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$517 pledged of $1,500 goal


The Journey Begins ...

When I went to film school, I set out on a Spiritual Journey.  After growing up in a conservative Christian home, I decided to drop everything I had learned about God and discover for myself what was true.

Leaving my small Vermont town, I travelled to San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, Chattanooga, and New York City.  I prayed, went days without food, interpreted dreams, had prophecies told about me, saw a flaming tongue appear in the air, felt a burning in my chest, and was attacked by an evil spirit. Twice.

I talked and listened to Mennonites, Catholics, Charismatics, Mormons, Buddhists, Hare Krishna Worshippers, and Atheists.  And after three years of searching I found what I was looking for: the source for truth.  And my quest brought me right back to where I had started: the Bible.

The Purpose of this Project

I'm creating this documentary to record my story and share how God humbled and saved me when I wandered from Him.  As I share what I've learned, I'm praying God will use it to help give guidance to others who are seeking.

Who Will See It?

The video will be put online, free for all to watch.

What's the Money For?

I came away from three years of Film School with a lot of student loans to repay.  In New York City I found internships and freelance videography jobs to pay off my debt. But as time went on, it became obvious that it wasn't going to work out.  There was a clash between the values and messages of secular videos and the message of Scripture.

The more I tried to adhere to the morals and worldview of the Bible, the more I found myself without work.  Finally, it became clear that there was no middle ground.  I was either going to share God's message, or fight it.  So, going against all the advice from filmmakers, teachers, and co-workers, I decided to follow what I think was God's leading away from the secular opportunities of the city to pursue Christian filmmaking.

The funding will go towards paying off student loans so I'm able to concentrate on this project.  Any left over funds will go towards my next project, which will be a Christian comedy/drama film (I'll talk more about that as time goes on)

Risks and challenges

This has been an emotionally difficult project to work on. Obviously, it's a very personal story, and most of it I'm ashamed to recall. Because while thinking I was growing closer to God, I was actually wandering far from Him. But while it's often painful looking back and piecing this together, I think it's important to share God's love and faithfulness in pulling me out of it all.

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