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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
6,721 backers pledged $568,572 to help bring this project to life.

$400k Down ... Thank You and a SURPRISE!

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

The outpouring of support from our backers throughout this entire campaign has been nothing short of amazing. To express our gratitude as you push Western Legends past the $400k mark, we're pushing up a stretch goal!


Due to the overwhelming support and enthusiasm surrounding the game, we're unlocking the next stretch goal in line $10k early! We're adding 8 new Story Cards to the Fistful of Extras expansion. More Story Cards means more replay value and more events that can trigger and affect you on the map.We know a lot of you were looking forward to this goal, and your wishes have been granted!

We've Crunched the Numbers

Though some of the scoundrels of the land might, numbers don't lie. After diving into those numbers - yet again - we've found a way to bring stretch goals even closer together for you! This will allow us to continue unlocking content to add to the game and keep the momentum going as we head into the final days of the campaign. Let's take a look at the new numbers - and a newly revealed goal!


Once again, we hear you. Your feedback has been invaluable to us and has helped shape this project together. Instead of waiting until we hit $435k to add five additional player aids to the base game, we're unlocking them at $415k - $20k sooner!


Next in line are the additional Bandit mini sculpts. These will now be unlocked $30k sooner - at $430k. These three brand new sculpts will give you a complete set of 6 individual sculpts for the minis.


At $450k, we're adding two Jokers to the Poker Cards - both the deck in-game and to the regular deck at the Gambler level. Curious what these Jokers will do in-game? Let's smash $450k and find out!

One of the best ways to help us unlock these goals - and more - is to consider upgrading your current pledge to a higher level. If you're not already pledged at the Legendary level to receive the Good, the Bad, and the Handsome expansion, now's the time to mange your pledge and add it. New characters and new Story Cards - including a new, more aggressive trigger - as well as 12 legendary items! To update your pledge, click the big blue "Manage my Pledge" button near the top of the campaign page and make the appropriate changes.

Live Stream Reminder

We also want to remind you that the entire Kolossal Games team will be playing Western Legends LIVE here on Kickstarter tomorrow (January 25) at 12:30pm EST. Be sure to click the big green "Subscribe" button on the campaign page to be notified when we go live.

For those who will be unable to watch live, don't worry. The live stream will be available on our campaign page for 48 hours after the stream ends. So you'll have plenty of opportunities to watch.

Approaching the Final 48 Hours

We're closing in on the final 48 hours of the campaign. We know from our previous experience that these hours always bring an influx of new backers - on average, roughly 1/3 of a campaign's pledges come in during this time. Share the campaign link with your friends, family, co-workers, loved ones, and even your minor acquaintances. You can retweet this tweet, or share this Facebook post. Every little share helps keep eyes on the project and bring in more backers - which means more stretch goals unlocked for all!

And, if you've yet to do so, SUBSCRIBE to Western Legends on BGG!


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    1. Brad Scaggs

      Congrats on 400k! I know that was a big target for you. Stay warm!

    2. Bass98 on

      nice way to redeem yourself for CH and G.. let's hit those goals !!

    3. Gerwaldan on

      C'est une bonne nouvelle KOLOSSAL, vous déchirez ! MERCI !

      Very good news KOLOSSAL, you rock ! THANKS !

    4. Andrei Lefter on

      Thanks guys! Best game ever! :)

    5. Vault-Tec-Harry on

      Thank You !! You are the best. :)

    6. Groo the mendicant on

      Kolossal, have you thought of making the minis as a add on for those that would like more to paint?

      Or a add on mat?

    7. Groo the mendicant on

      Yeehaw!!!! Thank you Kolossal!!!!