoomable and presented artistically. (Limitations apply. Please see details in the "About this Project" section under rewards or contact us.) Plus a limited edition Last Class Heroes shirt! Choose from two designs!

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    The above plus your own character in the game! Created to your likeness or someone else's with your own dialogue! (Limitations apply. Please see details in the "About this Project" section under rewards or contact us.)

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    All of the above plus a hard copy of our art book. (8" x 11", full colour, 28+ pages), another exclusive Last Class Heroes Wallpaper for your desktop, both t-shirt designs and all three printed posters!

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    All of the above but with a specially signed copy of the art book from all the team members! Be listed as an "Executive Producer" in the credits. A copy of every single game our team will be making beyond "Last Class Heroes" on every platform they're made for. A special spot in the credits for yourself on each game. A personal art request from you, Last Class Heroes related or not from one or more of our artists. And our undying gratitude. :)

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