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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
6,721 backers pledged $568,572 to help bring this project to life.

Jesse James is Captured! More Wanted Posters Go Up

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Thank you, residents of Darkrock and Red Falls. Because of your steadfastness, we've captured another elusive stretch goal. Take a look at what is being added to Western Legends.


By hitting $360k, you helped us unlock another character-specific player miniature. The outlaw Jesse James has been added to the Fistful of Extras expansion. The talented team at Pure Arts (Kemet, Inis) is finalizing the sculpt of Jesse. We will share photos with you when they are ready. Stay tuned to see more of this impressive sculpt.

New Wanted Posters

Now that you've captured Jesse, we've got some new targets for you to track down and capture. Take a look at what's coming up.


When we reach $385k, we're upgrading the prospecting dice once again. This time, the dice will become 22mm in size - upgraded from 19mm.


At $410k, we'll add more Story Cards to the game. This time around, we're not just adding four more cards. We're adding eight!


When the campaign hits the $435k mark, we will add five additional player aids to the base game. This will push the total number of player aids to six, allowing each player to have their own.


Once we get to $460k, a big goal will be knocked down. We will add not one, not two, but THREE new Bandit sculpts to the game. These new sculpts will bring the total number of Bandit sculpts to six, meaning each Bandit will have their own unique look.

You can help knock these goals out by sharing the campaign link everywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Reddit - wherever you are present online. Let's knock out these next four goals so we can show you what else we have planned. Yes. There's still more coming!

Une note à nos soutiens français - A Note to Our French Backers 


Comme vous le savez, nous avons récemment dépassé 250 commandes françaises, ce qui signifie que le jeu de base de Western Legends (avec l'extension Fistful of Extras) sera disponible en français. Nous sommes ravis et heureux d'annoncer que nous avons maintenant atteint le nombre de demandes nécessaires pour traduire également l'expansion the Good, the Bad, and the Handsome en français! Cela signifie que l’ensemble du projet Western Legends sera disponible en français! Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir vous offrir notre aventure dans votre langue maternelle!

As you know, we recently surpassed 250 French backers, meaning that the base game of Western Legends and all unlocked stretch goals (the Fistful of Extras expansion) will be translated into French. We are excited and happy to announce that we have now reached the number of backers needed to also translate the Good, the Bad, and the Handsome expansion into French as well! This means that all pieces of Western Legends will be available in French! Thank you to all of our French backers for making this possible. We are happy to be able to offer our Wild West sandbox adventure to you in your native language.

A Note from our CEO on International Editions: 

Hervé Lemaître, the author of the game, is French and has been playtesting the game for 12 years with numerous fans in France. We felt we had to provide a French version for all the players that supported the game throughout its long development and so we had a French version lined up from the start.

We love Kickstarter and back our fair share of games. One of the things that we are always focused on is the time between the backing and the receiving of the game. We are building Kolossal to be able to deliver very high-quality games from funding to shipping in 6 months or less consistently. As such we have built our supply chain on aggressive timelines.

As much as we would love to publish a German version and after much internal discussion, we have decided we just can’t translate the game in German and ship on time.

We are so grateful for all the support from Germany and candidly did not expect such success. Lesson learned and we will make sure that our next game Kami-Sama coming in late February/ early March includes a German pledge level and we will have a special surprise to say thank you! WE LOVE YOU GERMANY! We'll get to work on our German. :) 

Thank you,

Kira Peavley

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We are running a contest over on BoardGameGeek and giving away multiple pledges to the lucky winners. Head over to the contest link and get your entry in. Then share the link with all of your friends and family. Don't wait. The contest ends January 25!

Reminder: Flavor Text Contest Still Going

We also want to remind you that the Flavor Text Contest that was unlocked on day one of the campaign as a social stretch goal is STILL GOING over at BGG. Head over to the forum thread for the contest, make your suggestions (feel free to post more than one), and your words could end up immortalized in the Man in Black deck.

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    1. Bethlemos on

      @Kolossal Games: Thanks for the update! I'd like to calm your minds on two things:
      Don't worry about the German version. It will happen at some point.
      2nd: Don't worry about people complaining about the future stretch goals. This whole campaign is great!

    2. Missing avatar


      Maybe German backers would be ok with a delay ;)

    3. Den Tom

      Great update. It is just sad that it will only be available in French.
      I could translate the game to German.
      I‘m Luxembourgish, so I understand French, English and German (and Luxembourgish 😂)