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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
6,721 backers pledged $568,572 to help bring this project to life.

Calamity's a Comin' ... And She's Bringin' a Friend

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

We continue to be humbled and blown away by the community's support of Western Legends. We're quickly approaching 4,000 backers and, as a result, we've knocked out more stretch goals. Let's take a look at what has been added to the game for all backers at the Sheriff level and higher.

Unlocked Stretch Goals


At $320k, you unlocked another component upgrade. This time, we're upgrading all of the tokens to 2mm punchboard. Thicker punchboard means sturdier (and longer-lasting) cattle tokens for you to rustle and wrangle. Completing your character goals will award you with thicker legendary tokens - your hidden end-game Legendary Points (LP) that can tip the scales in your favor.


When the campaign passed the $335k mark, a much-requested character-specific miniature was unlocked. Calamity Jane joins the action as part of the Fistful of Extras expansion. Calamity is currently work-in-progress, but as soon as she's ready, we'll share photos here. By adding Jane to the mix, players now have another female mini to use to traverse the Wild West.

Still Trekkin' Toward ...


We're well on our way to unlocking our next stretch goal. When we reach $360k, we'll add another mini to the game - the famous outlaw, Jesse James! We'll also reveal the next batch of stretch goals at that time. You can help us reach this next goal by sharing our campaign link across your social media accounts. Retweet this tweet on Twitter, or share this Facebook post. It's that easy!

You Have Spoken ...

... and Pearl Hart is joining Western Legends as a part of the Fistful of Extras expansion! The results of the fan poll held over at BoardGameGeek have been calculated, and Pearl was voted in. You also voted for her character power, which unlocks once you have scored 5 LP. Take a look at the fantastic character art just in from illustrator Roland MacDonald.


Pearl Taylor was born to a well-off family in Ontario, but she left that life behind after eloping with a man named Hart. After Pearl's husband left for the Spanish-American War, she tried - and failed - at prospecting for gold. Shortly thereafter, she turned to a life of crime. She and her acquaintance "Joe Boot" committed one of the last recorded stagecoach robberies in the U.S. Pearl was eventually caught and spent years in and out of custody. After a lifetime of adventure and hardship, she shared her stories in the famous Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Pearl will start the game in Dixon Creek, between the towns of Red Falls and Darkrock. She'll begin with two Poker Cards, a Revolver, and one cattle token. We're excited to bring Pearl to the game. Not only because she is an interesting character from the Old West, but because she was selected by you!

New Western Legends Overview Video

You may have noticed that there is a new video in the "Word Around Town" section of our campaign page. In case you didn't see it or haven't watched it yet, we're sharing it in this update for you. James Hudson of Druid City Games and Board Game Spotlight invites you to pull up a chair at the Darkrock Saloon as he gives you a rundown of what to expect in this harsh world.


We'd Love Your Thumbs and Comments

We greatly appreciate everything that you have done to keep Western Legends near the top of the BGG Hotness list throughout the campaign. We have a little over a week remaining, and we want to climb back up again. Help us increase the visibility of the project. Head over to the links below and give these images your thumbs and comments. We especially love comments because it gives us another chance to interact with all of you.


Forum Post

And, if you've not already done so, SUBSCRIBE to Western Legends on BGG.

How do you subscribe to the game, give thumbs, and post comments? Great question! Check out Update #6 for step-by-step instructions (with pictures).

We'll see you in the next update - coming when Jesse James is unlocked!


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    1. Marco on

      Seriously, this game needs some kind of a stagecoach mechanic. It‘s not the WW without stagecoaches :-))

    2. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      +11 mike & solo! :-)

    3. Mike Pace on

      Thumbs freely given! Any chance for a solo variant stretch goal?