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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
6,721 backers pledged $568,572 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dominique Lainé on

      Is it a joke !? you produce an extension of the game on KS and you did not even distribute the first game.........

    2. Missing avatar

      Steeve Laplante

      Professional jokers and potential scammers at play... Dont listen to them until they deliver what's due to past backers left in a the dark with deadbeat communication...

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike D.L. on

      Same here, no game yet...

    4. Missing avatar

      Dominique Lainé on

      Je n’ai pas reçu mon jeu français Canada !

    5. Missing avatar

      LE BARS on


      I still have not received my copy all-in for France.

      When will I receive it?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Davis on

      What paper bills? The money is printed on cards, I thought they were pretty nice myself.

    7. Bass98 on

      This is a joke right ?? XD.. it has to be a joke lolll

    8. Samuel Langhorn Clemens on

      Looking forward to this!

      For people who'd prefer poker chips to the paper bills, I highly recommend Roxley Game's Iron Clays "Luxury Game Counters" from last year's Brass Kickstarter; they're absolutely fantastic and thematic for Western Legends. Roxley is supposedly planning a second campaign for more Clays in 2019, or you can find them at limited retail.

    9. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      The Game Page is live:

      Subscribe so you can see everything we'll be announcing before the Kickstarter launches on January 10th!

    10. Simon Perkins

      Poker Chips for the money system would be a great improvement on the Paper Bills.. additionally, Poker Chips for the Cattle would make the rewards easier to read for me and my short-sighted friends..

      A new Board would be a great idea, double sided could then mean slightly different maps for smaller games..

    11. Missing avatar

      Cristóbal Márquez on

      One more idea. Using tokens to set random locations for mines, cattle, a small settlement and more, would greatly increase replayability

    12. Missing avatar

      Cristóbal Márquez on

      The expansion should be all about bringing more gameplay options. Anything related with improved quality components for the base game should come as an add-on aimed to those picky backers. Robbing a train is nice, but we are still missing topics the like of establishing a new settlement, discovering and claiming new lands, joining forces in the civil war, some interaction with a native village, ....

    13. argel1200

      Wow. I haven't even received a replacement board for the original yet!

    14. Eric Masson on

      I was to Essen, Germany, WL was available to attendees, back in Canada, I am still Waiting for my full stretch goals copy of the game... I don't have even played the game and you do an expansion... This is very sad. :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      Be great if you could fulfil the first lot please

    16. Missing avatar

      Sean Kolodji on

      I don't care about the poker part. I know they thought it had to be included because of the western theme. If people want more of that they could just play poker outside of the board game. I'm excited about train mechanics, though. That should be interesting. More story cards would be nice. I would like to see the bandits be more dynamic. They should be out robbing people instead of sitting in their hideouts.

    17. Timothy Stack II

      Hopefully I get my copy of Western Legends delivered before the expansion kickstarter begins.

    18. Joey Vieira on

      I, I ... I have so many mixed feelings about this announcement.

      On one hand: Yes! This looks good. Train robbery and faro?! Yes please! I agree with Nick Shorts. We NEED real poker chips for Cattle and legendary Tokens. Also plastic or wooden pieces for wounds/first player marker/game end marker.

      On the other hand: I agree with others here. The product seemed over priced for the quality that we got and that the miniatures were pretty poor. I was really disappointed in the quality of the components and the card sizes. But I still REALLY enjoyed the game.... so....

      I look forward to this but I really hope there are some improved components.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nick Shorts on

      Wishlist for the expansion/stretch goals/optional buys:

      -Poker Chips for Cattle/Legendary Tokens
      -Plastic/wood pieces for wounds/1st player/game end
      -Larger or second store cardboard setup (how lame would it be to not have enough slots for new items...)
      -Double sided new board! More maps, the better.
      -4 Bullet tokens for each player in their colors for Marshall/wanted tracks, story cards, and LP

    20. Sebastian Solkrona

      Oh yeah come to papa!

    21. CobraMisfit


    22. Murray Whiteford on

      I enjoy the game but agree with SiliumSepp that the product was over priced and that the miniatures were really poor. Also pick a character that starts in the town, buy a mule and maybe a map, prospect for gold (6 nuggets) bank and then cabaret and you are at 10 points - pretty much leading from that point. If you get cards that give you bonus LPs or Marshal points or let you move around quicker then getting to 15 points may only require 1 trip to the mines.

    23. Heath

      Super excited about the real poker chips!

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Davis on

      Chris Henderson, the only poker chip type things in the base game are the cattle tokens and they are card and also very small.

    25. sauronnus on

      Please tell me you’ll have Johnny Ringo!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ville Hassinen on

      No way! This is something what I was only thinking that would be needed to this game! When it is possible I will support this project.

    27. Chris Henderson

      Awesome! First Add-On needs to be real poker chips vs. cardboard...unless the base has them already :)...

    28. Shane

      YES. Train robbing is 100% needed!

    29. Missing avatar

      C. W. Calabrese

      Count me in already.

    30. Nathan Sperry on

      I'm so excited for this!

    31. Chase Causey on

      Shut up and take my money!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      SiliumSepp on

      What?! You´re not even finished shipping the last copies and start a new campaign again.
      Shame on you! This is just money lust... you´re not getting mine!
      Moreover I payed way too much for the quality you delivered. As said below, the quality was only worth 50€ max. I tried to paint the miniatures, total miss. I did not expect GW quality, but what you delivered was rubbish!
      And now you decide to squeeze even more money out of this lousy project? I hope you fail!

    33. Ralph Tricoche on

      I like the new things you can do, but please think about some more content to make it a great not good, expansion.

    34. Paweł Szwanke on

      No f#$%ing way :D gambling? robbing a train? I'm Love IT

    35. Missing avatar

      Christian Vogel on

      OMG... i am already sold😜

    36. Missing avatar

      Eckhard on

      Shut up and take my money!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark Davis on

      Some great news there, everyone I've played it with has enjoyed it a lot.

    38. Missing avatar

      Cristóbal Márquez on

      Is It confirmed to be an expansion and not a standalone game? That way I will probably back it

    39. The Bearded Lady


    40. PzVIE on

      Oh yes!!! My personal game of the year 2018 gets an expansion.
      Insta-back! :)

    41. DeadInkPen on

      Will be passing on this. The game you sent out was cheaply made. Example - the box is the flimsiest box I have ever seen. Western Legends had so many corners cut on its production value that your KS pledge level of $84 and you gave us basically a $45 game. It suffers from it being an open world, in fact see what they say about it on the So Very Wrong About Games podcast.

    42. Marcin on

      Great news! Merry Christmas!

    43. Dwayne Gordon Jacobs

      Yeehaw! Can't wait!

    44. Rémi Bernèche on

      Lollll we french canadian didnt receives the game yet and you pull out a expansion .... a bit sad.
      Sadly i will not back after u said for 2 month they are in canada but you finally send me email telling me they are not even in canada yet ...

    45. BC Wendel on

      I wish this wasn’t a Kickstarter. It’s gonna get backed, it doesn’t need KS.