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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
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Buffalo Bill Cody joins the fracas!

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

You cowpokes have unlocked some fantastic stretch goals. Thank you again for all of your support. Let's take a look at the latest additions to Western Legends.

Unlocked Stretch Goals


At $220k, you unlocked another component upgrade. All cards throughout the game (including the Fistful of Extras and the Good, the Bad, and the Handsome expansions) will now be 310 GSM. 


When you pushed us past $240k, you unlocked something that excited a lot of people - including us! The first of our character-specific miniatures - Wyatt Earp. Wyatt Earp's character mini will be added to the Fistful of Extras expansion. This sculpt is still a work in progress, but the team at Pure Arts (Kemet, Inis) do incredible work, and Wyatt is going to look stunning when he's done. Which character-specific mini do you think we'll reveal next?


Since we hit $260k, you will get a NEW CHARACTER added to the Fistful of Extras expansion! You will now be able to build your legend across the Wild West as Buffalo Bill Cody. Buffalo Bill brings the character count in Western Legends to 16 (or 19 if you have the Good, the Bad, and the Handsome expansion).


William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody was an American scout, bison hunter, and showman. He fought for the Union in the Civil War, later becoming a scout for the U.S. Army. During the Indian Wars, he was given the Medal of Honor for gallantry. He earned the nickname "Buffalo Bill" after being purported to have killed 4,282 buffalo for Kansas Pacific Railroad workers. His exploits were immortalized in print, leading to the formation of his world-famous Wild West Show.

What's Up Next?

The next stretch goals will add replayability, another component upgrade, and a new weapon!


When we hit $280k, we'll add 4 more Story Cards to the Fistful of Extras expansion. These Story Cards will add replay value and more variation to what can happen to players as these stories are triggered.


At $300k, you will unlock a new weapon - the Peacekeeper! The Peacekeeper's ability can make it easier to climb the Marshal or Wanted track. We'll reveal its specific ability when you unlock this powerful gun. The Peacekeeper will be added to the Fistful of Extras expansion.


Then, at $325k, a new component upgrade will be unlocked. All punchboard in the game will be upgraded to 2mm thickness.

New Social Stretch Goal Poll Open

The results of the "Add an Expansion Character" poll are in. The character chosen by all of you to be added to the Fistful of Extras expansion is PEARL HART!

Now, we put control back in your hands to select her character ability. As you know, each character in Western Legends gains a special ability once they have scored 5 Legendary Points (LP). What do you want to see Pearl Hart do in-game? Head over to the BoardGameGeek poll and vote NOW!

VOTE NOW for Pearl Hart's Character Ability

Make sure you're subscribed to Western Legends on BGG, and we'll see you in the next update!


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    1. Jordan

      This may sound silly, but Pearl Hart is from my hometown. Having her appear as a character in this game is really exciting!

    2. Jemmy St Jude on

      Really loving the upgraded materials stretch goal, hope we'll unlock those ♥♥♥

    3. Deecu on

      Nice catch Dave! Hope they fix this.

    4. Dave Turner

      Don't know if y'all realize it, but those revolvers pictured for the Peacekeeper are actually Schoefield revolvers. It was a break action pistol designed for cavalry use because it could be loaded better with one hand. The Colt Peacemaker, actually the Colt SAA (Single Action Army), was the iconic single action revolver and known as "the gun that won the west. I like the Schoefields better, as did Wild Bill Hickock and Jesse James, but the Peacemaker is far more iconic.

      Don't know if you had to go with Peacekeeper for copyright issues, or were going for an original cool name. Either way they look cool. Can't wait to get this game.