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Save time and money, cut out waste, and support local small business by subscribing to home delivery from Puget Sound Kombucha Co.
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By backing us today, your first weeks of kombucha delivery service are FREE of charge (number of weeks depending on pledge level).  There is no real donation to be given, but rather you are pre-buying your subscription in order to build subscriber interest.  

We are looking to change the game in kombucha and our idea is simple: a weekly home delivery subscription, similar to the milkman of old or Smith Brothers of today.

Every week (or every other week depending on your needs):  

  • You will receive a six pack of 16-oz bottles delivered to your doorstep in reusable packaging.  
  • Choose from popular flavors available in retail locations as well as exclusive seasonal flavors.  
  • Each week, we will deliver a fresh batch and pick up last week's packaging to be reused for a future delivery.  

Enough locally produced, organic kombucha to support your healthy lifestyle delivered to your doorstep for only $15 per week. That is a 40% savings over the grocery store.  

This helps us reduce wasteful packaging and further our goal of creating more jobs in our community.  

Home delivery is a labor intensive business model. At a time when most companies are running away from labor costs, Puget Sound Kombucha Co. is embracing them. A successful home delivery subscription means employing more staff to produce and deliver product.

Puget Sound Kombucha Co. is a family-owned and operated small business. Our kombucha is crafted in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and is available at neighborhood grocers, coffee shops, yoga studios and specialty retailers throughout the Puget Sound region.  

We want to get closer to our customers. When you purchase craft food products at the grocery store, your money is going to packaging, shipping, and distribution costs. A small portion of your dollar goes to the product itself and the people who make it.  

We want to put your dollars to work to improve our community, deliver the freshest product possible and reduce waste.

Home delivery means that Puget Sound Kombucha Co. can reduce packaging and reuse sanitized bottles. The perfect way to recycle.

Let’s face it - kombucha is expensive, but we believe that it shouldn't be a luxury product. Our kombucha is an incredibly healthy beverage that should be affordable and available to more people.
Home delivery provides a 40% savings to the customer by cutting out the retail middleman and required extra packaging.

Skip a trip to the store. Sign-up to have a week’s worth of locally crafted kombucha delivered to your doorstep, automatically.  

Kombucha is a heavy, refrigerated item and shipping long distances has serious repercussions for our planet. Buying your kombucha as local as possible, with our home delivery service, can help reduce your environmental footprint beyond just recycling the bottles.


Puget Sound Kombucha Co. contributes to your health by:  

  • Detoxifying the Body
  • Increasing Energy  
  • Improving Digestion  
  • Aiding Weight Loss  
  • Helping Iron Absorbency  

Plus, our kombucha has only 30 calories per bottle, significantly less than any other kombucha on the market.


Puget Sound Kombucha Co. is available in four flavors plus seasonal blends that we are always testing at local farmer’s markets.

Earl Grey  

A unique blend and our most popular flavor! Bergamot oil from the Earl Grey tea combines with the kombucha culture to create a complex experience that is robust and unforgettable.

Green Tea  

The raw kombucha culture thrives on green tea and the perfect amount of organic cane sugar. It’s light and refreshing - perfect for an energizing pick me up, anytime.

Black and White  

English Breakfast and white peony tea work together to deliver the perfect balance. Inspired by the Puget Sound resident orcas, we designed our Black and White Blend to be simultaneously bold and smooth.

Spiced Rooibos  

Our newest flavor blends red Rooibos tea with a warm spice blend and just enough black tea to keep the fermentation vibrant. The color blends perfectly with a sunrise over the Cascades or a sunset over Olympics.

Seasonal Treats  

We love to experiment with different tea and herbal combinations while sticking to our core principles of respect for the tea and minimal sugar content. It can take months to get a new flavor on the grocery shelves, but with home delivery, we can offer you a plethora of delicious options as fast as they can ferment with no need for new labeling and red tape.

Why drink kombucha?  

First and foremost, it's invigorating and absolutely delicious. And if that's not enough, kombucha has enormous health benefits:  

  • Kombucha is high in acetic acid, which has been shown to help control blood pressure, reduce fat accumulation, and remove calcium from the plaque that clogs arteries and causes heart disease.  
  • Kombucha is a powerful detoxifier, particularly for the kidneys.  
  • Kombucha has high levels of beneficial probiotics and enzymes to aid digestion and increase immune function.  
  • Kombucha is made from tea, so it inherits all of the wonderful benefits of tea including B vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenols.

Why drink Puget Sound Kombucha Co.?

  • We have the cleanest, most refreshing flavor you'll find anywhere. 
  • Our kombucha is flavored with only tea. Great kombucha should stand on its own, without the need for high sugar juices and additives. 
  • Our kombucha has 30 calories per bottle. Any other commercial bottle of kombucha will have 70-100+. Kombucha is healthy - sugary additives are not. 


Casey & Emily Malone
Casey & Emily Malone


Phoebe Autry
Phoebe Autry

We started making kombucha in a one gallon jar on our kitchen counter over 5 years ago, and it has since become our passion. Using that same recipe, we now deliver our hand-crafted kombucha to you. We wanted to create a pure kombucha that wasn't flavored with additives and juices - instead, we flavor through the tea itself. Our small list of ingredients creates big, bold flavors.  

Our kombucha is 100% raw and made with 100% organic ingredients.

Puget Sound Kombucha Co. is brewed in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. This city and this region inspire us every day, and it's that spirit that drove us to bring our kombucha to you.



Risks and challenges

The challenge here is achieving the necessary scale for a sustainable subscription service. That is what this Kickstarter is about, and we set our funding goal with that in mind. Please only pledge if you intend to be a subscriber. The ongoing membership is what will sustain this project.

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    With a $90 pledge, you will receive your first 6 weeks of kombucha delivery, plus a Puget Sound Kombucha Co. Tri-blend T-shirt.

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