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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
6,721 backers pledged $568,572 to help bring this project to life.

Goin' Prospectin' & Dice Tower Livestream!

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Howdy, ya'll! 

We are ready to head to the mines and start diggin' for gold. Check out the prospecting dice mold!

 Dang, those look sharp! We can't wait to see them with the final paint. 

Headin' to Dice Tower

Travis will be with Tom tomorrow to play Western Legends, LIVE! Tune in on May 4th at 10:30 am EST to see who earns their Legendary status. Subscribe here.



We showed off the production of the minis if our last update. See all the awesome photos and videos here. It also looks like those of you who ordered them, have your poker deck. If not, please let us know. We love all the great photos you are sharing. Keep them comin' our way!

Photo (and illustrations) by @RolandTheIllustrator
Photo (and illustrations) by @RolandTheIllustrator

The Omen Saga

Our campaign for Omen is live now on Kickstarter. Check out the incredible saga from John Clowdus, featuring new units, mechanisms, and rewards. 


Western Legends Fulfillment 

A Kolossal THANK YOU! to everyone for wrapping up their pledge manager survey for Western Legends. We are still on track for August for fulfillment to begin. If you have any questions or concerns, send us a note on Kickstarter or email us at

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    1. Kolossal Games 8-time creator on

      @Bezy - I'll message you directly. PM closed so we'll have to update it for you. :)

      @richard :D

      @Rob & @claude - coming sooooon! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      BEZY on

      Those dices seems very nice !

      Please, I haven't received any e-mail aout pledge manager to notify my delivery postal adress... Is it normal ?

      Thanks for your answer.

    3. Richard Stecher

      Those Dice Sure are sweet looking!

    4. Rob

      Terrors of London- yes please.

    5. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      Good, next time, talk to us a little about Terrors of London 8OP (I know, I know, it is still a month away).

    6. Mr Suitcase on

      Oh cool. I figured the mold cast (bottom one) was different, but the 3D render threw me for a loop.

      Anyways, I SECOND Blanka's comment! All in favor of making it August?

    7. Kolossal Games 8-time creator on

      @Blanka - Right?
      @Mr. Suitcase & Elliot - These are the 3D render and the mold cast - Final color will be Black & Gold. :)

    8. Elliott Calo on

      I agree. I was perfectly content with the black and yellow color scheme to go with the gold mine environment. Teal doesn't seem to go with graphic design of rest of the game. But you've done a great job this whole time so I'll be cautiously optimistic that this rendering isn't the final look.

    9. Mr Suitcase on

      I hope the final color isn't teal - that doesn't scream "western" to me.

    10. MegaProtoMan

      looks great Kolossal. Looking forward to the live stream with Tom. Is it August yet?

    11. Kolossal Games 8-time creator on

      Thanks, @Chad!

    12. Chad Hensley on

      The one difficulty with KS...waiting. Glad you're still on track for an August release!

    13. Kolossal Games 8-time creator on

      @Peter - I am not seeing poker decks on your order. Can you please send your confirmation over to so I can reconcile and get you taken care of? Thanks!

    14. Peter Hazlewood on

      I ordered a poker deck as part of a group pledge but haven't received it. I'm in the UK.