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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Heffernan on

      That is an excellent idea, well done

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      @Bethlemos - up until now, the bandits were just NPC minis that were out there for people to fight and get points. They randomly spawn at the spawn points when cards tell you to put them out. They don't move at all.

      None of that changes. Now, you have an optional deck of cards that gives a little bit of extra flavor around whether or not you win your fight with them. Because they spawn randomly, you don't know where they will pop up, and since there are a bunch of different card results with them you may lose and nothing happens, or may lose and they steal your horse, etc.

    3. Gregory Gresik on

      Excellent update. Well done, Kolossal...well done. I have been thoroughly impressed by Kolossal throughout this campaign - both in terms of the quality of the game itself and the team's responsiveness both here and on BGG. I can't wait until August and into the future to see what else Kolossal has in store - both in terms of other games and expanding the already outstanding "Western Legends".

    4. David Spangler on

      fantastic, Travis. Well done, and thank you! More quality for an already rich game.

      One question, will there be pictures in the rules identifying which mini is which outlaw? The horse thief is obvious, but the others less so. My obsessive nature wants to be sure I get the right sticker on the right mini! :-)

    5. Andreas Kilb on

      Love the stretch-goals, always great additions to a most anticipated game :)

    6. marco on

      Great addition! Thanks!

    7. Marcin on

      Great idea with bandit cards!

    8. Nathan Sperry on

      Love the bandit cards!

    9. P Clough on

      Excellent SG. Love the bandit cards too.

    10. Bethlemos on

      I have a question: I'm quite uninformed - so how has the game been played until now regarding bandits?
      Do we have two options now for how we treat bandits or is it a replacement?

    11. Doug Bruch

      When a story card tells us to repopulate the bandit camps, how do we decide which figure goes where?
      For example, if I am just moseying along without a horse, I'd be happy if the horse thief popped up nearby - less risky for me to go after.

    12. Groo the mendicant on

      Also still interested in a extra set of Bandits as a add on.

    13. Groo the mendicant on

      Humm, I wonder if those extra cattle tokens might have some new effects other than simply LP.

      Also be cool if one side of the nugget die was Bandit attack.

    14. Rick Mann

      @Kevin - in the way used either would be correct. When the person is unknown "that" is actually the 'more' correct. imho

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Fun stuff.

      A quick suggestion: Go with “A player who defeats ... .” “A play who loses ... .”

    16. Paweł Raczoń on

      I love the idea with bandit cards!

    17. Josh Gribble on

      Love the bandit cards!

    18. Missing avatar


      It took me a while to read pdf rules but since I did it, I backed without hesitation. Can’t wait to see the campaign finish and then seat back and relax until delivery !

    19. Rick Waterschoot on

      Yes!! Excelent addition to the game!

    20. Rick Mann

      Wow ! nice surprise :)